Single Sailor With Nothing Better To Do Really Hoping To Work Late Again

NORFOLK, Va. — Gunner’s Mate Third Class Jason Miller is hoping the divisional chief makes him work late because he doesn’t have anything else to do, according to the divisional chief.

Miller, who is unmarried, told friends his Xbox Live membership recently expired.

“I stood duty Sunday, chief had duty Monday so he kept us here until taps, and I hope I get to work late again today,” Miller said. “I’d love to do a good 80 to 90 hours of work in port to keep me busy. I’m single so if I wasn’t working I’d just be sitting in the berthing staring at the wall.”

Gunner’s Mate Chief Dave Franklin often sends the married sailors home at the end of working hours so they can return to the wives they complain about all day.

“I cut the married guys some slack so they can spend time with their families,” Franklin said. “It’s not right to keep someone away from their spouse. Better to make the men who didn’t impregnate a sixteen year old work longer hours for no compensation."

Franklin continued, "I’m a geographical bachelor so I don’t do anything after work and I’m sure the guys without wives are the same way. I can’t think of a single thing a twenty-one year old sailor without a girlfriend would do on a Friday night. Certainly nothing better than taking inventory of a locker no one’s opened in six months.” Franklin paused. “That’s the perfect time to explain why they should re-enlist.”

“An inspection’s coming up?” Miller asked when he saw the upcoming schedule. The ship was subject to a two day inspection in three months and it would require several hundred hours to prepare for. Most of the prep work was above his paygrade so he was just going to sit in the armory and watch his boss type on the computer twelve hours a day. Nothing could contain his excitement.

Editor's Note: Since this story first appeared, Miller was seen scouring the bars in downtown Norfolk on his one night off, looking for "anyone wanting benefits so I’ll get some time off and move out of the berthing." He was married in twenty minutes. His Chief, Dave Franklin, was not in attendance.