Weight Loss Guru Teaches Marines How To Quickly Get Within Standards

One Marine Who Refused To Go Through The Program Denied Repeated Requests For Interview

Quantico, VA – As the Marine Corps clamps down on body fat standards, one thing is clear: Marines have no excuse for not making their weigh-in goals. From the wide adoption of CrossFit workouts to their partnership with celebrity trainers, senior leaders have shown their dedication to helping Marines maintain their image as lean force in readiness.

But despite intense exercise and nutritional guidelines, some Marines still have problems making weight, and that's where the Corps' newest expert comes in.

Dr. James O. Skully, the co-founder of the National Weight-Control Registry, has helped people to lose weight and keep it off for good for years. He says working with civilians can sometimes be a challenge, "but the Marines respond better to different methods."

“I can teach these men in ways that normally overweight people just wouldn’t respond to,” says Skully of his time so far with the military. “And I’ve really expanded my syllabus to specifically suit the USMC weigh-in standards. Because most Marines who are above weight limits are within 5-10 pounds of their goal, the emphasis can be switched from the long term to methods that work faster, but can be harder for a civilian to do.”

Skully says one of the easiest ways to drop weight quickly is through his "detox method."

“There are different ways to do it, but the essential idea is to have a liquid diet for a couple days to cleanse the intestine. Another popular way is with laxatives like Epsom salt. It is pretty nasty and disgusting, but then again, so are you.”

A full detox would usually include a complete ban on calorie-heavy alcoholic beverages, but leaders in the Pentagon said this would be "an unrealistic and unattainable demand for Marines."

Some Marines have been hesitant about his methods, but the results among test groups of Marines currently in the Body Composition Program (BCP) have shown quick loss of weight, and many others in the "danger zone" (within 10 pounds of being overweight) were able to avoid being relegated to the BCP altogether.

Staff Sergeant Rod Garcia, a former "danger zone" Marine, was initially skeptical but is now convinced after taking part in the program.

“At the start I thought the man was crazy. I figured there was no way it was healthy to work out for 4 hours in a plastic sweatsuit and finish up with 40 minutes in the sauna. But after I was finished I was twelve pounds under my max weight and I felt like a champion. But the best part is that I was twelve pounds under my max weight! Plus, did I mention I felt like a champion?" Garcia said.

"The only downside is that my urine is dark brown,” he finished, as Dr. Skully handed him some Motrin.

Other highly successful methods demonstrated by Dr. Skully include smoking, which reduces appetite, and long term food deprivation. These two methods, in conjunction with forcing oneself to throw up, have yielded astounding results in patients diagnosed with anorexia and bulimia.

He also offered some final advice to those looking for some last minute tricks to beat the scale.

“When you step on [the scale], make sure you completely exhale. The human lungs can hold plenty of air, and despite what you may think, oxygen gets heavy very quickly. Also, you can literally shave off a pound or so if you have plenty of hair by getting a buzzcut the night before. And if you shave off all other body hair it will only help that much more. Especially eyebrows; they add up, and most people wouldn’t think to get that.”