This hometown hero ties your wife down with yellow ribbons when you deploy

CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. — A hero on the home front is doing his part for the troops by tying your wife down with yellow ribbons, sources confirmed today.

After standing at attention to see you off, Joe D. Wallace led her to your car and drove her home. What a gentleman!

His selfless act of heroism took place roughly 22 minutes after you deployed, sources say.

According to witnesses, Jody immediately took your wife inside your house and tied her to your bed using only yellow ribbons, and even wrapped one around her mouth just to make sure you will be the next one to hear her voice!

"I just wanted to make sure she was well taken care of," Wallace told reporters. "This is a tradition in my family. My grandpa wrapped all the wives at Fort Hood back during Vietnam."

But this young patriot doesn't expect any thanks for his work, he says. For him, the work is the reward. "I was here for your first deployment, and I'll be here for this one, too," he said.

Still, Wallace's experience isn't limited to only military families. He also supports Gold Star mothers, helping them grieve less, one night at a time.

So rest easy while you're abroad, Marine: Your wife is in good hands.

At press time, your wife was wrapping another ribbon around Joe D.'s old oak tree.