Soldiers don't know what demeaning nickname to use for Space Force

THE UNDERGROUND — Reports from the E4 Mafia suggest soldiers are concerned about the Space Force: Specifically, what disrespectful nickname can we all decide on?

“We weren’t ready for the speed at which this would happen,” Spc. Babahaka, E4 Mafia spokesman, admitted. “Nicknames take time, and the Mafia isn’t what it used to be. Do you know how much red tape it takes to give a guy a swirly? Starting a drug ring takes months of paperwork. And a nickname for an entire branch? Tall order.”

The military is rife with nicknames. It’s a part of the culture. For example, Navy personnel are called Squids, Air Force folks are called Zoomies, and Marines are Jarheads. Academy graduates of West Point and Annapolis are ring knockers. Citadel and Norwich grads want to be ring knockers. Privates are poop-stirring machines. Most of the military call the Coast Guard civilians.

But what of the Space Force?

Spc. Babahaka and his fellow Mafia members have stood up a task force to figure it out. “Do we make it simple and call them nerds? What about Space Cadets? If we call them Trekkies they will probably like it. Can you believe that? It’s almost impossible to make fun of these guys.”

When the Mafia was asked if the Merchant Marines have a nickname, Spc. Babahaka responded, “Who?”

The E4 Mafia has formed a committee to study the issue but has appointed so many notorious shammers to it, results may be months in the making.