Man with 70% VA disability rating 100% vocal about it

PINEDALE, Wyo. — Army veteran Norman Stroker is 100% vocal about his 70% disability rating from the Department of Veterans Affairs, sources confirmed today.

“I knew he just paid off his 2016 Ford F-150 Raptor using his 70% VA rating before he even told me his first name,” said Gabriel Tannebaum, an Army veteran who spoke with Stroker at a recent meeting for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

“He even has one of those little patches on his OEF hat that says ‘70%’. You know, kind of like those 1% motorcycle club patches. But instead of it being about how he's an outlaw, it's about how broken he is."

In addition to bringing up his disability rating faster than a Navy SEAL mentions the title of their upcoming book, Stroker has a bumper sticker featuring a National Defense Service Medal with his rating underneath.

"Had to special order that one," Stroker said. "Hard to find, let me tell you."

"I’m very proud of my service, and there is just something really special about that rating," Stroker added. "It’s not easy being a 70% disabled veteran these days."

Still, there are times when Stroker fails to mention the rating in the first minute of conversation, according to the owner of a local bar.

“He was in here the other day and got into it with another veteran about VA disability ratings,” said Brenda Gladden. “The other fellow tried telling him that he had a 22% rating to which Norm replied, ‘They only go in increments of 10% you fool! Don't you know 22 veterans commit suicide every day? I know you’re fucking with me and my rating!’"

Stroker declined to specify what medical condition his disability rating is for, although he told reporters, "my back is real messed up. Thank God for that extra lumbar support in my Raptor.”