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Author: Tony

Tony is a soldier and veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. Responsible for over 400 enemy kills, he has consistently "killed them with kindness".
The following is a point/counterpoint discussion about the best way to respond to a mass reply-all email. The point will be presented by USARCENT, while the counterpoint will be presented by various people on the email chain.  POINT: Sent by USARCENT at 11:23 A.M.: “This email was accidentally distributed to all 45,000 soldiers currently assigned to […]

ISIS protests public nativity scene

On December 25, 2016
AL QAYYARAH, Iraq — The self-proclaimed Islamic State has voiced criticism of the nativity scene in front of a local burnt out Grand Immaculate Church, sources confirmed today. “We are deeply offended by these kafir displays of idolatry,” spokesman Abu al-Hasan al-Muhajar said in a statement on Sunday. “The traitorous children of the book show no […]
FORT STEWART, Ga. — A force of approximately 25,000 advisers from the U.S. Army’s 3rd Adviser Division is heading to Iraq to not participate in direct ground combat of any kind, the Pentagon announced Thursday. “Make no mistake, we are in full-on advisement against ISIL in the same way we continue to advise countries against […]
MOSCOW — Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened to cut off two of the largest exports to the United States in protest of what he calls “America’s intervention in a strictly Russian affair,” the completely editorially-independent and fearless bastion of journalism Russia Today reported. Following Russia’s annexation of Crimea, Putin called for legislators to introduce […]
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