Taliban Reprimands Suicide Bomber For Posing In Photos With US Troops

JALALABAD, AFGHANISTAN — The Taliban issued a fiery statement of condemnation today after one of their suicide bombers was caught allegedly posing in photos with American soldiers.

The photos, which were released to the Los Angeles Times, show American soldiers with the bomber — even extending his middle finger to the camera, and in other poses which Taliban officials have called "shameful."

Haqme'd Al-Salah, a spokesman for Taliban Regional Command North (TRCN) was extremely disappointed with the bomber's actions.

"We would like to take a moment to absolutely, 100% condemn what Makfar did. Allowing his body to be photographed in such a state is an absolute shame and violation of human rights," said Al-Saleh. "No Taliban soldier is authorized to let his dead body be photographed with Americans."

The U.S. Army is continuing to investigate the incident and were equally upset over the affair.

"This is a clear violation of Army standards and these soldiers will receive appropriate punishment," said Army spokesman Maj. Gregory Alder.

Despite the investigation and assurances from the Army, the Taliban have continued to express their outrage and have refused any apologies.

"We just want the people of Afghanistan to know that what Makfar did is not in keeping with the Taliban values. And by what he did, we only mean the photos."

Ahib Qufar, a local Afghan farmer who lost two sons in the suicide bomber's attack, was broken up and emotional.

"It is so absolutely disgusting and incomprehensible what this man did. Allowing his dead body to be posed with — It's a shame! For crying out loud, taking pictures with Americans after he was dead? What was he thinking? I don't think this country will ever recover from something like this, it's horrific."