Veteran can't decide which service medal pocket square to wear to new job

CALVERT CITY, Ken. — Tristen Houk is a former air defense artillery soldier fresh out of the U.S. Army who is ready to begin his civilian career. While this transition is often the toughest for many veterans, Tristen has a different type of tough choice to make: which service medal pocket square to wear to his new job.“Its important everyone knows that I am a veteran and I set aside four years of my life to serve our great nation” Houk said as he sipped a Milwaukee’s Best at his local American Legion. “But I am conflicted about which pocket square best highlights my heroic service.”

Larry Oliveira is Houk's high school friend who enjoys going to the American Legion with his war hero buddy. “Tristen is all about that Global War on Terrorism–Expeditionary medal but also has a soft spot for his National Defense Service medal. He tells me that one was earned during his 90-day deployment to Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar and the other when he raised his right hand and swore an oath to our scared US Constitution.”

Tristen begins his role as Calvert City’s veteran outreach manager on Monday. “Regardless of which square I go with, the poly silk is a high quality material and classy touch. The whole look conveys what a high-speed individual I am.”When pressed by reporters as to which one he will go with, “At first I thought about the Good Conduct Medal but then I really like the light blue of the GWOT–E service medal. Those were some long days in Qatar.”“But that NDS medal just keeps calling to me. Something about that red and yellow and how it will go with my suit. I think it is the medal I am ultimately most proud of.”