The 10 best jobs for veterans during a zombie apocalypse

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, three out of four veterans say what they are most concerned about is job security. While some industries are projected to take a hit, there will still be a high demand for military training.

These are the top 10 jobs for veterans during the end of the world.

10. Common Access Card maker You thought ID cards were going away just because the world ended? Survivors won't be able to access the compound until they get a new non-zombie CAC.

Pro: Relatively safe job. Con: You will still get complaints about wait times.

9. Physical Trainer Survivors will need to run faster, jump higher, and swing a bat with a nail in it.

Pro: Your trainees will definitely stick to the diet. Con: You work close to people who smell like dead animals.

8. Radio Technician Radios will be the primary means of communication in the zombie apocalypse.

Pro: You will be setting up a broadcast on a loop to inform survivors in the area. Con: You'll probably turn into a zombie before anyone gets there.

7. Front Gate Security You will need to check for IDs and bite marks.

Pro: No need to salute some shit bag lieutenant. Con: You're the first to die when the base is overrun.

6. Civil Engineer Someone needs to get that generator online and make sure the boundary wall is certified for zombie defense.

Pro: Access to materials. Con: You are still a nerd.

5. Explosive Ordnance Disposal Your job is to figure out how many landmines we can fit in the front yard.

Pro: People really do not want to kill the guy who knows where the landmines are. Con: Same as before the apocalypse.

4. Food Services Survivors are hungry after running from the undead. Take beef jerky, canned vegetables, and ramen noodles and throw the travelers a feast.

Pro: First dibs at any protein that hasn't gone bad. Con: Zombie Gordon Ramsay says your food is shit.

3. PTSD Counselor Now that everyone still alive has lost everyone they have ever known, your job helping people cope with post-traumatic stress has never been a more invaluable skill.

Pro: Lots of time with patients. Con: You also have PTSD.

2. Compound Commander Are you the type of veteran that keeps your uniform starched and pressed even though you've been out for two years? It's that type ego that will run this camp.

Pro: No IG complaints. Con: You will be killed in a mutiny.

1. Infantry In the end its going to be you, a gun, and the end of the world. Previous training is helpful.

Pro: Last to live. Con: Last to live.