Sources: 2020 'just a series of NTC injects'

FORT IRWIN — We knew shit was weird this year, but the truth is finally coming out! Those rascals down at the Fort Irwin National Training Center have had themselves quite a busy year, throwing injects into reality this entire time.

Besides the obvious lists of wackiness and genuine tragedy, we’ve had the sort of Sim City events that just couldn’t be actual reality.

You know. Like NTC.

Like how Elon Musk named his spawn X Æ A-12. Is that the name of a new classified aircraft? Maybe it’s a satellite from the Space Force.

Then the Pentagon officially released unidentified aerial phenomena videos that are REAL. As in: UFOs. Like, for real. And there are podcasts of Navy pilots who aren’t wearing tinfoil hats while they recount these encounters?! So. Like. Was The X-Files real?

Or when Sarah Palin sang Baby GOT Back? Clearly, this NTC inject was written by some Boot E-3 who doesn’t understand these sort of events must be grounded in logic.

"God guns" have long been renowned for their power, but it turns out they can do way more than we realized. This recent revelation sure has explained a lot.

Also, heads up. The current rumor in the box is the White Cell is designing a way to incorporate Godzilla into the scenario we know as "reality."

Those bastards.