Third Female Ranger School Grad Still Awaiting Fame

FORT BENNING, Ga. — Only a few days have passed since Maj. Lisa Jaster, 37, graduated Army Ranger School, but her 15 minutes of fame seem ready to expire without ever really having gotten started. The West Point graduate and mother of two endured each phase of the Army's most difficult training multiple times before being awarded the Ranger tab Oct. 16, but attention has focused on her female classmates who graduated in August.

Jaster is one of roughly three women ever to complete Ranger school, against an average of 2,500 males each and every year. Despite this success, she has only received two requests for interviews from local and national media. The first request came from "Pointer View," West Point’s alumni newsletter, and the second from Brazzers, a California-based video production company.

"Come on," said Jaster in a video posted on YouTube, since no camera crews followed her around. "Doesn't anybody even want to ask me vaguely insulting questions, masquerading as probing, thoughtful analysis?"

She is then seen miming a microphone and pretending to be a reporter.

"'Do you think the standards were a little lighter, owing to your chromosomes?' 'Why, no, Bob. I think the fellas sure would have complained about that,'" she said, pretending to be herself again. "'Will your husband want to stick around, now that you have a man's job?'"

The New York Times and other major outlets responded to a Pentagon press release about Jaster's graduation by questioning if China had again hacked Pentagon servers, resulting in the resending of old emails.

Jaster said that while she will be thrilled have been invited to the "First Females" celebration at West Point next month honoring the first two female Ranger school graduates, Capt. Kristen Griest and 1st Lt. Shaye Haver, she did not appreciate West Point's request that she "bring a salad or dessert" to the event. She added that she was hoping to get more than a paragraph in the alumni update and an invitation to audition for movie roles with Brazzers that could "make her thousands depending on what skills she is willing to showcase."

"I mean, sure. The Army note that I'm the first female reservist graduate," she added. "But that's like being the most famous sous chef in New York."

Jaster is still awaiting video proposals asking for her attendance at a military ball.