EMPOWERED: Meet the female suicide bomber who shattered a glass ceiling in Mosul

The following is an Op-Ed by the editors of Jezebel.com

Listen up, femme fatales! A new demographic of war fighters has exploded onto the scene in Mosul and has already shaken the ground beneath our feet. The fight for women's rights just got so hot, we can't even contain ourselves! If you're looking for a role model, look no further, because we have a woman who has covered everything.

BOOM. Mic Drop.

After having her home neighborhood captured by the Iraqi military, this empowered woman laid the smackdown on the patriarchy by strapping herself with explosives and blowing up a mosque and some men. When it comes to breaking down walls, she KILLED it!

The building's beautiful, centuries-old stained glass ceiling was annihilated by the blast, along with millennia-old preconceptions about female capabilities in times of struggle. The shards, in turn, fell among frightened innocents as they fled, serving as a reminder that the struggle for equal rights takes a heavy toll on all of us.

The literal and metaphorical breaking of this glass ceiling does come with a drawback, however. Officials were unable to confirm that the woman had been assured 72 virgins on her entry into heaven, which may suggest pay inequality in the otherwise progressive Islamic State.

But one thing is clear: in these times of confusion and uncertainty in the age of Trump, it's inspiring that even women abroad are dedicating their lives to shaking the foundations of what is deemed acceptable for females.

We're all in this together, girls.