Newly-Promoted O-3 Glad He’ll Finally Be Taken Seriously Around Here

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Standing a little taller than yesterday, newly-minted Navy Lieutenant Austin Davies is reportedly thrilled that he’ll finally be taken seriously as an effective, mission-oriented professional he says he’s always been.

“This promotion represents a big step forward for me,” Davies congratulated himself, evidently believing he did something to earn the automatic advance in rank. “Even if it is long overdue.”

Davies was promoted today in a short ceremony aboard the destroyer USS Pinckney (DDG-91), where he serves as the ship’s Damage Control Officer. With four years of service to his name, the tested Navy officer says it’s about time he’s paid the respect he deserves from colleagues who, until now, were apparently unaware of his enormous potential as an officer.

“That one little bar was definitely holding me back,” Davies said, explaining the annoyance of being doubted as an ensign and lieutenant junior grade. “Hey, Pat!” he proudly added to a passing lieutenant who, yesterday, he called “sir.”

Indeed, confident that his new rank will suddenly mask glaring character deficiencies and gaps in professional understanding, the 26-year-old says he’s already reaching out to new peers and tackling exciting new projects on the Pinckney to show skeptical superiors and doubtful chiefs what he’s made of.

Chief Brian McCoy, who serves under Davies as the Damage Control Leading Chief Petty Officer, seems sure the fresh-faced lieutenant will excel.

“Yeah, Davies is a real special one,” McCoy said. “Oh, look, he’s already updated his job title on Facebook – this man is ready to lead.”

At press time, Davies had been spotted on the pier counseling an O-2 for not rendering a salute as they passed.

“It’s really not about me,” he reportedly told the delinquent lieutenant junior grade. “I just want to make sure we officers set the example for the enlisted men and women in our charge.”

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