REVEALED: Thank You Letter To Defense Contractor For Saving A Soldier's Life

The following is a thank you letter written to BAE Systems, the defense company behind one of the popular mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles.

Dear BAE Armaments Division,

I wish to offer my sincere thanks for the outstanding products created by your department. The armored platforms you have built have allowed our soldiers to return home safely to their families while increasing their combat effectiveness on the battlefields of Iraq.

More specifically, I am referring to the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle (MRAP), affectionately known as "the Beast" by our soldiers.

I personally owe my life to one such Caiman model. During the siege of Fallujah I was standing on the other side of the vehicle when a 500lb bomb exploded nearby. Although my hearing was damaged and I was tested for traumatic brain injury (TBI), I was otherwise uninjured. The MRAP took the full force of the blast, and because of that I am able to write this letter today.

I would also like to relay the gratitude from dozens of our soldiers whose lives were also saved due to the up-armored protection your vehicles offer. Thanks to BAE, our forces continue to move confidently across the desert terrain, assured that they will be protected from all manner of explosive threats. Keep up the great work!

Allahu Ackbar/Sincerely, Mohammed Naseem Al-Malik Commander, Glorious 2nd Martyr Brigade, The Islamic State