Who hates the troops? This vending machine won’t take challenge coins!

SOUTHERN PINES, N.C. – You might think that in America, everyone loves the Troops! But that’s not the case, because this vending machine won’t take challenge coins as payment. Wow.

“I literally killed someone to get this coin,” said Sgt. Craig Mutter, a special forces medic. “I think that should get me a Milky Way.”

It doesn’t, Craig. This vending machine only wants small coins with pictures of presidents on them, not giant coins that you have earned.

Think it’s cool to get a handshake and a challenge coin from the Commanding General for graduating first in your basic training class? Wait until you need gum, because this vending machine doesn’t care about your marksmanship score.

You might value honor, courage, and commitment, but this vending machine still says, “No, a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos will cost you four quarters as well as that challenge coin.”

If you think everyone should support the troops, you might want to talk to this vending machine. Last week, Craig put an Army Achievement Medal in it, and it still would not give him a Milky Way.

Craig wants a Milky Way. He is a hero.

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