“It’s just misleading,” said the former 101st Airborne Officer who campaigned on his experience as an Army Ranger.
“Shit,” he muttered. The unemployment rate had just dropped to 6.9 percent.
“Swively rolly office chairs are a staple of the Space Force,” said Guardian Groot-Class Gaius Baltar.
“As a popular song goes, Gen. Flynn has ‘perfect imperfections,” an Army official said.
Iraq also asked the U.N. to set up a "no fly zone" over Washington, D.C.
“A guardian’s ability to learn Klingon demonstrates an aptitude to learn other languages," an official said.
“We have no metric for what success looks like,” said one high ranking officer.
“You’re beautiful. We love you. Come see me at my inauguration,” the soon-to-be-former president told the guards.
“Is this like an extra duty?” asked Senior Airman Davis McDaniels.
"I was giving Medusa a ride and accidentally looked at her and now I’m stone."
“A pardon is basically, like, it’s not guilty, you know what I mean bro?
“Planning 10-15 minutes into the future is risky and ambitious. So, it’s an aspirational goal.”