“The fastest way to stimulate economic growth is to put money into the hands of E4s."
It may need to start paying rent, at least.
“We’re in an era of great power-lifter competition."
We're now accepting applications.
“Anybody who disagreed with him about vehicle maintenance procedures was either ‘treasonous,’ or ‘Karen.'"
“He communicated mostly through memes and by unfriending dogs publicly."
The service may soon field crotch-level rank tabs to solve the problem of the “awkward chest gaze."
"There is no universe in which Dan Crenshaw should have made this video. It’s a pass from Marvel."
“Go figure that they managed to rig it together using duct tape, dip cans, and zip-ties.”
“It doesn’t hurt that she’s very mature for her rank.”
“If the VA disagrees, they can file an appeal that we’ll deny six years from now.”
The signature block quotes that just hit you right in the cringe bones.