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Pentagon leaders exchange lobbyists for Christmas

Pentagon authorizes War on Christmas campaign medal

Claiming massive touchdown fraud, Navy vows to fight game results to Supreme Court

'Folksy, down-to-earth' commander actually an idiot

Pentagon to replace all-volunteer force with all-voluntold force

Company first sergeant needs six volunteers for martial law detail

Air Force deploys precision-guided Covid-19 vaccine delivery system

AFN commercial from 2000 just as irrelevant as the day it first aired

Hypoxic pilot refuses to wear a mask

Air Force celebrates 50th straight year of skipping leg day

New Navy Football uniforms honor tradition of ignoring Marine Corps

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New 'Call of Duty: Field Grade' game worth 90 credit hours at Army Staff College

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12th Day of Christmas looks like 4th Day of Christmas, underway sailor reports

Army priest leaves military for influential chaplaining job on Capitol Hill

Troops deployed to US southern border wondering if they can go home now

Archaeologists uncover corpse of Roman staff officer at Pompeii desk

Veteran thankful to blame PTSD for all his shortcomings

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Delayed military mail-in ballots clinch the election for Lincoln

Wow! This soldier’s 23andMe results show he’s mostly burn-pit ash

Point/Counterpoint: Afghanistan is on the road to progress (2012) vs Trump is reckless to pull out of Afghanistan (2020)

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.50-cal-equipped Roomba becomes sentient and sweeps room

Save 20% on this limited-time offer

Meet the general who actually read his entire reading list

Offering a ‘return to normalcy,’ Biden pledges troop surges in Iraq and Afghanistan

Esper fired for not being coup enough, sources say

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Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper refuses to leave Pentagon until he can figure out USAJOBS site

Native Americans not really interested in COVID masks US Army keeps sending

DoD awards $89 billion contract for top-secret weapons system to fight sexual harassment