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DoD bankrupt after Austin blows $300 billion at blackjack table

Study says VA unable to provide veterans relief that drugs and alcohol can

President who dropped Afghans from sky asks why you thought Gaza pier would go any better

17 Airmen dead after 'Bridgerton' marathon drinking game

Nation celebrates tradition of asking Veterans whether or not fireworks bother them

US Military to host Presidential debate with ASVAB Test, golf tournament

Army falls short of robot recruiting goal

Navy Chief: Prosecuting adultery would adversely impact manning

Justin Timberlake gives your weekend safety brief

Frat guy 'totally' would have punched a DI

Army issues burlap sacks of grain as new retention bonus

National Guard breaks up college protest by throwing enlistment flyers at crowd

Trump sentenced to staff duty over 4-day weekend

Pentagon launches 'See Something Stupid, Say Something Stupid' campaign

All Middle East wars end after student protest

Marines who jerked off in porta-potty welcome newborn chemical monster on Father’s Day

Study finds 77% of Air Force unfit for civilian service

Creepiest NCO selected as unit SHARP rep

Air Force celebrates Pride Month with rainbow-colored munitions

SMA’s weekend safety brief at GITMO deemed 'cruel and unusual'

J.D. Vance: The math on D-Day doesn't add up

Army to host next SWCS change of command ceremony on OnlyFans

Has your child joined the Army? You may be entitled to compensation

Navy seeks ball gag order for submarine commander

Navy announces USS Hamid Karzai International Airport as second ship in new Despair-class

United States Navy testing wind-turbine powered aircraft carriers

In wacky mix-up, IDF attacks Columbia University as NYPD storms Gaza

Colonel flies flag upside down to protest base golf course fees

Iranian president witnesses firepower of fully armed and operational Jewish space laser

NORTHCOM Commander: Dear Diary, what did I just get myself into?

Experts agree: ‘The Sound of Freedom’ is actually tinnitus

Applebee’s admits its heart just isn’t in it anymore

Navy Captain sacked for misplacing confidence

Marines surveyed about quality of life agree they would like some

Retired 4-stars occupy campus of Marine Corps University

Terminally ill vet gets wish to jerk it one last time in Iraq

2nd Lt. who rolled dice on global politics for free education really questioning choices

Hey you fat f*ck, join the Coast Guard!

2nd Lt. who locked up Chief Warrant Officer 5 commended for finding elusive Chief Warrant Officer 5

ASVAB replaces math and science with object permanence and basic sentience

Navy SEAL horrified that local man has never heard of Navy SEALs

AI Pilot leaves Air Force for Southwest Airlines

Fauci admits Military Decision Making Process not based on science

New water-saving latrines just leave poop there forever

Navy introduces douchebag to admiral program

Hollywood Complaint Center to eliminate inaccuracies in military and war movies

It’s time for every groundbreaking ceremony ever

Bill to strengthen HIPAA would strip PII from military graves, memorials

Soldier wrestles with starting a profile on LinkedIn or OnlyFans

Is the bot you matched with on Tinder only with you for your TS clearance?

Americans wondering if we can just get WW3 over with already

Kids’ Choice Awards names War on Terror 'Coolest War for Kids'

Navy rams ___ into ___ in show of force to near peers

Fort Liberty to solve trash problem with innovative 'burn pit' program

Navy to increase recruitment by lowering enlistment standards for foreign spies

Toxic Major looking forward to being toxic Lieutenant Colonel

'Just an exercise,' says USAF of ominous, ancient Egyptian-style gate erected ahead of eclipse

Putin blames Ukraine for Baltimore bridge collapse

In Controversial Ruling, Supreme Court Deems Enlisted Members 'People'

Army Introduces 'Cereal for Dinner' DFAC Program

Arlington replaces confederate statue with statue of interracial gay troops kissing

Chief reprimanded for professional and appropriate relationship with junior Sailor

'Army am lowering standards more for morer recruit', says Army

Marine sentenced to Leavenworth grateful for extra space, absence of toxic mold

West Point replaces mission statement with dancing mule Tik Tok

ChatGPT not allowed to learn MDMP, Majors remain relevant for now

Military aide must ‘dummy cord’ nuclear football after leaving it on Biden’s Corvette

Morbidly obese major has really squared away haircut

USAF Offers to Donate A-10s to Ukraine. Or Anybody at All, Really. Please. Just F*cking Take Them Already

Intel Community to Attract Top Talent with Hentai Allowance

Secretary Austin caught skipping State of the Union by making same day Walter Reed appointment

Local Man Unsure Which Global Terrorist to Sympathize With Next

AFN presents The Geo-Bachelor

US Joint Force Unsurprised to See Nation, Middle-East “Back on Their Bullshit”

Military spouse genitals now CAC-enabled

Breaking: MRE Jalapeño cheese spread terrible anal lubricant

Corpsman Awarded Nobel Prize in Medicine for Mixing Tylenol with Motrin

Marine ranks animals by how well he could take them in a fight

DOD: Maybe this Osprey thing was actually a bad idea?

Military Flyover During Puppy Bowl Causes Chaos on the Field

Toby Keith Reunites with American Soldier

Feds Lure TX National Guard From Border With Fake Hooters, Liquor Store

Department of Defense: 'We're not smart enough to run a Taylor Swift PSYOP'

Top 5 disability ratings as ranked by a drunk guy at the VFW

US-Houthi War Bombs at Box Office

Navy commander relieved for treating his sailors like people

New Miss America eager to "bomb the shit out of the enemies of America".

“Da BARS!” Nicolai Russinski’s Superfans Predictions for the Upcoming 2024 Offensive Season

Are you trapped in an escape room or just your weekly staff meeting?

Secretary Austin awarded new “Sick Call Ranger” tab

‘Declaration of Military Accountability’ Written Entirely in Comic Sans

General Nakasone loses sticky note with Cyber Command master password