The Duffel Blog Nominated For Pulitzer Prize

Tampa, FL - Duffel Blog was recently nominated for the highly prestigious Pulitzer Prize. The award, out of the memory of renowned journalist Joseph Pulitzer, is set to be announced sometime later this year to multiple news outlets. Duffel Blog is proud to be in the running as one of them.

The nomination comes despite the best efforts of many notable detractors -- including Stars & Stripes, Military Times, and every military public affairs officer on the planet.

"This is bullshit, pure and simple," said Army PAO Capt. Jeffrey Stamp, "to even nominate this hunk of crap known as Duffel Blog is a real travesty."

The numerous authors of TDB were extremely excited by the announcement. One author, who only goes by Ron, shared his view.

"This validates my article contributions completely. I was the first to report on the Coast Guard Cutter sinking off the coast of Florida recently. This will really motivate me to go for the even better stories."

"Yeah it's a real honor," said another author, Paul, "and we're coming straight up the ass of the competition. You hear us Stars and Stripes? You guys are on our list!"

Numerous high-level military officials have also expressed their dismay at the nomination. After reporting on such military atrocities as the Air Force Colonel who banned chairs and the extreme cases of Powerpoint Torture inflicted on detainees, TDB has come under scrutiny.

"Here we have a case of the damn liberal media once again screwing things up for our war effort," said Marine Colonel James Richardson, "Why can't these assholes report on the good stuff that's happening?"