Warzone player refuses self-revive kit after doing his own research

If can't trust Reddit, who can you trust?

By Clay Beyersdorfer

VERDANSK - Warzone player and Facebook group administrator Chuck Maxwell is refusing to use a self-revive kit he announced to his teammates Wednesday evening, after reportedly “doing his own research.”

“Something about it [the self-revive kit] just doesn’t add up for me,” Maxwell said as he bled out in the Superstore parking lot in West Verdansk. “If that thing is supposed to work, then why do I keep dying?”

Maxwell reportedly made a “personal choice” to push an entire enemy squad outside the infamous department store without letting his nearby teammates know, a move that was not received well.

“There’s always that one guy!” yelled a member of his squad, who requested anonymity as he reloaded his weapon, now under fire from the team that killed Maxwell.

The self-revive kit has been universally endorsed by Warzone players worldwide since its release in 2020, reporting a 100% effective rate in the stoppage of bleeding and certain death, reducing trips to the Gulag, and e…

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