Soldier Plans Romantic Dinner For Pregnant Girlfriend Atop Long Staircase

FORT HOOD, Texas — Jenny LeBlanc thought her week couldn’t get any better, according to friends. She just found out she’s expecting Sgt. Kevin Green's baby, which they say was exciting enough. But topping things off, Green informed her that on Friday, he will create a special order, five-course meal for her to be served atop the three-story staircase in the lobby of the Hyatt Regency hotel in San Antonio.

“It’s just so great,” said LeBlanc. “Just a month ago Kevin and I almost broke up. He moved all his things out and stopped calling or texting. But I knew he was still thinking about me, alone and crying in his barracks room. Then when I called to tell him I’m pregnant, and pretty sure he’s the father, he was just as happy as I knew he’d be.”

LeBlanc, who is listed in Green’s phone as Backup Strange, Psycho, Use Only In Extreme Dry Spell, added that she’s also already planned the wedding, and is only waiting for Green to propose.

“I thought I’d better do the responsible thing,” said Green when reached for comment, “and have a romantic dinner with her and serve it to her while she’s perched on a chair on the edge—I mean, like teetering precariously—on the edge of the top step on that long-ass staircase at the Hyatt on the Riverwalk. We might have broken up, but I can be a man and do the right thing.”

LeBlanc shared the great news about the pregnancy on her Facebook account, and then the news about the romantic dinner, prompting many of her friends to hit “Like” and comment things like “my man never spoils me, I’m so jelly!” and “he’s a keeper!” and “glad the positive pregnancy test you bought from me worked out!”

At press time, LeBlanc had already picked out a dress for the dinner, and Green had purchased a hacksaw and a barrel of quicklime.