COCOM Commanders: Are you satisfied with your current force provider?

Hello, Combatant Commander! How are you this morning?

Wonderful. Wonderful.

I’m calling today to ask you if you’re one hundred percent satisfied with your current force provider. Are they treating you right? Are you getting the properly equipped, trained and sustained troops you need for the various conflicts in your Area Of Responsibility?

That's great. I respect loyalty. I really do. But at what point must you sacrifice quality for that loyalty? At what point does loyalty become an obstacle to mission completion?

For instance, does your force provider fill every FTN on time and with the specified grades and MOSs? Or does it frequently fill slots with “in lieu of” MOSs and personnel a grade or two below what you specifically requested?

Does your force provider often have a hard time meeting LAD for personnel deploying to your COCOM? Does your force provider actually allow reclamas for WIAS taskers? And when your force provider finally sends you deployers of the wrong rank and specialty, a week or two later than you asked, are they well trained?

Oh, I grant you, they may be exquisitely equipped, but what good does all that sexy, shiny new gear do if they don’t know how to do their jobs? You pay taxes too, or at least you do when not in tax-free zones, Combatant Commander, and your family and friends back home pay taxes.

So why should those taxes be wasted to buy Oakleys and Mechanix gloves and a new Gerber multitool and lots of fresh uniforms for personnel who will spend most of their time and effort in your AO turning food into poop and trying to bang each other?

You have worked hard to be where you are. You do your job. So why should your force provider fail to do its own job? You deserve a force provider who can give you well equipped, trained, and ready forces, without you having to place additional pre-deployment mandatory training requirements on deployers.

When you look at it a certain way, all those extra requirements you place on deployers is really a tacit admission that your force provider is incompetent and can’t give you the support you need.

So why not look at your options? I’m not asking for a solid commitment, I’m just asking for a few minutes of your time to explain how you, Combatant Commander, can begin immediately receiving the forces you need, at the time you require them, and they will all be well equipped, fully trained, and medically fit to serve in your theater.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please just remain on the line. One of our representatives will be with your shortly.