DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: Vanilla Ice gives your weekend safety brief

Yo, OIC! Let's kick it

Think twice, twice, baby

Think twice, twice, baby

Alright stop! Assimilate and listen

Friday’s back with a brand new intention

Alcoholism grabs a hold of you tightly

Suckin’ down Blue Moons daily and nightly

Will you go full sot? Yo, I don’t know

Start any fights, and I’ll blow

Do the live stream, act childlike with no handle

Best disengage before you hump and cause scandal

Trance; wake up in a recovery room

Failed to abstain from a poisonous lush womb

Deadly, when you itch with no remedy

Anything but a blood test is straight entropy

Love it then leave it just another foray

You better have an alibi, this kid don’t play

If this is a problem, yo I’ll solve it

Check the logbook while my duty recalls it

Think twice, twice, baby

Think twice, twice baby