Veteran bashes Americans for exercising freedom incorrectly

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Darren Coombs, a veteran of nearly two years in the US Army, thinks you are not using your freedom right and he's on a mission to explain it to you, according to former friends.

"Plain and simple: people in this country are not living up to American principles that have been around for millennia," Coombs wrote on a friend's Facebook post supporting pediatric cancer research. "This country is going to hell in a hand-basket and most definitely is not what I, or my brothers in arms, fought for 'over there.'"

Coombs, 32, says he is "an account representative" who was deployed to Iraq from 2005 – 2006. He has been lashing out on social media at no one in particular after sharing an "open letter" lambasting his countrymen for not respecting the freedom he purportedly killed numerous people for. The cryptic and fragmented tirade, replete with informal fallacies and racial slurs, lasted nearly seven hours.

Facebook connections say he has expressed his "utter disgust" and disappointment of his fellow Americans, alleging they are incorrectly "wrapping themselves in the warm blanket of freedom" that he, and others "who have made the ultimate sacrifice" paid for, though how is not exactly specified.

When other commenters challenged Coombs to explain exactly what it was he fought for, he went into a virtual tizzy, posting disparaging memes of world leaders, charitable celebrities, and human rights advocates on the grounds "they were not veterans."

Most notably, according to sister-in-law Alanna Stiles, he somehow managed to trivialize the contributions of Jesus Christ, whom he had argued moments earlier everyone should accept "as their Lord and savior."

"He just kept posting pictures that had nothing to do with 'freedom' while ranting about 'values' and 'Constitutional addendments,'" said Stiles. "That's not even a word."

According to Stiles, things only got worse when Coombs asked someone who had rebutted him if the other person had "ever killed anyone."

After Coombs failed to defend his numerous definitions of freedom, none of which were rooted in any government document, past or present, he posted a picture of his DD-214 with the words "drops mike." The move may have backfired, as people began to question his "other than honorable" discharge.

"I don't have to explain myself to anyone because I have the right to privacy!" Coombs exclaimed before disabling his account for the ninth time.