Troops sour on Mattis nomination after he releases 6,000-book reading list

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A large number of active-duty troops once enthusiastic about the choice of James Mattis for Defense Secretary have since soured on the pick after the retired general released a 6000-book reading list he plans to implement for the entire DoD after he is confirmed, Duffel Blog has learned.

Referred to by some as the "Warrior Monk," the 66-year-old sent his reading list to the military's entire email distribution list over the weekend. Most service members who received the 200-page email reported they were still in the process of reading it well into Monday morning.

"For our current fights, the Pentagon Reading List provides a collection of readings to be read dependent on your grade and how long you have before deploying," Mattis wrote in the email. "This reading list is not all inclusive, and some commands may add additional books if they feel that 6,000 is not enough."

Among the top books chosen, Mattis recommended "No True Glory" by Bing West, "Battle Ready" by Tom Clancy, Sun Tzu's "The Art of War," ten of the most difficult books to read of all time, and The Bible. Marines, however, were only assigned four coloring books.

"Four? Good Lord, that's unfair," said Lance Cpl. Anderson Malcolm, a Marine infantryman who proudly displays his "good enough degree" on his barracks room wall.

A number of troops expressed reservations about the nomination of Mattis to the Pentagon's highest post after they read the email. While some expected a reading list of some sort, most did not realize just how many books they would be required to get through.

"How are we going to go out and kill the enemy if we have to sit around reading all this shit?" asked Sgt. James Fritter, an Army squad leader.

Interestingly enough, Mattis responded to a query from reporters by explaining that he would personally murder the enemies of the United States until the rest of the DoD is fully-read up on military history.