Click, click, zoom! Military outfitter releases tactical selfie-stick

NAVAL STATION NORFOLK, Va. — Popular military outfitters Hard 4 America LLC unveiled a tactical selfie-stick at the Naval Station Norfolk Geardo Convention over the weekend.

"The Click, Click, Zoom 360 takes traditional sticks from POG to rogue and adds some stealthy to your selfie," said Hard 4 America Sales Director Jack Winn. "Made with our military heroes in mind, it's the only stick out there that links with GoPros to add the 'Indestructible' song from Disturbed to all of your videos."

The four-and-a-half foot collapsible mono-pod fits into the bayonet groove of M4s and M16s and comes with strong, adjustable clamps to fit an array of recording devices. Each stick includes Velcro ghillie suit pieces and is currently available in three colors: Moon Dust Tan, Guerrilla Green and Spyin-On-The-Navy-Lady Blue.

Besides blending into its environment, the stick has a toggle that attaches easily to flak jackets and it unfolds like a billy club for close quarters combat.

"It's the best way to 'shoot' yourself at the range and a unique way to document your threesome at the next base housing key party," said Winn. "But you could also use the Plexiglas reinforced handle to beat the shit out of ISIS."

Hard 4 America LLC expects this selfie stick to be a top seller, especially among operators who find themselves working alone. Marcus Luttrell was at the convention to promote the product, announcing, "The Click, Click, Zoom 360 is tacti-cool for heroes at any level and I'm confident this will enable future Navy SEALS to have better pictures of themselves in their books."

Click, Click, Zoom 360s were sold out by the convention's end but more will be available through the Hard 4 America: Hard 4 Gear catalog out in March.