Taliban S-4 pissed no one has signed for new US equipment

We need an accurate count of the equipment we don't know how to use.

By Cobra Commander

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN — Abdul-Fattah Raziq, currently serving as the logistics officer (S-4) of the Badri 614, a Taliban Army battalion, has become increasingly irritated with his troops’ inability to account for their equipment.

“It’s like these guys have never heard of supply discipline,” Razig said exasperatedly as his Taliban compatriots ran roughshod across the country, taking urban centers one-by-one.

After a hasty withdrawal from the country, American troops were forced to leave billions of dollars worth of equipment behind, much of it ending up in the hands of the Taliban.

“Look, I get it. We just outlasted the greatest fighting force the world has ever known, but that’s no excuse to not conduct command inventories,” said Raziq.

Military leaders throughout history have emphasized the importance of logistics, but, for now, Taliban fighters are simply not interested in the monotony of equipment audits.

“Tell Raziq I’ve been a little busy pretending to be working out in…

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