The top 5 ways to enjoy life in the military while being banned from consuming alcohol

OKINAWA, Japan — Life is not over for you service members in Japan who aren’t allowed to consume alcohol right now! On its Facebook page, Marine Corps Community Services compiled a list of the five best ways to stay entertained without booze:

  1. Curl up on the couch with a good book! War and Peace will get you through the ban, or for a quick read, try Ghost Fleet.

  2. Start a family game night! Chutes and Ladders and Monopoly are classics. Not into board games? Try video games!

  3. The holidays are approaching, so decorate Christmas cookies and hand them out to your friends in the barracks.

  4. Make hot cocoa and smores in the microwave, then get together with friends and tell campfire stories.

  5. Call your mom! She can fill you in on all the news from the States and cheer you up if the ban is getting you down.

Fortunately, there were plenty more ideas added in the comments below.

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BIGdaddy69: Yah bruh and some tittays (.) (.)

JonSchwartz: Christmas cookies? I’m Jewish, you bigoted f*cks.

SarahP: Thanks for the ideas! I love cocoa.

E34EVA: Do u luv cock 2?

sukmyJOHNSON: SHOW US YOUR TITZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MASTERGUNZ81: This alcohol ban is a leadership failure. Those Marines needed a solid SNCO to mentor them and provide the example. If I was there, this wouldn’t have happened. I would have shared lessons from my youth and inspired them with the history of our Corps.

GeneralNICKY: How in the freaking hell am I supposed to be responsible for every single thing some degenerate, criminal piece of shit 16 levels below me does?

JuanRamirez: No alcohol for months? That’s so freaking ridiculous. I can’t wait to get out.

KellyK92: DD214 BITCHES

PLAYUH: Quit your fucking whining losers. U Signed the Muthafucking Contract!

TheWizard: You can totally make your own alcohol by soaking those little car air freshener trees in water for a few hours. You’re not buying alcohol, you’re making it!

RONJON: Sure, if you want to drink straight ethanol and end up in the ER, dumbass.

RhondaMayJames: This is all Obama’s fault! Our boys wouldn’t be over there if he didn’t get America involved in everyone else’s business.

WendyAndJohnStevens: Prayers for our men and women overseas in harm’s way!

GrandpaJack: I’m looking for my grandson Joey. He’s in Japan, he said. Hey Joey, how are you? Your granny and I miss you so much. When you come home, can you show me how to use the Facebooks again? Granny loves those cat videos. What’s that honey? Okay, I’ll be right there. She wants me to give her the business before her bridge friends come over.

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Dick Scuttlebutt contributed to this article.