Veteran stuns military community with viral rant filmed OUTSIDE of truck

MILWAUKEE, W.I. — Army veteran and popular military vlogger Jimmy Lunk stunned followers on Wednesday when he released a viral rant filmed outside of his truck, sources confirmed today.

Roughly 99.9 percent of nonsensical military-oriented rants are recorded on iPhones in a lifted Dodge Ram covered in Punisher bumper stickers, according to a recent VA study. While Lunk fell into this category for 342 of his lengthy, unstable diatribes, in this particular video he appeared to be in a home office recording on his laptop.

"I almost didn't recognize him outside of his truck," said Dylan Spieth, a follower of his YouTube channel. "But I knew it was him for sure when he started hitting his signature high pitched scream-talk to discuss what we ALL agree on with new hair regulations for military women. You don't have to understand what he's talking about because the crazy passion that lets you know he's right."

Despite the change in location, Lunk maintained the issued ranter uniform of desert-tan, polarized Oakley sunglasses, an operator beard with military haircut, a Freedom Boner Apparel t-shirt with the sleeves cut off highlighting tattoos running down both arms, a 550 cord bracelet, and countless bad takes.

The more than 10-minute episode begins with military women's hair regulations and spirals into why you should be executed for treason if you kneel for the flag, especially if you don't speak English.

Despite the common ending theme and uniform of his regular videos, Lunk does not address why he is not ranting in his truck, defense officials said.