Trump cancels 'Afghan War' series due to poor TV ratings

WHITE HOUSE – After 17 up and down seasons, and some of the most memorable moments in television history, Executive Producer-in-Chief Donald Trump is pulling the plug on the War in Afghanistan series, Duffel Blog has learned.

“I felt it was a lot less compelling after the original cast started leaving,” said one film and television reviewer, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “When Karzai was on, it was high adventure. You never knew if he was going to kick out the Americans or maybe sell heroin to China and get caught red-handed. It made for great TV."

Though its initial episode "Twin Towers" made a splashy debut, the series continued to wax and wane in popularity over the years before its recent steady decline. Ironically the spin-off series from then Producer-in-Chief Bush titled the “War in Iraq” immediately stole viewers from the original show.

"And I didn’t get how they made a big fuss about bringing over that Petraeus guy from Iraq, then moved him back to Washington, had some sex-scandal and then essentially wrote him out of both series," the reviewer said. "What a waste of a great lead actor.”

Others thought the cast on "Afghanistan" was never that strong to begin with.

"I didn’t like the whole NATO thing. None of those guys really did much for the show. They were hardly on and really more of a distraction to the main plot line," said Ed Beels, one early fan of the show.

The show reached a high point in 2011 in an episode entitled "Geronimo," when the series killed off long-time antagonist Osama bin Laden. From that point on, producers struggled to find a purpose for the show or anything captivating enough to keep viewers’ interest.

In recent years, producers tried to save the series several times with various feature events.

In a Dick Wolf-style crossover, some episodes featured ISIS from the Iraq series reboot titled “Iraq: Inherent Resolve.” But ISIS never played well on the Afghanistan series, since they were overshadowed by continuing strong performances by the Taliban, Haqqani, and fan favorite al-Qaeda. There was also an issue with many audiences confusing the ISIS story line for another NCIS series.

“The ‘Mother of All Episodes’ was pretty good but people quickly lost interest again,” TV commentator Bill Blashill told reporters. “It just wasn’t enough to bring back viewers.”

Still, Trump seemed unfazed by the show's cancellation, as evidenced by a recent tweet: “New series ‘War in Yemen’ really heating up. Cast includes heavyweights Saudi and Iran. Gonna be big! Great stuff.”