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Pornhub opens first SIPR website

Officers with Bronze Star license plates least likely to have left FOB

Chinook catches Army flirting with younger, thinner aircraft

I lived it: I stole the Navy goat, and now I just … have a goat

Duffel Blog Presents: Space Force field tips for lunar transport shuttle

Helicopter parents won’t insert son at hot LZ

Point/Counterpoint: How to help servicemembers vs how to help service members

Marvel's "War on Terror: No Endgame in Sight" loses $5.6 trillion in first 18 years

Sailor can’t pee unless someone is watching

Real Housewives of Raqqa about to blow up on Bravo

Sailors walking into strip club reminded to 'clap like Mike Pence is speaking'

Make-A-Wish kid spends day as a Marine standing in line at the armory

Ancestry DNA test reveals soldier comes from a long line of POGs

Opinion: If you call your spouse Household 6, I get to call your divorce a change of command

Marines open remedial 'Corporals Course for Staff Sergeants'

Space Ghost Files IG complaint over non-selection for Space Command

New Marine Commandant to bring back rolled trousers

Army strategists much better at planning fantasy wars instead of war in Afghanistan

Point/Counterpoint: Future wars will be fought with AI robots vs. 'Microsoft Word is not responding'

'Call for Fyre Festival' dupes Millennials into enlisting

Agent Penis reassigned after CIA intruder blows his cover

Alabama National Guardsman charged after aborting unplanned mission

Pentagon senior executive fired for inadvertently making a decision

Pentagon forms community of disinterest to plan Iran war

Admiral McRaven defends millennials in viral TikTok video

Iran attacks US warships in the Gulf of Tonkin

Bolton cites his avoiding war in Vietnam amid criticism that he's pro-war

Opinion: Once again, my shithead husband will be deployed for the birth of our child

Staff Officers hope for war with Iran to end Bronze Star drought

John Walker Lindh killed in drone strike moments after release

Pearl Harbor survivor unhappy with Mitsubishi Memorial Day sale

Soldier travels back in time to prevent his own wedding

We didn’t want to invite John Walker Lindh to our Memorial Day party, but his potato salad is so damn delicious

President Trump orders Navy to scuttle USS John S. McCain

Coast Guard seizes 4,000 pounds of uncut Cheetos Dust

Rep. Duncan Hunter shocked Americans making such big deal about routine war crimes

Hero Pfc. spends entire enlistment at dental

Nation honors fallen soldiers by creating more of them

Navy says its not the size of the fleet, but how you use it

Quiz: ‘80s metal lyrics or things the lieutenant said at morning PT

OPINION: We shouldn’t build any new nuclear weapons until we use the ones we already have

Chaplain’s wife drives to different state in disguise to buy dildo

Americans commemorate D-Day by calling people they disagree with Nazis

Newly promoted admiral buys $500 million warship at 32% interest

All Marines are rifleman first, according to Marine who is admin clerk second

Army not looking forward to prostate exam after 244th birthday

Report: Sticky note saying “BROKEN” on equipment will be there forever

DARPA develops 'smart grass' that yells at you for walking on it

Chief of Naval Operations lauds return to tradition of 'false flag' operations

Marines send homemade cards, letters to Mattis on first Father’s Day apart

Sources say downed UAV penetrated deep into Iranian airspace

Humble SEAL drives ’93 white Ford Bronco to war crimes trial

Iranian bootleg DVD seller stocks up for huge influx of buyers

Pentagon relieved to discover tankers in Gulf Of Oman just collided with US Navy warships

BREAKING: Your weekend has been canceled, because Army

General Dunford picks this week to start sniffing glue again

RQ-4A shot down by Iran was 'just days from retirement'

US Army to drop ‘US’ from name over past links to slavery

John Bolton unwinds on vacation in Hiroshima, Nagasaki

President Moves Up Independence Day so it can be the #1 Day in July

Army to award ‘Expert Soldier Badge’ upon completion of MEPS

Report: Entire family blames you for younger cousin’s decision to enlist

Legendary recruiter’s top-3, can‘t-miss ways to bag a soldier

Medics Pushing Controversial Motrin-for-All Healthcare Plan

Thomas Jefferson gives your July 4th holiday weekend safety briefing

Lesbians, Lance Corporals compete for shortest engagements

New twist in SEAL war crimes case: 'The ISIS fighter is still alive, and I am him,' Gallagher says

Soldier catches wife sleeping with woobie

Polk soldier: ‘No shit, there I wasn’t’

Incoming Sergeant Major of the Army hints at new throwback uniform design

Audiobook of Army Operations Field Manual hits seven downloads on iTunes

Russian T-14 tanks spotted on the National Mall

Oh, no! This bridezilla wants her bridesmaids in full MOPP 4

Lieutenant unsure if platoon behaving better or just not getting caught

Pilot trusts feelings, turns off targeting computer, bombs hospital

Drone pilots now authorized to telecommute

Trailblazing Marine refuses to identify as rifleman

Army Cyber Brigade requests exemption from online training

Wow! This Colonel just inspired his Marines to not lock their knees and pass out as he talks

OPINION: I mushroom stamped the moon

Guam finally capsizes

Warrior souls searching Valhalla for missing hammer

Taliban confirms they won’t visit the White House if they win the War on Terror

National Guard general who avoided combat in every war since Vietnam retires

Meet the DOD contractor who has not told anyone he is a retired colonel

ISIS militant not promoted after failing to complete suicide awareness training

Ford Announces 'Deployment Edition' Mustang

Sgt. Maj. ‘Pre-Workout’ Just Coffee Grounds, Dip

Green Beret stripped of Special Forces tab after using issued gear

Millennials are killing these 7 military traditions

Buzz Aldrin to return to Moon to find missing space canteen

Greenpeace supports Iran’s seizure of oil tankers

JAG officer loses argument in food court

Mom Of Four Goes To SERE School, Gets Amazing Sleep

Military Conspiracy Theorist Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter

Car Totaled After Striking Marine Wearing Reflective Belt

Thousands of officers with Bronze Stars terrified after Trump rescinds four bullshit awards

Base flags at half staff for ‘Erectile Dysfunction Awareness Day’

Opinion: I would’ve joined the military too if I didn’t think it was beneath me

USAF changes name to ‘US As F*ck’

Millennial Taliban too soft for jihad, Mullahs complain

Upgraded Harpoon missiles will scream 'DJ Khaled' just before impact

Trump nominates Guy Fieri as Chairman of Joint Chefs

Liaison officer fired for intentionally working a full duty day

US negotiator Charlie Brown says Taliban promises not to yank football away again

Salty Kindergartener keeps calling recess “deploying to The Sandbox”

VA now only second most ineffective suicide prevention program

Maj. Tulsi Gabbard receives surprise deployment orders to Antarctica

LEGO commemorates War in Afghanistan with ‘Unlimited Edition’ set

The Taliban don't have video games. So why are they so violent, US wonders

Army captains to complete ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ at career course

ISIS switches to Prius over environmental concerns with aging Hilux fleet

PSYOPS officer reprimanded for providing realistic capability briefing

Islamic State joins UN Human Rights Council

Sgt. Maj. of the Army tells Chief of Staff he’ll never make it on the outside

Lindsey Graham volunteers to remain behind in Afghanistan and fight Taliban if troops withdraw

New Army Chief of Staff Introduces #TryWinning Campaign

Major awarded Bronze Star for ‘uncommon valor during wargame’

This Air Assault soldier never skips leg day

New ‘1-Click Enlistment‘ program set to increase military recruiting

Navy Relocates BUD/S To Fort Leavenworth

Dirtbag colonel forgets to make coffee, vacuum floor again

DoD bans single-use plastic explosives

Marie Kondo urges nation to thank veterans for their service before discarding them

Grown man yells at other grown man for not wearing a hat outside

New Pentagon superweapon spreads jobs throughout every congressional district

War dog returns from combat with necklace of enemy buttholes

NOAA spots massive hurricane over Tehran

Veteran can't decide which service medal pocket square to wear to new job

DFAC enters ‘Chicken Sandwich War’

Army names Astronaut Anne McClain as Senior Cyber Crime Officer

Taliban warns against travel to U.S. due to gun violence

Texas A&M Corps of Cadets found guilty of 143 years of stolen valor

Charity helps veterans without cars shit-post rants

Kabul Relieves Traffic Congestion By Creating Car Bomb Lane

Aircrew hoping congressional subpoena will move travel voucher along

VA Secretary calls department’s suicide hotline after latest scandal

Nation 'pretty sure' it's forgetting something

Oops! VA mistakenly prescribing PTSD instead of curing it

REVEALED: China hacked Pentagon to ensure only incompetent officers get promoted

'Once a Marine, always a Marine'—Duffel Blog presents 21 job titles for former jarheads

Duffel Blog Presents: 8 Ways to Win Your Next Argument

Air Force testing vegan napalm

PSYOPs officer told to cut hair, dies

Former SMA excited to sell military prints at PX

Space Command GS-15: Nobody leaves orbit until they complete DTS training

We forced a bot to watch 20,000 hours of Sgt Maj Academy courses. It committed suicide.

Happy birthday, Coast Guar—Oh crap, that was two months ago?!

Military returns early from Afghanistan, catches America cheating

Houthi rebels audition to be America’s next quagmire

General not allowed to take emotional support mistress on deployment

Guy in UCMJ brief asking a lot of questions about age of consent

Minot AFB airmen take the Tetris Challenge with all the equipment they lost this year

Inexplicable: Marine shaved every day but still violated Geneva Convention

Red Power Ranger admits he never went to Ranger School

Army feeling cute, may change its uniforms again

Drug cartels launch ‘Don't open the hatch!’ safety stand down

Four-star general gets only one star on Yelp

Pentagon recalls Dunford over transition binder full of dicks

Pentagon reveals that cats push objects off tables to make most Defense decisions

Awesome! This law allows vets with no family to pick someone to be buried with them

Guantanamo prisoners to receive Social Security benefits

OPINION: Only Snowflake families demand safe, explosion-free housing

Heartwarming! Airman surprises girlfriend by returning early from 8-hour shift

Sgt. Maj. fired after failing to caveat off what the commander said

Retired Gen. Dunford looks forward to being hired, fired as SecDef

Tekashi 6ix9ine named as whistleblower on Trump-Ukraine

Point/Counterpoint: West Point is outdated and aristocratic vs. Why is this enlisted man speaking in my presence?

Commander relieved for filling out readiness report on lethality form

U.S. tells Kurds it’s just going out for a pack of cigarettes

Army to discuss swag-bag strategy at AUSA conference

First Space Force base named after Confederate general for some reason

Syrian Kurds: If you’re going to f*ck us, could you at least buy us dinner?

Op-Ed: You can't have a terrorist training camp without monkey bars!

Equal opportunity drone kills combatants and civilians indiscriminately

Breastfeeding infant court-martialed for putting his SIPR on the NIPR

U.S. General blessed the rains down in AFRICOM

Haunted Navy Lodge room still worth the rate

REVEALED: ‘Stranger Things‘ season 3 filmed at Ft Bragg

Army prohibits marriage for 18-year-old soldiers

Master Sgt. beats discrimination charge by proving he hates everyone equally

Leadership class changes everyone’s lives after one guy just keeps talking

Heavy CG: New Coast Guard weight rules make other services jealous

Contractor promoted from jeans and T shirt to polo and khakis

Pentagon text Kurds at 2 a.m. "U up?"

Marine crayon eating competition goes horribly wrong

Historic first! Female Infantry private marries male stripper in Killeen, TX

ISIS to review toxic organizational culture after al-Baghdadi suicide

Al-Baghdadi blows himself up in ISIS VA parking lot

EOD Tech loses 60 pounds instantly with this one weird trick!

Al Baghdadi confirms he has more virgins than Epstein in the afterlife

Airline says servicemember families now receive triple miles for Honor Flights

The six guys who hit on your wife at every Marine Corps Birthday Ball

Shop the Blackwater Friday sale for unbeatable prices on great Christmas war crimes!

BREAKING! 22 Veterans Kill Themselves Everyday But Jeffrey Epstein Didn't

Hero dog declines White House invitation

Coast Guard telethon kicks off fundraising season

Midway movie makes hating Japan cool again

Vet clothing co. releases 'Tactical Bathrobe' for unemployed veteran operators

Leg becomes airborne qualified

Pentagon says tactical rollerblades only way to defeat China's growing fleet of vert ramps

Trump pardons Nidal Hassan

Russia accidentally kills senior Islamic State leader while bombing hospital

NORAD Tracking Satan for the Holidays due to Typo

Meet the Army’s elite, Top-Secret admin unit

PSYOP authorized to wear new tin foil berets

Top barracks lawyers weigh in on impeachment hearings

Promotion ceremony has better cake than officers

Kurds oppose pardoning Turkey at Thanksgiving

Trump overturns extra duty for three E-4s who were late for formation

Duffel Blog endorses Tulsi Gabbard: A symbol of our batshit crazy veterans

Coast Guard asks to crash on Navy’s couch 'just for a little while'

Cold weather training canceled due to snowstorm

Legal Update: The Top 16 crimes you won’t get pardoned for!

Commander adds your mom’s house to off-limits establishments list

Impeachment bombshell: Col. Mustard testimony puts Trump in the library with candlestick

Trump asks for declaration of war on Settlers of Catan

New joint cyber camo just pixelated dicks

New SEAL trident will depict eagle taking selfie with corpse

Womack Army Medical Center’s infant mortality rate inches above Afghanistan’s

Point/Counterpoint: Participation trophies are for the weak/Thank me for my service!

Military working dog fears immigrants are taking his job

Trump wants Eddie Gallagher 'to do that watermelon-smash thing' at White House

Space Force trainees excited to explore weightless masturbation

Pentagon finally admits ‘God Bless the USA’ is a fucking terrible song

Delta Force rescues woman trapped in Peloton commercial

Navy Football unveils “Donald Duck Heritage” pants-less uniforms for Army/Navy

Study: Some Mids/Cadets on the field actually unwilling to die for everyone watching

US kills mid-level Taliban commander, wins war

Military members disappointed to learn Heaven just another duty station

SHOCK: Army admits flu shot paperwork keeps getting lost because it wants you to die

Leaked 'Afghanistan Papers' reveal officials may have told truth about the war

Lieutenant just two privates in trench coat

Officer on death bed wishes he'd spent more time with his training schedule

Staff Sergeant dodges deployment to avoid Star Wars viewing

West Point to offer online degrees and credit for service

REVEALED: Hearing test buttons send electric shock to nipples of detained terrorists

General unsure where to post Cardi B lip-sync after DoD TikTok ban

Saudi defense contracts marked ‘safe’ following Pensacola attack

NORTHCOM cubicle farm grows record number of colonels

Artillery tries out new 'OK Boomer!' motto

Hotels in Iran deemed unsuitable for Air Force deployment needs

Meet Jeff and Tina, Cyber Command’s new senior executives for network defense

Iranian tourist killed by American strike in Baghdad

Kuwait to become 51st State

Nation's defense contractors promise no attack against US will go unprofitable

82nd soldiers excited to paint rocks in Iraq for next few months

DoD-wide audit calls bullshit on every Legion of Merit ever awarded

Army scrambles to invent useless combat uniform before war with Iran

TRUE PATRIOT! Local veteran supports whatever random thing Trump is doing in Middle East right now

Airborne? More like AirBORING, amirite?

Iran memorializes dead general by continuing tradition of aimlessly slaughtering Iraqis

Iran War would be only one letter different from Iraq War

Construction worker/amateur military analyst urges US turn Iran into a 'goddamned parking lot'

Fake draft notification texts just LA Fitness marketing campaign

US and Taliban on verge of deal to extend Afghanistan war forever

Here are the terrible bands and D-list celebrities doing USO tours in 2020!

Lieutenant read a book he thinks you’d like

General Funk bringing the ’70s back to Army TRADOC

Navy: Obese sailors more buoyant, save billions in life jacket costs

U.S. sees shadow, predicts 10 more years of GWOT

NSA collects enough data to know where your girlfriend wants to eat

North Korea praised for ‘green’ effort to expand horse cavalry

Army lieutenant beginning to regret OCS class motto tattoo

Drill instructor murdered with drill in hilarious prank

Pest control inadvertently exterminates all civil servants at Army North

Marine Corps introduces maternity body armor

Dying hero worried all the good on-ramps already named

Space Force doctrine mostly plagiarized from StarCraft video game

Soldiers don't know what demeaning nickname to use for Space Force

7 Chief Warrant Officers who are actually just coffee mugs

Pentagon upgrades computers to Windows 95

Police break-up unlicensed dentistry ring in barracks

Kobe Bryant's death best possible time to bring up 22 a day, local veteran reasons

Army HRC successfully matches 110% of officers to #1 assignment choice

Meet the camel spider hiding in your deployment luggage

Marine who saved child from burning car without his cover to be punished

Islamic State leader disappointed by his lame target name

Specialist furious after finding general’s rifle unattended in latrine

Military doctors prepare to treat coronavirus just as ineptly as other ailments

Opinion: Everyone’s a Soulja Boy until it’s time to superman that ho

Inspiring! This admin clerk does his job!

SEALs quietly end relationship with PR firm behind ‘bad boy’ image campaign

Iraq sand still stuck in soldier's ass excited about returning home

Raven believes in its dreams, successfully takes off

America’s top uniformed hacker guarding Fort Meade gate

Navy Combat Fatness Test starts soon for chiefs and super chiefs

Mess hall commander fired due to 'loss of condiments'

Army unveils 8 new badges you’re going to want!

VA offers Divorce Loan

VA finally mails disability rating decision to Navy veteran Kirk Douglas

Daredevil Felix Baumgartner first recipient of Space Force jump wings

Commander of ForceyMcSpaceFace deeply regrets crowdsourcing branch name

Commander lets staff leave before 1900, loses war

Army adds peer and near peer adversary reviews to new command selection system

General’s command philosophy just inspirational quotes from pinterest

Father of nine tasked with planning Afghanistan pullout

First sergeant gives up on his soldiers for Lent

Army’s new coal-powered tiltrotor gaining traction in Congress

For Lent, Russia gives up annexing neighbors, poisoning dissidents

Coronavirus stricken soldier just thankful he’s not stationed at Fort Polk

7 countries to invade now that we're leaving Afghanistan

US tells 18 year-old Afghanistan War to get off couch, find a job

Taliban peace deal hinges on US surrender of zookeeper who killed Harambe

Coronavirus triage procedures put majors last

Nation plans memorial to mark solemn anniversary of Pearl Harbor

Major General buried with copies of all his favorite PowerPoint Slides

USCG cutter quarantined offshore until crew gets COVID-19 tests, not STD tests

Afghanistan refuses to breakup with US

VA requests more evidence for negative survey feedback

Commander holds Mandatory All Hands Town Hall for Coronavirus

Local General Has Epic Day Off While ‘Sick’ With Coronavirus

Space Force ‘Ark’ nothing to be concerned about, commander tweets from orbit

ISIS cancels all suicide attacks amid coronavirus scare

SECNAV: The best way to halt COVID-19 is a 355 ship navy

First case of coronavirus traced to Marine putting hands in pockets

Young man follows family tradition as fourth generation to almost join military

Retiring NCO craps on unit's morale one last time

Pentagon vows to upgrade burn pits into ball pits

“Hard times don’t last, hard men do” says visibly erect Sgt. Maj.

DoD quietly pulls bat tartare MRE from circulation

Gunny wishes toddler would stop misbehooving

Coast Guard boat crashing through waves is having a f*cking blast!

Homebound colonel creates Telework Center of Excellence

F-35 tests positive for Coronavirus

North Korea orders nonessential military personnel to starve from home

Point/Counterpoint: Lt. Gen. Laura Richardson should do her job vs. Mrs. Richardson should do more for her husband’s FRG

Army announces first ever female PowerPoint Ranger

Space War College struggles to find applicable Clausewitz readings

Jade Helm 2020 canceled over COVID-19 concerns

E-4 Mafia designates Sergeant Majors nonessential personnel

Colonels Gone Wild—War College spring break stirs anger in Florida

Expert land navigator can’t find his girlfriend’s g-spot

Mysterious Hero Emerges to Fight Toxic Leadership, COVID-19

Report: Moving companies selling your personal goods to offset PCS freeze

Sergeant Major can't decide whether to solve COVID-19 crisis with uniform inspections or haircuts

Princess Cruises offers Navy tips on Coronavirus

Sgt. Maj. of the Marine Corps says he can quit getting haircuts whenever he wants

I was wearing a facemask for years before it was cool

Pentagon awards landmine contract to LEGO Group

Furloughed CIF worker really misses treating soldiers like absolute garbage

Pentagon tells senior leaders to limit sexual harassment to texts and email

Army to combat COVID-19 by ignoring it, punishing soldiers who follow testing directives

Veteran supports nurse friend with care package of chewing tobacco, porn

Mullets are back as Navy relaxes grooming standard

Stolen Valor Association approves stealing medical valor

Ousted Navy Secretary Modly vows to find out who stole frozen strawberries

Unit with spartan mascot hesitant to wear face masks

Teleworking? Here are four Chinese websites sure to improve your connections

Pentagon worries Capt. Crozier’s concern for his sailors may be contagious

Veteran outraged by reserved health care parking at strip mall

This pilot has 20/20 vision, but can he see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

Marines Must Innovate to Defeat New Threats vs. F*ck Social Distancing, You’re Getting a Haircut

Marine dies after 8 days without haircut

Influx of barracks tiger cubs as stimulus checks arrive

CDC: Obnoxious airborne COVID-19 mocks “leg” viruses

General Funk announces 20 new fundamentals in response to Coronavirus

Coronavirus Cancels Billions of Man-Hours of Pointless Military Bullshit

Meet the WWI veteran who started ‘Trench Warfare Coffee Company’

West Pointer keeps telling everyone Quartermaster was his first choice

New program helps retiring colonels decide which Civil War battle to study

Teleworking warrant officer unsure where to disappear to

Navy reduces sailor obesity with ‘slow-feeder’ galley trays

Lieutenant Colonel actually Major Asshole

North Korea reports first obesity related death in more than 70 years

Kim Jung Un in critical condition, Kim Jong Deux in line for the top job

Raytheon not exactly sure what $400 million contract from USAF is supposed to be used for

Generals who failed to defeat Taliban explain how to kill a virus

‘The Carrier is Vulnerable and Obsolete’ according to 100 years worth of military journals

DOD vows to double number of slides in annual sexual assault prevention training

Pentagon announces ‘green’ 6th-gen fighters to burn $100 bills as fuel

Barracks stock market expert totally about to make a killing

Desperate quarantined Jody forced to bang own wife

Deep State honors essential crisis actors with chemtrail flyovers

Military pilot takes overt alcoholism to private sector

Blue Angels remind healthcare workers who the real heroes are

Navy fitness-instructor school plagued with inexplicably high rates of diabetes

Barracks lawyer hoping to be barracks judge someday

Fort Bragg to open Army's first on-post strip club

Warrant Officer confuses unit by showing up for PT

Drill Sergeant awarded NCO of the year for not having sex with trainees

Report reveals Otis Spunkmeyer was Nazi muffin scientist who defected to US

French military surrenders to coronavirus

New Call of Duty Terms of Service actually army enlistment contract

Opinion: Do you know what is more infectious than COVID-19? COURAGE

North Korean Space Force successfully launches man into space

Kim Jong Chub: How to stay trim and fit while oppressing your people from isolation

Space Force graduating class suffocates after tossing helmets

A guide to breaking up with your deployed spouse

Rand Corporation study recommends immediate mandatory fun runs

Air Force gentrifies Marine MOUT

Space Force draws space penis over eastern coast of Florida

Minnesota National Guard reports situation is ‘Real serious doncha know, no foolin’

US wins second place in Afghan War

Space Force Admits Space Doctrine Mostly Just Adding ‘Space’ To All Space Nouns

Syria sends advisors to aid US rebels

Physically fit National Guard impersonator not fooling anybody

SecDef authorizes ‘Skype-suit’ for teleconferencing

Ben & Jerry’s Honors Mattis With New Ice Cream Flavor

Airborne urges Pentagon to defund MP Corps

Middle East intelligence agencies closely monitoring American Spring

MPs replace tear gas with digested-MRE-scent fart spray

Military COIN experts claim they can stop protests in just 17 years

Air Force authorizes ‘combat podcaster’ career field

Ghost of U.S. Grant pisses on main gate of Fort Lee

General keeps social distance by throwing coins at soldiers

Bases named for Confederates changed to Afghan War generals, continuing tradition of naming bases after losers

Military ends racism, sexism after eliminating climate surveys

Military working dog films kennel rant defending ‘Paw Patrol’

Divorced general thinks bases should be named after officers who understand loyalty

John Bolton’s book revealed to be just 400 pages about bombing Iran

Space boot won't stop wearing exoskeleton out in town

‘Terrifying and violent:’ Drill sergeant’s eyebrows exemplify lethality

Army shuts down specialists’ Barracks Autonomous Zone

Navy names missile after Crozier just to fire him a third time

Reflections of a retired Army Combat Uniform that never saw combat

57th identical evening parade in a row really something tonight

VA commits suicide in veteran’s driveway after reading post-care survey

Naked admiral still talking to you in gym locker room

Donald Trump Jr's Afghanistan bounty hunting trip draws criticism

Army career manager ‘emotionally exhausted’ from screwing so many people

Major awakens Balrog by delving too deeply into shared drive

Russian cyberterrorist stuck on six month wait list to hack into VA

Furry from the sky: Meet the military’s elite airborne cat force

Toxic Leadership seminar hosted by Ninja Turtles

Opinion: Bring back ‘ramming speed’

Fort Hood added to list of Fort Hood off-limits establishments

Victory! U.S. defeats CHOP, ending 75-year losing streak

Congress deadlocked over bill to force armory to accept our goddamn rifles

New stealth bomber completely undetectable by budget oversight

Pigeon: We should not tear down Confederate statues!

Military child care reopening, if your kid can pass this extreme PT test

Airshow canceled over concerns of being too boring

Congress declares war on Spain after burning of USS Bonhomme Richard

Fort Hood leaders planning Toby Keith concert, cancel command climate survey

Crappy carrier EMALS repurposed for burials at sea

Soldiers vote for WiFi Hotspot enabled rifles

Academy grad declares tasking ‘right in his wheelbox’

Coast Guard Commandant severely injured after getting 230 birthday punches from Joint Chiefs

Ask a 1950s-Era Army Doctor

Sergeants Major drink Buds Light

2nd Lieutenant lectures Sgt. Maj. on leadership

Army backs down from renaming Fort Slavery Was Cool

82nd Airborne to fuel its own DUIs

DOD unveils new MRE for pregnant service members

USS Bonhomme Richard boasts zero COVID-19 cases

Point/Counterpoint: ‘I shot bin Laden in the face’ vs. ‘Welcome to Taco Bell, may I take your order?’

SECDEF: The dog ate my orders book

Airman charged with not having enough rank to mishandle classified information

Motto acknowledges unit probably some other part of the spear

Taylor Swift lyrics for military experiences

Federal agent feels like he ‘never really came back’ from Portland

New military pay charts to compensate women 23% less than men

Coronavirus gives your weekend safety briefing

Lieutenant confident Moleskine journal cooler than green leader book

China’s Terracotta Army reaches 100% compliance on mandatory training

TikTok ban exposes PSYOPs-led secret dance battle with China

Duffel Blog Presents: The 5 best tips for women to dodge the draft

Don’t use troops on protesting US citizens—Use drones

Newly metamorphosed SECNAV emerges from cocoon

‘Not racist’ soldier has surprisingly negative things to say about supply NCO

Space Force happy people would rather steal its valor than Coast Guard’s

Staff Engineer tired of hearing about clogged toilets

Soldier with paper cuts from grid squares now has burns from exhaust samples

Department of Defense plans to win next war by using only #hashtags

CyberCom scrambles after lieutenant accidentally deletes Alaska

'He’s A Marine' spouse gives your weekend safety brief

Iranian ship wins award for not being actively on fire

‘No, I can't help you sue 3M’ by your brigade JAG officer

Army headquarters commander demands more respect around here

Captain Uglúk, Blood Commander of the Uruk-hai, gives your weekend safety brief

Toxic Air Force colonel promoted to toxic Air Force general

SEAL Team 6 to ditch body armor to prove they’re not ‘p--sies’

SPOILER: Fort Hood isn’t ‘The Great Place’—It’s the Bad Place

Kanye West interrupts your weekend safety brief

Coffee station receives unit’s sole Bronze Star from recent deployment

Tardigrade selected as Space Force mascot

Biblical scholars: King David was the original 'Jody'

Homeless Veteran Sleeps Under DD-214 Blanket

Black soldier feels safer on post because MPs aren’t real cops

Nation shocked to learn Army North nowhere near Canada border

E-7 caught field stripping for tips

National Guard never realized how beautiful Kenosha was until they saw it burning to ground

Army chief says service doing great, has ‘pretty much no problems’

'Near-peer threat' just 3 Afghanistans in a trench coat

Army-Navy Game to be renamed 'Suckers vs. Losers Bowl'

TikToking Lieutenant excited to meet Army Chief of Staff ahead of peers

After shark attack, Coast Guard asks Congress for a bigger boat

Army stunned to learn Fort Hood had commander

Americans outraged that Trump is publicly voicing their private contempt for military service

Grand Theft Auto Fort Hood 'a little too realistic'

Hodor of House Stark gives your weekend safety brief

Force Recon Marine writes tell-all coloring book

Homemade SCIF just a closet covered in aluminum foil

New Army fitness test measures how much pain you can endure over 20 years

Coast Guard accused of boater suppression

Lifeless corpse almost buried with military honors—then they realized it was a living GS-15

Air Force veteran’s PTSD triggered by familiar office ringtone

Sources: 2020 'just a series of NTC injects'

Retiring major struggling to translate ‘watching YouTube on gov’t computer’ into civilian skillset

James Mattis's memoirs written entirely in crayon

Taliban and ISIS announce opening of Joint Terrorism Center of Excellence

Air Force robot dog sad it never had balls to lick

Intel officer won’t shut up about that one time he was right

Trump downplays impending arrival of Galactus, Devourer of Worlds.

Spartan who missed phalanx forced to wear giant sundial for fortnight

Navy announces ‘paperless system’ with mandatory paper copies

More than 200 E-4s endorse ‘whoever gets us out of here by 1600’

Raytheon wins contract to send six guys to stare at shit

Who hates the troops? This vending machine won’t take challenge coins!

Walter Reed medics tell President to return during sick call hours

Proud Boys form up at 0330 to standby to standby to standby to standby

Six injuries that ice and Motrin would have fixed, but no—you want a $4,000 MRI

Marine Corps excited not to be first to infect everyone this time

Afghan task force will deploy to monitor U.S. election

Space Force quarantines lieutenants in wormhole to protect them from COVID-19

Vet brand coffee beans pass through intestines of four vet bros before they hit your cup

Morale skyrockets after mandatory fun event canceled

ClauseFic? Army to publish ‘Fifty Shades of War’ fanfic erotica

COVID-19 executes flu d’état, seizes control of US capital

Michigan Militia fights to take back domestic terrorism industry from foreigners

Trump and Biden give your weekend safety brief

Squad leader dies after first sergeant tells soldiers to ‘immolate’ good leaders

Biden: Let the troops decide where to invade next

Air Force smart bomb too clever for dumb Navy bomb

Baby boomer jet realizes it may never be able to retire

DoD fields ‘Brown Star Cluster’ flare for when mission goes to shit

Pentagon circle-jerks grind to halt as coronavirus fears spread

MILFaceApp allows civilians to see how they would look had they served

sPoOky! This soldier is going as Fort Hood for Halloween

National Guard botches plan to suppress the vote

BREAKING: You didn’t print enough copies of your orders

Celebrities devastated by lack of invitations to Marine Corps balls

New female body armor just pink, more expensive regular body armor

Pentagon admits defense budgeting modeled on Hungry Hungry Hippos

Stolen valor: Phony ‘soldier’ walking around accepting candy for his ‘service’

Fort Bragg to get all energy from burn pits by 2025

DARPA AI can embroil US in unwinnable wars 100s of times faster than generals

Military to officially replace adequate sleep with energy drinks and Adderall

SEAL book chronicles challenge of being a SEAL without a book deal

Afghan teen wondering whether to apply for college, or just enlist in Taliban

New 6-foot Marine Corps bayonet protects against COVID-19

DoD adds online ‘Coup Awareness’ to annual training requirement

Air Force ignores ‘take one’ trick-or-treat sign

Sergeant major says no one is leaving Afghanistan until all the brass is picked up

Iraq Veterans Against The War Change Name To Be More Inclusive

Marine Lance Corporal Tries To Attack Japan After Watching ‘Pearl Harbor’ Movie

Tired Of 'Chair Force' Nickname, Air Force Colonel Bans Chairs

Taliban Cameraman Beheaded For Forgetting To Praise Allah In Video

Environmentalists Applaud Army Move To Replace Humvee Fleet

Panetta: Defense Cuts Will Be ‘Especially Tough’ On Marine Corps

Afghan Army Soldier Attacks US Troops, Fails Miserably

Another Scandal Wreaks Havoc On Marine Sniper Community

Army 2nd Lieutenant Leads Platoon Five Kilometers Without Getting Lost, Awarded Medal

Lieutenant's Dedication to Mission, Protective Equipment, Saves Lives

Controversial 'Navy SEAL Slide' Move Now Taught At BUD/S

Talks Break Down With Taliban After Brit Ambassador Says Their Tea Sucks

Chuck Norris Joins Army, Immediately Promoted Chairman Of Joint Chiefs

The Duffel Blog Nominated For Pulitzer Prize

Deployed Airmen Sacrifice, Visit Nickelback

Dozens Wet After Coast Guard Cutter Capsizes Off Florida Coast

PT Leader Discovers CrossFit, Sailors Less Than Thrilled

Investigation Uncovers Controversial 'PowerPointing' Interrogation Technique

Pentagon Study Finds Beards Directly Related To Combat Effectiveness

IPFU Changes Says New Army G-4, Tells Duffel Blog To 'Shove It'

Quantico DWI Policy Ruled Unconstitutional, Marines Have A Few Drinks To Celebrate

CBRN Marine Fills Vital Role Digging Holes, Burning Feces

Stolen Valor Claim After Man Poses As Elite Administrative Soldier

DoD Seeks Corporate Sponsorship, Copenhagen, Budweiser Already On Board

Marines To Deploy On Revolutionary New Aqua-FOBs

MRE Maker Introduces Throwback Meals, Troop Favorite 'Hot Dogs' and 'Bean Burrito' To Return

Marine Private Named 'Super-Boot Of The Year'

DLI Couple Will Last Forever, Reports Boyfriend

General Amos Asks Syrian Rebels To Move Conflict To Pacific

Military Can’t Figure Out What The Hell To Do With MRAPs, Re-Invades Iraq

Air Force Starts Using Highly Effective ‘Glitter Bomb’ Against Taliban

Soldier Dropped From WLC After Terrorizing Fellow Students With ‘Knife Hands’

Army Cav Platoon To Star In Reality Show On ABC

National Guard Unit Takes Wrong Turn, Invades Iraq

Nervous Chief Tells Awkward Thailand Story In Retirement Ceremony Speech

Female Interrogators Want You To Stop Hitting On Them, It’s Getting Out Of Hand Now

CENTCOM Commander 'Mad Dog' General James Mattis Set To Retire

Navy: Strip Clubs And Bars To Be Installed Aboard Aircraft Carriers

Fleshlights Issued To Male Soldiers In Bid To Decrease Combat Zone Pregnancies

Marine Cook Awarded Navy Cross For 'Best Instant Eggs The Colonel Has Ever Eaten'

Marine Officer’s Wife Emotionally Disturbed After Being Denied Salute

Marines: ‘Combat Diaper’ Ineffective Against Rifle Rounds, Defecation

Kilts Make Comeback For The British Army

Duffel Blog Writers Launch Surprise Air Assault On Onion News Network

Art Criticism Draws Outrage From Guantanamo Detainees

Drill Sergeant Follows Through On Threat To 'Rip Out Heart and Snuff Soul' Of Recruit

Intelligence Section Produces High-Quality Bullshit

Boredom, Liver Cleanliness Determined Cause Of Death In Okinawa Barracks Tragedy

Brave Airman Sends Steak Back At DFAC, Fights For Well Cooked Meal

North Korea Launches Rubber Ducky Into Sea of Japan, Splashing Ensues

Coast Guard Finally Shoots Something

Citing OPSEC Fears, DoD Bans Tapout Clothing For All Military Personnel

Navy Prospect Desperate To Avoid Sea Service, Recruiter Has Been 'Big Help'

IED Emplacement Postponed For Another Goddamned Safety Brief

Marine Scout Sniper 'Burning Cross' Logo Raises Controversy

SPC Smith Really Wants You To Do Police Call, Claims 1SG Said To

In Stunning 5-4 Decision, Supreme Court Declares Air Force Unconstitutional

Obscure Piece of Equipment ‘Probably' In The Conex, 2nd Lt. Says

President Obama Visits Afghanistan, Shoots Three Taliban Fighters

Wave Of Afghan Protests After Koran Burnings, Not Fans Of 'Twilight'

Grizzly Bear Wanders Into Unlocked Recruiting Office, Joins Navy

Army To Cut Back on Vernacular Cliches, War Story Exaggerations

Army Wife Re-enlists Husband Indefinitely With General Power of Attorney

Taliban Proposes 'Call Ahead' Night Raid Policy for U.S. Military

The Dingo Ate Your Battalion: Marines in Australia Plagued by Wildlife Attacks

US Army Says The Avengers Is 'Do-Able'

Son Proudly Follows In Father's, Grandfather's Footsteps In Faking Military Service

Soldier Home from Afghanistan Face Down in Ultimate Nachos, Wife

1st Marine Division Paves Way for 'New Corps', Changes Unit Logo

Delusional Intelligence Analyst Briefs Plan To Repel Invasion Of Westeros

New DoD Language Regulation Bans 'Indecent Language', Soldiers Fucking Pissed

Sergeant Major's Heroism, Quick Thinking, Saves Entire Platoon From Certain Death

Fake Teen Navy SEAL Rescued In Yemen By Real Navy SEALs

TSA Screeners Encounter Terrorist At Checkpoint, Not Sure What To Do

Terminal Lance Creator Revealed To Be Sergeant Major Of Marine Corps

Army PFC Buys Ford Mustang After Deployment, Gets 'Really Great Deal'

ISAF Drops Candy To Afghan Children, Kills 51

Reflective Belts, Risk Management Required After ROTC Commissioning Tragedy

Lieutenant Screws Up Inventory, Dropped In Shark Tank

Bitter Irony For Coast Guard, Seaman Apprentice Arrested For Piracy

Elderly Vietnam Special Forces Veteran Rampages Through Oregon

First Sergeant Orders Troops To Polish Black Boots 'Just Because'

USS Haditha Accidentally Sinks Fishing Boat, Machine-Guns Survivors

US Denies Prisoner Torture, Allegations Of Forced Listening To Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black

Islamic Customs, IED Tactics From War on Terror Find Misuse In Honduran Drug War

Marine Faces Charges After ‘Stealing’ Commanding Officer’s Wife

Man Unsure What To Do With Grandfather’s WWII Japanese Skull Collection

Senior Officer More Concerned With Grooming Standard Than OPSEC

Former al Qaeda Executioner Finds New Work As Stage Magician

POG’s Isolated Lifestyle, Wood Chopping, Brings Little Chance of CIA Mission

Chinese Hacker Complains About ‘Perverted’ American Military

Bin Laden Informant Jailed For Treason, Obama Retaliates, ‘Unfriends’ Pakistan on Facebook

Taliban Reprimands Suicide Bomber For Posing In Photos With US Troops

First Non-Filipino Culinary Specialist Breaks Barriers, Screws Up Constantly

Troops Issued New Karzai-Approved Rifle Combat Sights, Engraved ROE

Vietnam Veterans Outraged Over Navy Christening Of USS Jane Fonda

Advice Column: Ask Top, Your Non-Friendly Neighborhood First Sergeant (Ep.1)

New 'Pro-Sin' Religion Extremely Popular In Infantry Units

Mission Accomplished: Soldier Screws Up PowerPoint Slide, Ends War in Afghanistan

Marine Recruits Used To Generate Power To San Diego, California Energy Crisis Solved

Air Force Investigation Finds Rampant Cheating, 'Frat House Behavior' Among Key Leaders

Air Force MQ-9 Reaper Diagnosed With PTSD, Refuses To Fly

PETA: Marine Corps Terminology, ‘Leatherneck’ Term Promotes Animal Abuse

Semper Pink: Gay Marines Protest Possibility Of Female Infantry

Church Outraged After Care Package Returned, Included Note Asking For Porn, Beer

Starcraft Game Added To Military Officer Training Curriculum, Offers Realistic Leadership Simulation

Afghan Weapons Cache Digging Uncovers Dinosaur Skeleton

Navy Submarine Avoids Tragedy, Whale Rape Off Virginia Coast

DoD Unveils New Troop Leading Steps For Military, 'RIMJOBS' To Streamline Mission Planning

Women’s Rights Activist Demands More Women Killed In Combat

American-Born Jihadist Really Just Wants Attention From Hollywood

Hawaii Army National Guard Unit Has Luau With Afghan Locals, Invites Friendship, Riots

Unemployed Anti-War Protesters Demand Syrian Invasion

Ole Miss Welcomes Student Veterans With Verbal Abuse, Menial Tasks

Pentagon Proposes Controversial Policy Assigning Ranks To Military Spouses

Advice Column: Ask Top, Your Non-Friendly Neighborhood First Sergeant (Ep.2)

General’s Controversial Graduation Speech Sparks Riots, 11 Killed

Desperate Airmen Crowd 'How To Pick Up Women' Classes

Afghan Army Responds to Corpse Desecration, Mentors US Troops On Culture

New Army Physical Fitness Test To Incorporate Yoga Event

Happy Birthday 'Merica

Pakistani Doctor Who Helped Nab Bin Laden 'Was Corrupt', Says Corrupt Government Official

Non-Rates Angered At 'Rank Profiling', Demand Court-Martial Of NCO

DoD Announces New Inverted Multi-Purpose Ballistic Tomahawk Bayonet (IMBTB)

Iraqi Government Awards Liberation Medal To Veterans Of Operation Iraqi Freedom

Hearts & Minds: Actual Strategy In Afghanistan War Replaced With Great PR

African-American Skipper Makes History, Takes Command of USS Nathan Bedford Forrest

Corps’ Lone Thief Apprehended; Marines Rejoice, Burn Missing Gear Statements

'American Al Qaeda' Spends Entire Jihad Making Phone Calls, Watching Movies

Navy Captain Relieved After Collision In Mediterranean, Says 'Not His Fault'

Army Awards Dining Facility Contract to Burger King, Troops 'Have It Their Way' For Chow

Southern Command Reports Unexplained Murders In South American Jungle

Pentagon Releases Preliminary Military Spouse Rank Chart

Advice Column: Ask Top, Your Non-Friendly Neighborhood First Sergeant (Ep.3)

Taliban 'I'm Sexy And I Know It' YouTube Video Reaches 2 Million Views

Outrage: Army Announces Officer Promotions To Be Based On Merit, Performance

Expert Legal Advice Column: Ask The Barracks Lawyer (Ep. 1)

Army Marksman Wins Olympic Gold; Stop-Lossed, Deployed to Afghanistan

Marine With Brain-Dead Quadruple Amputee Wife Upset Over 'My Girl's A Vegetable' Cadence

Army Increases Combat Effectiveness With More Reflective Belts, Extremely Safe Combat Patrols

Media Excited To Report Sikh Temple Mass Shooter Was In Military

‘Hurt Locker’ Team Hired By WikiLeaks To Produce Bradley Manning Biopic

Casualty Team Stuck Notifying Family Of Marine Who Died Masturbating

Former Marine Sergeant Trademarks ‘Wagner Loves Cock’, Sues Government For $41M

Infantry Troops In Contact, Waiting For Presidential Approval To Return Fire

Political War: Candidates Fight For Troop Votes, Highlight Military Experience

Battalion Commander Receives Silver Star For Gallantly Doing Job, Bravely Supervising TOC

Navy Praises Blue Digital Uniforms After Two Sailors Lost At Sea

DLI Students Compete For Nerd Of The Quarter Crown

Chaos: General James Mattis Announced As Next Commandant Of Marine Corps

Veterans Affairs Hires 27,000 Additional Workers To Procrastinate, Collect Paycheck

Humvee Axle Snaps, Engine Stops Working; 'Not Our Fault' Says Motor T

NBC Cancels Series, Entire Cast Of 'Stars Earn Stripes' Killed In Afghanistan

Ask A Public Affairs Officer (Ep. 1)

Army Struggles To Respond To Epidemic Of Suicides During Suicide Prevention Briefs

Advice: Ask A Medic (Ep. 1)

Medal Of Honor Recipient Invited To Join Crime-Fighting Superheroes

Man In Afghan President's Uniform Shoots Secretary Of Defense In Latest 'Green-on-Blue' Attack

Military Times Releases 'Hit Piece' Against Duffel Blog, Calls Stories 'Fake'

'Combat Clothing Company' Reaches Out To Wannabes, Former Varsity Jocks

Senator Clarifies Remark Telling Troops To 'Go Fuck Themselves', Says Quote Taken Out Of Context

Homeless Vietnam Veteran So Traumatized By War, Can't Remember Unit, Military Terms

President Obama To Receive Honorary Green Beret, Induction Into Special Forces Association

New Red Cross Messages To Relay 'Dear John Letters', Sports Scores

DoD Announces Support For 'Military Bronies'

Weight Loss Guru Teaches Marines How To Quickly Get Within Standards

Army Times: Military Working Dogs Smarter Than Junior Officers

US Army Introduces 'Revolutionary' New Woodland Camouflage Uniform To Replace ACU

New Program Teaches Transitioning Soldiers How To Properly Fluff Résumé

In Apparent Supply Order Mix-Up, Air Force Gives AIDS To Afghan Village

Book Review: Military Thriller 'Fifty Shades of Green' Hits Bestseller Lists Worldwide

General Mattis Crashes RNC, Shreds On Triple-Neck Guitar For Grunts In Helmand

Army Spends $100 Million On Piece of Equipment That Doesn't Do Anything

Taliban Commander: Ramadan Not A Factor In Afghan Insider Attacks

Defense Department Investigates Fraudulent Navy SEAL Operation In Bahamas

Geraldo Rivera Divulges Plans for Gen Mattis' Surprise Birthday Party

Breaking: Ramadan Insensitivity Caused 'Green-on-Blue' Shooting of SECDEF

Junior Enlisted Party Presidential Candidate: Free Copenhagen, Porn at the Shoppette

In Memoriam: Neil Armstrong; Astronaut, Naval Aviator, 'Sexiest Man Alive' For Record 23-Year Streak

Duffel Blog Readers Confused, Angered By Non-Humorous Article

DoD Implements Innovative New Policy to Combat Sexual Assault

West Point Professor Always Knew Cadet Would Become A Terrible Officer

9/11 Anniversary Marked By Confused Looks, Awkward Questions From Junior Military Members

Op-Ed: Formation Is Definitely Happening On Time Today

Fred Phelps' Death Prompts Westboro Baptist Church To Protest His Funeral

Navy SEAL Awarded Silver Star For First Ever Confirmed Kill With Prosthetic Leg

Teenage Enlistee Negates Oath of Enlistment With Fingers Crossed Behind Back

National Association of Second Lieutenants Responds To Criticism

Marine Hospitalized After Confrontation with Grizzly Bear

Report: Base Corporal Always In PT Gear

First Female Commander of 53rd Wing Comes Out Of Closet As Straight

Air Force Announces New 'Tape Under The Fold' Regulation For PT Test

Bin Laden's Body 'Tastes Awful', Reports Barracuda

Marine Killed By Complacency In Afghanistan

Army To Field Mine Resistant Ambush Protected-Walker Vehicle

American Flag Nearly Dies After Inhaling Fumes Of Burning Protesters

South Carolina Police Hunt 'Fake' Drill Instructor

Platoon Connex Hungers For Flesh Of Innocent, Occasional Private

Navy SEALs To Infiltrate Libya In Secret Mission, Major Book Publisher Reports

Following Cultural Awareness Class, Marines Burn Down Own Embassy

Final John Paul Jones Letter: Denounces US, Requests Russian Burial

Don't Ask: One Year After DADT Repeal Sergeant Major Tells, 'Still Work To Be Done'

Airman Receives Award For Bravery After Stopping 'Green-On-Blue' Attack

Dishonorable NCO Forced To Commit Ritual Suicide

Navy's Outbreak of Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea Traced to Single Bar Hog

DoD Ends All Future LGBT Events, Declares Military 'Gay Enough Already'

Army Replaces Defective Radios With Carrier Pigeons, Smoke Signals

New Girl On Base 'Totally Hot', Report Multiple Sources At Guantanamo

Shocking Report: Air Force Colonel Explodes

Marines Begin Crashing Ospreys On Okinawa

Army Launches 'Eat Right, Don't Eat At The Chow Hall' Campaign

Entire Unit Relieved After Hazing-Related Death In Afghanistan

Vice Presidential Candidates Talk Tough On Afghan War, Military

US Army, Marine Corps Facing Charges Of Forcible Sodomy

Guantanamo Prisoners To Receive GI Bill Benefits

Romney Surges In Polls, Following Promise To Personally Pay Entire Defense Budget

Veterans Affairs Announces Claims Backlog Cleared, Technology Key Factor

Ask A Public Affairs Officer (Ep. 2)

Top U.S. General Distances Himself From 'Nuke Afghanistan From Orbit' Comments

Breastfeeding Moms By Infantry Barracks 'Not Fooling Anyone'

2012 Best Sick Call Ranger Competition Winner Announced

Female Marine Charges Obstacle Course With Sexual Harassment

Duffel Blog Presents: Mattis vs. Norris

Navy To Deploy USS Constitution To Strait Of Hormuz

Entire Battalion Flattened By 7-Ton After Road Guard Fails To Post

Department of Defense Unveils T-700, Highly Advanced 'Death Robot'

Congressman Horrified To Learn Soldiers Issued Green Fleece Caps

Every Marine A Rifleman: Under New Policy, All Marines To Receive Infantry MOS

'Act Of Valor' Targets Exact Recruitment Demographic For Navy SEALs

Air Force Releases New Computer Based Training To Increase CBT Efficiency

Afghan Soldier Accidentally Shoots Taliban He Mistook For US Marine

Distraught Terrorist Takes His Own Life On Crowded Bus

Blasting Shrill Whistle Throughout Ship Great For Morale, Navy Study Finds

Wikileaks Releases Shocking mIRC Transcripts From Afghanistan

Ted Turner: 'Troops Should All Commit Suicide, I'm A Moron'

One-Up: Felix Baumgartner Skydive Record Already Broken

Gangnam Style Gets Taliban Fighter Executed

Marine Bucks Tradition, Refuses to Ask Celebrity To Birthday Ball

Wounded Warrior Assaults Five In Bar Brawl

Nidal Hasan Says He's Amish In Last Ditch Effort To Save Beard

Commander Relieved For Violating Entire UCMJ

Veterans Affairs Shuts Down West Coast Operations Ahead Of Hurricane Sandy

Navy Replaces All Sailors With Overpaid Contractors To Cut Costs

Ghost of Chesty Puller 'Won't Shut The Fuck Up', Complains Ghost of Dan Daly

Veteran Arrested For Attempting To Secure IED Site On Colorado Freeway

Hooah? Hooah!

Navy To Send a Strong Message To Iran With Pointless Multinational Exercise

Poll: Joseph Kony Currently Leads U.S. Presidential Race

Lifetime Releases Details On ‘Army Wives’ Spinoff Show: ‘Army Husbands’

Military Absentee Ballots Delivered One Day Late, Would Have Swung Election For Romney

Opinion: Listen Up Devil Dogs, Good To Go, Ooh-Rah?

Public Affairs Marine Suicide Note Praises New Base Exchange

Confused WWII Veterans Demand To Know Why Rommel On Presidential Ballot

Study: Random, Pointless Formations Tied To Increase In Combat Performance, Morale

Taliban Charge Rapper Chris Brown With Stolen Valor

Halfway Heroes: 'Near Veterans' Seek Recognition For Almost Serving In Military

The Duffel Blog Editorial Board Endorses Charles Lincoln Boatright For President

Disney Buys Rights To Afghanistan From Department Of Defense

Marine Corps Admits 5.0 Marines Actually Exist

Opinion: General Petraeus, Allen Nothing But A Bunch Of Goddamn Amateurs

Area Man Has Money To Buy Shitty DVD, Not Enough To Help Nation's Veterans

Army To Encourage Belittling Soldiers With Mental Health Issues

Hero MP Stops Speeding Car Going 8 Mph, Saves Countless Lives

Marine Falls Asleep Desperately Refreshing MARADMIN ‘Awards Update’ Search

Controversy Surrounds Gay Marine's ‘Make Him Famous’ Text Message To Platoon

Hardest Working Sailor Determined By Shiniest Boots, Immaculate Uniform

Pentagon Channel Celebrates 100th Viewer

Veterans Affairs Makes Life Easier For Vets; Modifies, Loses Records

US General's Pornography Collection Promotes Female Empowerment In Afghanistan

Mob Violence Breaks Out At West Point, 63 Wounded

Marine Corps Releases New ‘Red Dawn’ Recruiting Commercial To Theaters

Paula Broadwell Linked to Affairs With Half Of The Clandestine Services

Army Delays Robotic First Sergeant PRC-E8 Program

U.S. Air Force Turns 65; Looks Forward to Retirement in Spring

After Petraeus Scandal, Tampa Strip Clubs Look For More Biographers

General Dunford Accepts Wager To Spend Year In Haunted Command

Returning Patrol Enjoys Thanksgiving Feast Of Otis Spunkmeyer, Near Beer

Mandatory Christmas Party Is 'Completely Voluntary', Says Sergeant Major

Opinion: Putting Your Hands In Your Pockets Will Get You Killed

Drone Pilot To Receive First Air Force Medal of Honor Since Vietnam

College Chicken-Hawks Hold Annual Conference, Vow Support For More Wars

Study: Dramatic Increase In Fitness Test Scores When Participants Are Crying

Supply Chief Has Complete Conversation With Grunt Without Understanding Single Word

Public Affairs Baffled After Anti-Drug Advertisement Actually Works

Decorated War Hero, Airborne Ranger Emasculated By Wife At Local Mall

Army Study Proves Majors Worse Than 2nd Lieutenants

Marines Engage In Reckless Behavior Due To Lack Of Safety Brief

Marines Go On Killing Spree In 'Blue-on-Red' Attack

Source: Most CENTCOM Officers Fail Basic Geography

Texas Marine Refuses To Annoy Others By Telling Them Where He's From

Syria to Host Iraq War Reenactors

Sailor Sentenced To 30 Days In Okinawa After Falling Asleep On Watch

Bradley Manning Charges Dropped; Soldier Exploits Loophole in UCMJ

Desperate Army Football Team Beats Navy With Gunfire, JDAM

Jesus Announces Second Coming, Tells Westboro Baptist Church To Stop Being A-Holes

Massive Debt In Preparation For Mayan Apocalypse Backfires On Fort Drum PFC

Bill O'Reilly Wounded In Latest Salvo Of War On Christmas

'Accused Faker' Marine Guarding School To Receive Honorary Promotion

Airman Standing Guard At Florida Middle School In Stable Condition After Bullying, Assault

Heroic Marines Volunteer To Stand Guard At Local All-Girls High School

Marines Deploy to Facebook to Stop Flame War

Packs of Wild Gays Terrorizing Families At Fort Bragg

Mortar Section Keeps Getting Interrupted By 'Goddamn Fire Missions'

DoD Announces Casualty In War on Christmas

115th Mobile Abortion Detachment Provides Crucial Support At Kandahar

US Army Awarded Medal Of Honor After Jumping On Fiscal Grenade

Annapolis Swim Team Champion Found Dead In Bucket Of Water

F-22 Scores First Combat Kill Against Eight-Engined Red Aircraft

Soldier Shoots Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

Shock Report: Returning Soldier Has No Issues, PTSD

New Study Shows PTSD, Alcohol Lead To Increased Sexual Performance

Soldier Discharged For 'Having His Goddamned Hands in His Pockets', Says CSM

Marines Charged With DUI, Sexual Battery On 'Price Is Right' Gameshow

Chief To Airmen: Just Say No To Autoerotic Asphyxiation

Terrorists Attack Kuwait Military Base With Rain Storm

Marine Mascot 'Chesty' The Bulldog Accidentally Euthanized

AWOL Private Returns After Seven Years With Box Of Grid Squares

Military-Themed Porn Films Enhance Realism With Veteran Technical Advisors

First Sergeant Gives 72-Hour-Long Weekend Liberty Brief

Sergeant Major Angered By Lack of Asbestos In Newly Constructed Barracks

U.S. Military Divorcing Afghanistan For Hotter, Sexier War

Army Approves First Chaplain From Westboro Baptist Church

Vet Placed On Academic Probation After Murder Of Student Who Asked 'If He Ever Killed Anyone'

Wikileaks Releases Shocking Transcripts Of Duffel Blog Writer's Conference

Afghanistan Declared Gun-Free Zone

Vatican Denounces Soldier Who Ate MRE Poundcake, Had Miracle Image Of Virgin Mary

Obama's Pick For Secretary of Defense Under Fire For Connection To 'E-4 Mafia'

Seal Team 6 Calls 'Zero Dark Thirty' Inaccurate; Say They Don't Pop Collars Or Wear Tapout Gear

Military Drawing Up Plans For Nationwide Gun Confiscations

U.S. Intelligence Community Successfully Predicts Super Bowl

Rogue Sailor Leads Army of Retribution Through Yemen

Active-Duty Drag Queens Find Home With Air Force Musical Ensemble

Commandant Orders Marines To Wear Service Uniforms At All Times

Nobody Asks, Soldier Still Tells About His New Boyfriend

$387 Billion Congressional Study Proves 'Pen Not Mightier Than The Sword'

Google Street View Team Hits IED In Kandahar, 2 Killed

Former TRADOC Soldier Confused, Scared After Discovering Army Changed

Garrison Sergeant Major Swears He Really Wants to Deploy

Surprising Investigation Reveals Afghan Border Patrol Incompetent

Change Of Command Ceremony Dissolves Into Giant Orgy

Soldier Fights For, Gives Up American Freedoms

Method Actor Prepared For Bin Laden Role By Founding Al Qaeda Cell, Blowing Up Bus Station

Drunken Okinawan Assaults Marine, Passes Out On Barracks Floor

Navy To Apologize To Junior Officer For Shitty First Tour

Bragg Officers' Spouses Club To Allow Same-Sex Spouses To Also Wear Military Rank

Pentagon Announces Plan Guaranteeing Disabled Americans, Teenagers Right To Military Service

French Troops Push Further Into Mali, Desperately Try To Surrender

Marines In Afghanistan Spending All Their Savings On Zombie Apocalypse

Patriotism, Jeep Sales Skyrocket After Super Bowl Ad

Jewish Marine Refuses To Conduct Annual Gas Mask Qualification

Panetta Signs Memo Authorizing Men to Join Adjutant General Corps

Former E-1 Hired As Military Consultant On New Action Film

Soldier Extends For Ninth Consecutive Tour Because She 'Likes To Feel Pretty'

Typo Leads To Creation Of $179 Million Gorilla Warfare Program

Intelligence Concludes North Africa Still 'Pretty Much A Shithole'

Third Battalion, Fourth Marines To Be Cryogenically Frozen

Battalion S1 Manages To Mention Her Bronze Star In Every Conversation

Enemy Hackers Deem AKO, MyPay 'Not Even Worth It'

Department of Defense To Announce 'Wear a Condom You Idiots' Campaign

Controversial Views Hold Up Hagel Confirmation, Favors Negotiations, Having Reasons To Fight War

DoD To Charge Admission Fee For Base Access To Fix Budget Shortfalls

HISTORIC: First Mother, Son to Attend Infantry School Together

CG Cutters Accidentally Equipped With Harpoon Launchers

Military To Stop Adding Saltpeter to Chow

Top Drone Pilots Battle At Elite Training School

Sequestration Cuts Would Close Service Academies, End ROTC Programs

Study: Infantry Battalions Commanded By Females More Likely To Stop For Directions, Arrive Late

Pope Benedict Resignation Tied To Paula Broadwell Affair

Pentagon, Hollywood Team Up To Produce Better Military Films

General Worried About Finding Job As Lobbyist, Defense Consultant After Retirement

Soldiers Don’t Know If Sergeant Major Intentionally Doing Bill Cosby Impression

Heroic Predator Drone Is First Recipient of Distinguished Warfare Medal

Soldier Kicked Out Of Special Forces Because He Can't Grow A Beard

Army Implements Mandatory Divorce Policy To Improve Readiness, Lower Costs

Soldier Asks Black Army Buddy To Be Best Man At Wedding, KY Community Stunned

New XO Attempting To Stamp Out Misuse of Word ‘Literally’

Naples Sailor Paints Haze Gray Masterpiece

Department Of Defense To Award Purple Heart For Butthurt

Hipster Joins Army To Be Ironic

New Marine Ready to Tell His Story, Pens Memoir About Bootcamp

Facing Mass Layoffs, Taliban Protest US Sequester

Confused FBI Agents Continue Search For Harlem Sheikh

US Military Begins Annual Exercise 'Enduring Freedom'

Military Quietly Phasing Out Horse Meat MREs

Southern Command Closes After Losing War On Drugs For One Billionth Time

North Korea Launches Podcast Aimed At 'This American Life'

New Marine Corps Show Fights Humor With Humor

Alleged Fort Hood Shooter Nidal Hasan Receives Promotion, Legion Of Merit

Marines Break Division Record For Alcohol-Related Incidents On St. Patricks Day

United States Ready To Declare War On The Sun

Exclusive: Former Special Forces Soldiers Fight New War On The Internet

First Enlisted Service Members Union Approved by Army, Strike Imminent

Air Force Holds Bake Sale To Buy Bomber

Veterans Affairs And Staples Team Up To Produce Mega-Shredder

Iraq War Retroactively Justified By Discovery Of Weapons Of Mass Destruction

ISAF Uses Counterinsurgency to Secure City of Camp Bastion

Sailor Spontaneously Combusts After Cutting Across Grass In Uniform

President Obama Signs Executive Order Outlawing The Taliban

US Army To Cut Ribbons, Medals By 50 Percent In Cost-Cutting Measure

Budget Cuts Won't Reduce Massive Size Of First Cavalry Division Patch

James Mattis Retires To Search For Ancient Artifact

F-35 Fighter Is Newest Exhibit At New York City Air Museum

Drunken Secretary Hagel Asks Deputy To Cover For Him At Pentagon Formation

Air Force Grounds $345 Billion Experimental Uniform Program

F-35 Scores Historic First Combat Kill By Shooting Down F-35 Program

Confused O-3 Celebrates Rank By Changing Profile Photo To Red Equal Sign

Chaos, Anarchy Reign Supreme At Chuck E. Cheese Under Retired General Tommy Franks

Taliban Spring Offensive 2013: What's Out, What's In, And Where To Find It For Cheap

Fort Bragg Soldier Charged With Impersonating A Civilian

Military Bans Tobacco Products To Improve Combat Effectiveness In Afghanistan

Sailor Only At Strip Club To Keep Liberty Buddy Safe

BREAKING: Massive Search Underway For Hot Italian Chick Spotted At Base Chow Tent

Petraeus Apologizes for Affair, Asks Auditorium of 600 If He Can ‘Crash On Anybody’s Couch Tonight’

Masters Program Turns Captain Into ‘Academicky Douchebag’

Cases Of Medically Non-Redeployable Soldiers On The Rise

Navy: Tagalog To Phase Out English As Official Language

Marine Celebrates Historic Six Month Marriage

Marines Discover Actual 'Arms Cache' In Sub-Sahara Africa

Rastafari Chaplain Blazes Through High Mass

Fort Bliss Soldier Spends Three Months In Front Leaning Rest For $200 Bet

Predator Drone Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

Marine Corps Struggles To Keep Up With Massive Influx Of Female Volunteers For Infantry

Oh Shit, You're Already Late For That Medical Appointment You Had Today

Haqqani Network Struggles To Use Up Explosives For Fiscal Year

Kim Jong-un’s Wife: If I Finally Give You Head, Will You Stop This?

Phony Veterans Of Foreign Wars Fight Back Against Military Bloggers

Trauma Of War Brought Back By Opening Of Local Green Beans

Soldiers Re-Invade Germany By Mistake, Reignite WWII

Massachusetts Guardsman Legally Changes Name To 'Boston Strong'

Defense Secretary Put On Restriction For Taking Duty Van On Late Night Beer Run

New Urinalysis Tests Whether Military Members 'Actually Give A Shit'

Shore Sailor Stricken By Navy's First Case of Scurvy In 150 Years

Navy Investigators: No Suspects In Alleged Shipboard Bear Attacks

Navy's New 'NJP 365' Program Targets Random Sailors Before They Commit A Crime

Army Determined To Eliminate All Operational Memory Of War On Terror

Public Affairs Officials Seek To Reduce Incidents Of Combat Photobombing

Marine Corps Establishes 'Service Utilities' For More Professional Look

UN Special Operations Unit Wears Camouflage Helmets, Shoots At People

'Take Your Fobbit To Work Day' Ends In Newfound Respect, 27 Wounded In Action

Report Finds Vast Air Force Conspiracy To Recruit Hot Chicks

Aerial Friendly Fire Incident Ends With Medal, Promotion

Citing Mental Health Threat, Minnesota Requires Veteran Designation On Drivers' Licenses

Congresswoman Victim of 'Make Her Famous' Campaign

Unemployed Veteran: Wow, I'm So Happy The Unemployment Rate Dropped

J-bad Joker Wreaks Havoc On Coalition Airfield

Soldier Re-Classes To Cav Just So He Can Recite Lines From 'Apocalypse Now'

Eye Protection, Reflective Belt Unable To Save Bagram Batman From Badghis Bane

You Know What? Screw It, Everyone's Gonna Wear Three Reflective Belts At All Times

In Wake of Sex Scandals, Air Force Dismantles Fleet Of 'Pussy Wagon' Recruiting Vehicles

Staff Sergeant Scared Shitless of ‘Mission Command’

Veterans Suicide Memorial Unveiled In Nation's Capitol

Defense Department Mandates Anti-Dueling Classes

Army Says Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

Sailors Tweeting Navy's $130 Million Version Of Twitter 'Sux Ballz'

Red Sox Military Tribute Forces Fans To Stand At Parade Rest, Pick Up Cigarette Butts

Combat Deaths Now Considered 'Acts of Allah' — No Longer Covered By Life Insurance

Rage Against The Machine’s USO Concert Convinces Entire Audience To Defect

Advice Column: Ask a Deserter

Marine Disappointed Sexual Assault Training Didn't Teach Anything New

Marine Unit Forced Back From Sea Deployment After Encountering Biological Weapon

Coast Guard Recruit Likely To Make Enlisted Career Of Changing Career Fields

Navy Officer In Hot Water For Sorority-Like Email Tirade He Sent To Shipmembers

Sailor Runs World Record 1.5 Mile, Fails Pushup Portion of Fitness Test

Opinion: The Army Gave Me Drugs And It Was The Best Day Of My Life

Opinion: To Really Understand Sexual Assault, You've Gotta Slap A Woman's Ass At Least Once

Captain Charged With Manslaughter After Leaving Lieutenant Unattended In Parked Car

Muslims Outraged After Boston Bomber Buried In Confederate Cemetery

NASA Discovers Red Star Cluster, Entire Military Ceases Fire

Marine Still Trying To Craft Perfect Signature Block After Promotion To Staff Sergeant

Troops Agree Staying In Afghanistan For Next Ten Years Or So Would Be Awesome

Public Affairs Sergeant Executed For Not Capitalizing Marine In Press Release

At Naval Academy Graduation, Obama Lauds Future Scandal-Ridden, Sexual-Assaulting, Drunk Divorcées

New Guy Thinks Cups Of Tea With Village Elders Worth Promotion Points

Commandant Attempts To Fire Entire Marine Corps

Soldier Assigned To AFRICOM Angry, Confused After Landing In Germany

Opinion: Seriously You Two, Get A Room

US Defense Network Disabled By Porn-Displaying 'Suxnet' Virus

DUI Wreckage Reminds Soldier It’s A Holiday Weekend

Separating Soldier Dies Rescuing DD-214

US, China Agree To Hate Each Other As Friends

Captain Spends 13 Hours Coming Up With Cool Operation Name, 15 Minutes Planning Mission

Military Justice System Augmented By Shariah Law

Afghan 'Game of Thrones' Fans Stage Real-Life Wedding Massacre

Following NSA Leak, Droves Of Domestic Terrorists Switch To AT&T, T-Mobile

Camp Leatherneck Begins Hunger Strike

Staff Officer Excited To Pull Shift In Guard Tower

Military Spouse Gets Chip Bag Stuck On Its Head

Judge Accepts Plea Deal From Afghan Soldier Accused Of Murdering 16 US Troops

Realistic Episode Of NCIS Revolves Around Catching E-3 With Two Grams Of Spice

Army Announces New Occupational Specialties; Includes Decruiters, Clearing Barrel NCO

New Army Field Manual Trains Soldiers For Zombie Apocalypse

Army Doesn't Get What It Wants For Birthday, Throws Tantrum

Newly Commissioned Officer Gets First Salute From Stranger, Admits ‘Pretty Disappointing’

Operations Officer With PTSD Still Planning Suicide After Five Years

Court Martial Acquits Airmen Of Giving 'Code Red' To Basketball Player From Hell

'Real Housewives Of CENTCOM' To Debut On Bravo This Fall

Activision Partners With Al-Qaeda For Latest Installment In 'Call Of Duty' Franchise

Everyone Back Home Very Impressed By Deployed Soldier's New Facebook Profile Photo

Air Force Institutes 'Don't Be A Dumbass' Safety Campaign

West Point Superintendent Avoids Punishment After Cat Remains Silent During Interrogation

Lance Corporals Course Honor Graduate Receives 'Honorary NJP'

New 'Progressive' Marine Recruiting Campaign Under Fire

American Suicide Bombers Attack Taliban Office In Qatar

Shocking DoD-Wide Smut Inspection Finds Bras, Panties In Female Barracks

In Memoriam: James Gandolfini, Star Of 'The Last Castle', Dead At 51

General McChrystal Gives Police Airtight Alibi In Rolling Stone Reporter’s Mysterious Death

Happy Independence Day From The Duffel Blog

Fighting Suicide: Marines Try Posthumous Non-Judicial Punishment

Entire Military Comes Out Of Closet, Confirms They Are All Gay

Soldier Renames Post Obstacle Course 'The Spartan Dash', Makes A Fortune

Pearl Harbor Survivor Accosted By Airport Security

Investigation Reveals Subliminal Recruiting Messages Hidden in 'Army Strong' Song

Opinion: If You Don’t Like How Things Are, Get Out

Petty Argument Between Petty Officers Leads to Unrest, Aircraft Carrier Being Disabled

Number; Number; Phonetic Letter Leads The Way At Fort Some General's Name

VFW Opens Membership To Military Fakers Due To Lack Of Interest From Young Veterans

SEAL Team’s Raid On Dr. Claw’s Mountain Fortress Stymied By Fake Arm, Old Timey Bomb

Army Study Finds Marines' Tun Tavern Was Actually A Gay Bar

Gen. James 'Hoss' Cartwright Blames Stuxnet Leak On 'Those Daggum Duke Boys'

Meet The Army's Friendliest Soldier: Claims 2,746 Confirmed Friends

The Disco Casualty That Became A War Hero

Local Man Confirms Tough Mudder Race Is Practically The Same Thing As Combat

Company Commander Suffers Existential Crisis After Losing Green Notebook

Schizophrenic NSA Analyst Keeps Hearing Voices, Seeing Emails And Skype Calls

To Avoid Further Leaks, NSA Bans Intelligence

Reaper Drone Found Not Guilty In Death Of American Teenager

Army Declares Bankruptcy, Appoints Navy Admiral As Emergency Manager

Army Fights Drop In Morale With More Flair, Unit Awards

Anthony Weiner Selected As Air Force Sexual Assault Prevention Chief

Pentagon Study Confirms: Napalm Does Stick To Kids

President Obama Announces Capture Of Warren Terror

Awkwardness Ensues As Taliban And US Outsource Operations To Afghan National Army

Marine Convicted Of Wearing Baseball Cap Indoors

Plan To Have Cadets Shadow Deployed Units Abruptly Cancelled After 5 MIA

Soldier Buffs Floor With Skill Of Casanova Penetrating A Young Venetian Handmaiden

Lance Corporal Sentenced To 20-Year Career, Vows To Take Vengeance On Subordinates

‘Eccentric’ Sergeant Major Is Actually Completely Insane

Soldier Recalled From Afghanistan To Take Wife To Appointment

Army Expands PT Belt Regulations to Cover Spouses, Wildlife

George Zimmerman Tracks Down Joseph Kony, Executes Him

Hollywood Planning Remake Of 'Sands of Iwo Jima'

Hagel's Upcoming Travel Plans Include Burning Man, Visiting Troops At Strip Clubs

Study Finds Every Girl In The 504th Military Police Battalion Is Obviously A Lesbian Whore

Army Air Defense Artillery Unit Recognized For 365 Days Without Shooting Down Friendly Aircraft

Weiner Tells Veterans Group It’s Time To ‘Move Past’ Pics Of Penis He’s Currently Snapping Beneath Podium

NSA Director Announces Purchase Of All Four Major Cell Phone Companies

Afghan Exchange Student In US Army Course Gets B+ For Planning Mass Killing Of His Classmates

Private Turns Himself In After Dreaming Of Killing All His Higher-Ups

War On Terror Just Inception-Induced Dream Of Honduran Immigrant Named Jose

Sailor Masturbating In Hotel Room ‘Barely Keeping Up’ With Sound of Couple Humping Through Wall

New Army Policy Makes Fraternization Mandatory

Sharp Divisions Rise From Controversial Hooah-Free Zone At Fort Benning

Opinion: Staff Sergeant Bales Is A War Criminal

Hero Drone Finds GI Bill Doesn't Cover Software Upgrades

Report: Lee Greenwood's 'God Bless The USA' Plays Soviet Anthem When Reversed

Opinion: Sexual Assault Is A Greater Threat To Freedom Than The Third Reich

Kid At The Gate Taking His Sweet Fucking Time Checking ID This Morning

EOD Officer Getting His Ass Kicked By Intermediate Game Of Minesweeper

The Duffel Blog Needs Your Support

Deployed Submariner Wakes From Army Nightmare

Deployment Queen Expecting Royal Baby

Up-Armored Golf Carts Arrive At Bagram Country Club

Nidal Hasan Granted Terminal Leave

US Military Deploys Two Airsoft Battalions To Syria For 'Operation: Softening Blow'

Bradley Manning Sentenced To 35 More Years As A Dude

Soldier Avoids DUI At Base Entry, Arrested For Jaywalking

Manning, Hasan, Sinclair And Bales To Star In 'Real World: Leavenworth'

Atlanta Braves To Hand Out Tomahawk Cruise Missiles For Military Appreciation Night

Military Uses Miley Cyrus Performance To 'Crush Soul' Of Al Qaeda

After Dempsey's Son Uses Computer, DoD Issues Directive: 'I SUCK WEENER'

AFN Europe Nominated For 'Best Zulu Time' Emmy

Army Interior Decorating Service Fixes House, Destroys Neighborhood

Opinion: Our Military Exists To Fight And Win Wars — Except In Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, And Korea

US Praises Massacre Of Syrian Civilians Without Use Of Chemical Weapons

Admin Error Sends Bradley Manning to Death Row, Nidal Hasan to Gender Reassignment Surgery

Marine Putting Together Moto Video Of War Crimes Not Sure What Music To Use

John Kerry Announces Protest Of Syrian Conflict As Soon As He Finishes Starting It

9/11 Truther Mysteriously Killed By Falling Building

A Visit From Bashar

Nidal Hasan's Death Sentence Delayed By Supply Checkout

Opinion: I Support The Troops As Long As It Doesn't Cost Money

Marine Corps Limiting Liquor Sales In Effort To Keep Troops Fighting Mad

Obama Weighs Intervention After Secretary Hagel Crosses 'Drunk-In-Public' Red Line

Navy Chief Indoctrination Culminates In Human Sacrifice

Syrian Electronic Army Hackers Stranded On Marine Online Login Page

Michelle Obama Challenges Asma al-Assad To No-Holds-Barred WMD Cage Match

Sailor Getting Tired Of Waiting Around To Push Missile Launch Button

REPORT: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Has A Smoking-Hot Wife

Syrian War Delayed For College Football Season

Meth Lab Discovered In General's Office At 29 Palms

ISAF General Really Enjoying Forward Deployment To Kabul Restaurant Scene

Pentagon Claims 'Homeland' Is Unrealistic, Says No Marine’s Wife Is That Hot

Report: No One On Ship’s Bridge Has Any Clue What’s Going On

Sergeant On C-17 To Afghanistan Puking Like He's About To Storm Normandy Or Some Shit

Meet The Porn Star Who’s A Lieutenant In The Army Reserve

Operation: Yard Sale To Ease Military Retrograde From Afghanistan

Report: Solution To Syria Chemical Weapons Crisis Result Of Drug And Alcohol Bender

Soldier Writes Letter To NFL Player Who Bashed 'Unskilled' Military

Boatswain’s Mate Shocked To Discover ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Isn’t A Painting Manual

Washington Redskins Look To 'Real Warriors' To Replace Offensive Indian Name

Pearl Harbor Veteran Almost Starts WWIII at Japanese-US Training Event

Defense Secretary Hagel Blows Remaining FY13 Budget On Hard Rock Cafe ‘Rager’

Obama Appeals For Calm As Assad Wreaks Havoc On Homecoming Parade

Disgruntled Veteran Kills Fourteen Beers, Shoots Tequila

In Memoriam: Vo Nguyen Giap, Admitted US 'Almost Won' Vietnam War In 1975

Female Cadet Rushes Home With Copy of Grand Theft Auto V, Can’t Wait To Experience Raging Misogyny

Opinion: Keep Bitching, I'll Bring Back Black Boots And Make You Sleep In Quonset Huts

Sailor Writes Bestselling Memoir About Failing Out Of SEAL Training

WWII Veterans Storm DC Memorial, Take Park Rangers As Prisoners Of War

Iranian President Prank Calls White House, Asks For Barack Osama

JAG LAWYER: If You Make A Storyboard, It's Not A War Crime

Report: Two Generals Unlikely To Visit Base Commissary At Same Time

Patriot Battery Cuts Tebow During Training

Pentagon Proposes New Antarctica Command

Navy Solves Budget Woes By Selling Ship Naming Rights, Launches USS Ford F-150

They're Scrapping The USS Enterprise? Oh, Cry Me A River

West Point Hopes Government Shutdown Prevents Another Crushing Army-Navy Defeat

Federal Employees, Military Banned From Viewing Wikileaks Movie

New Intelligence-Themed Restaurant Serves The Best ████████████ We've Ever Tasted

Thanks To These Shitty Budget Cuts, I Almost Never Get Blown Anymore

Government Shutdown Grounds Black Helicopter Operations Near Alex Jones' Home

Naval Academy Stops Paying Teachers, Encourages Tribal Knowledge

Army Corps of Engineers Cap Off 'Old Faithful' During Government Shutdown

Obama's Pick For DHS Chief Tied To Right-Wing Radicals Who Returned From Iraq, Afghanistan

Army Runs Out Of Red Tape

Drug Incidents, Morale Skyrockets After Army Halts Urinalysis Due To Government Shutdown

Bashar Al-Assad To Receive Nobel Peace Prize

BREAKING: Navy SEALs Capture Terrorist In Somalia, Or Kill Him, Or Shit We Don't Know

Pentagon Mandates Suicide Prevention Briefings For Afghan Troops

Military Spouses Host Anti-Stereotyping Meeting At Off-Base Strip Club

Lieutenant Promises 'Not To Screw Up' In First Address To Wrong Platoon

EOD soldier files discrimination suit after Army denies marriage to his robot

Rush Limbaugh Calls Troops 'Welfare Queens, Moochers'

'Teenagers Are Sexting Less' Complains NSA

Herd Of Dependents Found Grazing In Local Supermarket

SEAL Team 6 Designated As Class 3 Dental

Guy In Back Of Formation Doing That Fucking Thing Again

Bermuda Triangle Sailors Having Time Of Their Never-Ending Lives

Al Qaeda Comeback Tour Will ‘Blow Audiences Away’

Sebelius Threatens To Put VA In Charge Of Obamacare If Critics Don't 'Back The Fuck Off'

Pentagon Announces Pre-Deployment Training To Take Place In Detroit And Chicago

Battalion Flees Afghan District After Discovering 'Spider Hole' Containing Giant Arachnid

NSA Analyst Tries To Sell Secrets To Russians, Fails

First Sergeant With GED Tells Corporal He'll 'Never Make It On The Outside'

Local PX Girl Honored To Service The US Military

Soldier Fails Grenade Range, Dies

Marine Corps Marathon Spawns Less-Successful Marine Corps Spelling Bee

Government Pamphlet: 'What To Do When The Veteran In Your Classroom Attempts A Mass Shooting'

Senior Air Force NCO Stationed In Alaska Wonders What Happened To His Career

Paperwork Error Sends Marines To Guard Streets Of Hell

Obama Orders 'Tech Surge' Of Programmers From AKO, DTS To Fix

Marine Eating 238 Pies In Honor of Marine Corps Birthday

Strange Man Stalks Local High School, Talks To Children

Amber Alert Issued For Missing US Foreign Policy

The Duffel Blog Calls Upon Army Secretary John McHugh To Admit His Secret Zoroastrianism

Pentagon Scraps 'Lightsaber' Weapons Program After Gross Misconduct, Numerous Injuries

I’ll Back Out Of My Parking Space As Slow As I Goddamn Please

Lee Harvey Oswald Quietly Added To CIA Memorial Wall

MRE Just Wants Some Foreplay Prior To Getting Ratfucked

Tom Cruise Returns From 39th Combat Deployment To Burbank, California

General Indifference Assumes Command Of Afghan War Effort

NAVY: 100-Year-Old 'It's Not Gay If It's Underway' Directive Rescinded

Scars Of War Healed By Free Meal At Denny's

Female Officer Acquitted For Sexual Relationship With Enlisted Female Because Honestly, It's Kind Of Hot

Al Qaeda Protests 'Unconstitutional' Airline Gun Ban

First Women In History To Pass Infantry Training Pick Up Cigarette Butts, Mop Floors

Applebee’s Declares Bankruptcy After Offering Free Alcohol For Veterans Day

Sergeant Described By Peers As ‘Playfully Racist’ Actually Extremely Racist

US Navy SEAL Actually Just ‘Really Tactical’ Gunner’s Mate

Junior Marines Ponder Edgy New Film, 'A Day Without A First Sergeant'

Grunt-Turned-POG Insults POG-Turned-Grunt

SPONSORED: Choose The Exchange For All Your Not-Being-Naked Needs!

US Army: 'We Needed To Destroy This Holiday Party In Order To Save It'

Unit Chemical Officer Has No Idea What He's Doing

Point/Counterpoint: The Range Is Clear

In Discipline Row, Skipper of USNS Mercy Keelhauled

War 'Actually Just Like the Video Games' Drone Operator Tells Guy at Bar

Marine Infantrywoman Checks Into Unit, Buys Ford Mustang At 46% Interest

Outgoing Company Commander: 'I Hate You All'

DHS Wishes Local Arab-American Would Just Hatch Terrorist Plot Already

Obama On Military Cuts: If You Like Your Job, You Can Keep It

Army Convoy In Iraq Still Waiting For EOD To Arrive

Bagram Airbase Helps Army Broadcaster Be Batman For A Day

North Korea Expands Air Defense Zone To Include Eastern United States

Iranian Comedy 'Jihad' Bombs Onstage

Nation Demands Deployed Troops Return Home—Oh Shit The Game Is Starting Again

Beetle Bailey Rebooted As ‘Sexy, Ultra-Violent Noir Graphic Novel’

Iran: 'We Have Much To Be Thankful For'

Obama Takes 'Selfie' At Fallen Soldier’s Funeral

Thank You America, That Wall Really Needed To Go Anyways

Desperate Army Football Team On Verge Of Discovering Forward Pass

General Mattis Crosses Potomac With 100,000 Troops; President, Senate Flee City

Navy Town Celebrates Return Of Drunk-Driving, Bar-Fighting Miscreants

Soldier Responds To Letter From A First Grader

0-11 Army Football Team Excited to Finish Most Consistent Season Yet

'This Is The Most Important Training Of Your Career,' Says Chief Teaching Pointless Class

Air Force Suspends Teleworking Drone Operator After Wedding Party Bombed

NORAD Spends $231 Billion Tracking Santa Claus

Fake SEAL Team 6 Commander Outs Don Shipley As Real Navy SEAL

Hagel Celebrates 'White Christmas' With Mountain Of Cocaine In Pentagon Office

NSA Intercepted Children's Letters To Santa

MyPay: 'I Can't Let You Do That'

Air Force Apologizes For ‘Tasteless’ Christmas Ham Drop In Afghanistan

Media Confirms Race And Gender Of First Female African-American Admiral

Detainee Live-Action Christmas Diorama at Guantanamo Triggers Controversy

South Sudan: U.S. Military To Respond With Overwhelming Concern

North Korea Executes Dennis Rodman

First Sergeant Performs Taekwando Naked In Front of Mirror

Is Air Force Major Eric Newburgh The Fastest Man Alive?

Dead AK-47 Inventor To Be Buried In Mud For A Week, Cleaned Off, Then Put Back To Work

BREAKING: 10th Mountain Division Nowhere Near Any Fucking Mountains

Hagel Names Woman As Next Marine Commandant

Sergeant Smith From Alpha Company Is A Total Dick

Obama Hawaiian Vacation Enhanced By Marine Barracks Stay

Point/Counterpoint: Navy SEALs

Smallest Guy In Infantry Platoon ‘Really Excited’ To Be Humping The 240

NORAD 'Santa Tracker' Accidentally Reveals US Nuclear Targets

The NSA Is Watching You Masturbate Right Now

We're Proud Navy Parents, But Only One Weekend A Month

Iraq Keeps Drunk Texting CENTCOM

Pentagon Shocked By Wave Of 'Knockout Game' Attacks

Entire Military Has No Idea What Happened Last Night, But It Was Probably Bad

Al Qaeda's Jewish Accountant Starting To Get A Bit Worried

Marine Veterans Launch Kickstarter Project To Retake Fallujah

E-4 Mafia Debuts 'See Nothing, Say Nothing' Campaign

Former Defense Secretary Bob Gates Slips, Falls On Knife 68 Times

They Need You At The Company Office Right Now

‘Enlisted’ Wows TV Audiences With Realistic, Gritty Portrayal Of Army Life

CIA Agent Dennis Rodman Fails In Kim Jong-un Assassination Attempt

W. Va. Guard Soldier Under Fire After Relationship Discovered With Woman Not His Sister

Veteran Decides To Start Running Again, Next Thursday Morning

Nation's Veterans Demand Farmland In Gaul

Study Finds 86% of Soldiers Spend Majority Of Career Standing Outside Connex

Total Asshole At Operations Meeting Asks A Question

It's A Delicate Balance Being Somebody's Mentor And Fuck Buddy

Captain Being Photographed Unaware It'll Be On Cover Of Navy Times When He's Fired Next Month

The Duffel Blog Would Like To Retract Its Story Regarding Sergeant Smith

Soldier Who Said He'd Fight War So 'Son Wouldn't Have To' Feels Like An Asshole Right Now

72 Black-Eyed Virgins Still Waiting To Give It Up

Man Who Puked All Over Roommate's Clothes Months Ago Now Huge Factor In Whether You Live Or Die

'My Recruiter Fucked Me,' Laments Marine On Recruiting Duty

Juggalos Get Pentagon OK To Wear Religious Face Paint In Uniform

1st Sgt Tells Troops To Drive Drunk, Assault Women In Vain Hope They'll Do Opposite

Pentagon Announces Upgrade Of Military Web Browsers To Internet Explorer 4.0

Amos To Reawaken Spirit Of Marine Corps Through Trial-By-Combat

DHS Purchases 1.2 Billion 'Domestic Anti-Personnel' Rounds

Judge To Justin Bieber: Join The Marine Corps Or Go To Jail

LEAKED MEMO: We Need To Purge Soldiers Who Deployed To Iraq Or Afghanistan

Navy Flexes Muscle, Tows Retired Aircraft Carrier Toward North Korea

Marines Convert To Norse Paganism, Demand Horns And Wings On Helmets

Sailor Spends Hours In Locker Room Bashing Gays While Completely Naked

Ask A Needlessly Complex Army Flowchart

President Obama Preemptively Apologizes for Future US Wars

Working Party Does Neither

The Hardest Part Of Sobriety Is Waking Up Having To Remember The Transsexual You Accidentally Banged

Veteran Continues To Serve Country By Pointing Out Uniform Discrepancies On The Internet

Officer Fixes Problem Soldier By Transferring Him To Another Command

Deployed Recon Unit Convinced 49ers Will Win NFC Championship

F-35 Delayed After Fourth Prototype Becomes Self-Aware And Has To Be Destroyed

Army Times Apologizes For Adding 'Hilarity Ensues' To Iraq Car Bombing Article

Heartwarming Steel Reserve Super Bowl Ad Welcomes Soldier Home To Empty House, 40oz Beers

Russia Issues Terror Alert For 'Moose And Squirrel'

Soldier Who Just Graduated Boot Camp Writes '18 Things You Should Know About Army Life' At BuzzFeed

Sleep-Deprived Pilot Unsure Whether On Final Approach To Bagram Or Getting Lap Dance From Carmen Electra

Army Officer Beaten In Super Bowl Commercial Backlash

The Colonel May Not See It, But I Know You're A Total Shitbag

Hagel Caught Cheating On Defense Secretary Proficiency Exam

Winter Is Coming: Cannibalistic Warlords Arise At Ft. Bragg In Wake Of Winter Storm

Sergeant Major Petulantly Orders West Point Grad To Use More Big Words

Budweiser Purchases Naming Rights To Arlington National Cemetery

Sergeant Major Goes On Rampage After Office Equipment Refuses To Obey

The 5 Most-Happening Military Spring Break Destinations

Marine Commandant Hosts Book Burning At 8th & I

A First Sergeant Flipped His Desk In Anger. What Happened Next Will Make You Shit Your Pants.

Gen. Amos Nervously Awaiting Results Of Career Board

EOD: We take too long to respond because screw you

Soldier Excitedly Posts Career-Ending Picture To Facebook

Suicidal Al Qaeda Operative Calls Jihadist Crisis Line

Colonel Preemptively Fires Himself While Assuming Command

Gen. Odierno Places Third In Odierno Lookalike Contest

Budget Cuts To Bring Military Spending Down To Pre-Civil War Levels

Space Marine: Oh, You Think My Job Is Cool? Try Police Calling In Zero Gravity

Sailor Stays In Navy To Continue Going To College

Navy Goes Six Months Without Changing Uniforms

A-10 Warthog Seen Crying On Sidelines After Being Cut From Defense Team

'I Will Never Mix Absinthe With Ouzo Again,' Says Ousted Ukraine President

On Defense Cuts, Obama Just Comes Right Out And Says He Wants The Terrorists To Win

Jerks Have Bigger Penises, DARPA Study Confirms

Vladimir Putin 'Deeply Concerned' Following US Invasion Of Cuba

Obama Authorizes Drone Strike On Putin

President Obama Calls Group Intervention To Stem Vladimir Putin's Crimea Addiction

Air Force Doubles Down In Afghanistan, Fields New Band

47 Arrested After Alcohol Abuse Skit Goes Horribly Wrong

Separating Soldier Desperate To Climb Back Into Army Vagina, Safety Of Federal Womb

Gen. Alexander Released From NSA, Forced To Register As Spy Offender

First Female Army Ranger Brags About Her Veiny, Seven-Inch Clitoris

Nobody Cares New Admin Guy Ran Diary At Recon

Navy Orders More Maintenance To Ensure Machinery Stays Properly Broken

Intel Officer Plans To Kill Next Soldier Who Uses 'Afghani' Incorrectly

Military Police Buy 92% Of World’s Truck Nutz, Study Finds

140% Of Crimeans Vote To Join Russia In Landslide Referendum

LEAKED: Full Listing Of Duffel Blog Writers Posted To Gawker

Hagel Blowing Deployment Money On Strippers, Beer

Kremlin Seized By Self-Loathing, Fear After Kafkaesque Putin Press Conference

Crusty Old Fuck In The Pentagon Hopes Cold War Just Got Hot

Hugo Boss Awarded Contract For Joint Service Uniform Design

The Military Needs To Take Sexual Harassment Seriously, Except In My Case

Police To Question USS Vincennes Over Malaysian Airliner Disappearance

Fred Phelps Surprised To Discover Heaven Is 'Really Goddamn Hot'

SEALs, Large Great Dane Solve Mystery Of The Phantom Oil Tanker

Fred Phelps To Be Buried In Arlington National Cemetery

Point/Counterpoint: Should You Join The Military?

Contractor Designs Air Force Jet, Chinese Missile To Shoot It Down

Soldier Earns Medal Of Honor Using Video Game Skills

Admiral Plans Ship Visit To Check For High Dust, Gear Adrift

Is This A Leaked Photo Of Apple's New Military Smartphone, The iPhone PRC-5D?

Solution To PTSD, Suicide Crisis Only Couple Thousand Facebook Likes Away

US 'Cautiously Optimistic' After Mullah Omar Wins Afghan Election

Sergeants Major Academy Spokesman Admits E-9s Are 'Pretty Much Worthless’

Corpsman Tells Whiny Marine To Patch Up His Own Damn Gunshot Wound

Cave-Dwelling Hermit Tribe Discovered In Fort Bragg Impact Area

Russia Threatens Export Ban On Cheap Vodka, Organized Crime

SHOCK: 'Monster' Energy Drinks Do NOT Cause Positive Drug Test, Study Finds

In April Fools Prank, Hamid Karzai Thanks American Military For Their Sacrifice

Pilot Who Shot Down Malaysia Airliner Admits It Was Easier Target Than 9/11 Planes

Brig. Gen. Sinclair To Take Command Of French Foreign Legion

Student Veteran Also Happens To Be Expert On 18th Century Irregular Warfare

Ukraine Invades Russia Because YOLO

Pentagon Considers Ban On CrossFit Workout Program

U.S. Accidentally Repatriates Israeli Spy To Iran

Deployed Soldier Has 'Walking Dead' Spoiled By Inconsiderate Asshole On Facebook

Troops Discover Soviet-Era Forces Hiding Out In Afghan Cave Network

Defense Secretary Discovers Magical Realm In Pentagon Coat Closet

NSA Director Can't Stop Wife From Reading His E-Mails

Some Americans Believe Coast Guard Is Massive Wall To Keep Mexicans Out, Study Finds

Loud Vibrators Are Causing Soldier To Lose Sleep

82nd Airborne Division To Lose Famed 'Airborne' Status

Op-Ed Writing Added to Infantry Officers Course

Navy SEALs Find Jesus

Iraqi Freedom Veterans Hold Reunion In Baghdad, At Least 42 Killed

President Obama Says Latest Fort Hood Shooting ‘Definitely' A Terrorist Attack

Army Establishes ‘Excellency Excellent Center of Excellently Excelling Excellence’

9 Incredibly Badass SEALS

REPORT: 2.6 Million Americans Traveled To Iraq, Afghanistan To Fight Guerilla Wars

Veterans With PTSD Linked To Everything That Could Kill Your Children

Lawmaker Introduces Bill Requiring Veterans To Warn Neighbors Of Their Combat Service

There's A Piss Test This Morning

General's Wife To Receive Presidential Medal of Freedom After Playboy Appearance

Veteran Goes Crazy After Reading Another Goddamn Article On Veterans Going Crazy

'You're Going The Wrong Way Asshole,' Land Nav Course Says

Amputee Finds Robotic Leg Just As Cool As He Thought It Would Be

Troops Say Generals Understand Need For Cuts To Aides, Personal Drivers, And Golf Courses

Find Out How Israel TRIPLED Its Size Using This One Weird Trick!

Navy Accidentally Appoints Career Counselor Who Helps Sailors Advance Their Careers

Center for Operational Risk Management Catches Fire

Navy Captain Fired After Leading Unauthorized Whaling Expedition

Bullied High School Student Excited To Reinvent Self After Basic Training

Atheist Lieutenant Annoys Entire Platoon Into Christianity

Army Disbands Chaplain Corps, Says Military Is 'No Place For Superstition'

Taliban Marks First Month Of No Combat Deaths With Celebratory Gunfire, 37 Killed

Obama Accepts Putin's Invitation To Drinking Contest For Control of Ukraine

Platoon Leader Hospitalized After Horrific Car Accident, No One Notices

Chicks Totally Wet For Affliction Shirts And Axe Body Spray, Survey Finds

Top 13 Jobs Navy SEALs Take After Service

Hagel Supports Ban On Tobacco Sales, Combat Operations To Improve Military Wellness

Meet The Trailblazing Army Psychiatrist Treating PTSD With Hookers And Cocaine

Puerto Rican In Your Platoon Tired Of Your Questions About Cinco De Mayo

Michelle Obama Headlines Jobs Fair For Vets Unemployed Due To Defense Cuts

Pentagon To Disband 'Useless' Warrant Officer Corps

Army Colonel: Females Are Underrepresented As Sexual Predators

VA Secretary Eric Shinseki Tries To Resign But White House Still Has Him On Hold

Senior Officers Boldly Echo Meaningless Nothings During Staff Meeting

REPORT: Ukraine Menaced By Large Threatening Arrows

Teddy Bear You Sent Your Wife Reports She Really Enjoys Banging The Neighbor

Naval Academy Commissions Newest Class of Weirdos

General You Don't Give A Shit About Needs No Introduction But I'll Give One Anyway

US Navy Adds Intense Creative Writing Course To SEAL Training

Newly-Promoted O-3 Glad He’ll Finally Be Taken Seriously Around Here

7 Hashtags The White House Used To Solve Major World Problems

Review: 'Jarhead 2' Is One Of Top 8,000 Best Military Movies We've Ever Seen

NFL Promises Not To Exploit New Player’s Service With Army Rangers

VA: Please Hold. You Should Hang Up And Just Watch Cat Videos Instead

Army NCOs Told To 'Check Their Privilege'

Boko Haram Demands 10 Million Retweets In Exchange For Kidnapped Girls

Special Forces Soldier Excited To Train Men Who Will Try To Kill Him In Five Years

Navy Approves Valor Award For Units Involved In 'Godzilla' Film

Sailor Claiming Made-Up PTSD Has Nightmares Of Not Receiving Disability Check

This Memorial Day, Gold Star Mothers Can Save Up To 60%!

Can I Interest You In Joining The Navy, Or Perhaps Pouring Hot Candle Wax All Over Me?

Latest Troop Deployment Has Americans Asking, 'Who The Fuck Is Chad?'

Tearful Homecoming: Returning Soldier Surprises Wife At Abortion

Staff Officer Crafts Perfect PowerPoint Slide

New FOBBIT Camouflage Blends Perfectly With Gravel, Plywood, And Computers

Army Welcomes AAFES-Sponsored Tattoo Parlors, Pawn Shops On Base

CIA Admits: Edward Snowden Was Top Assassin

US Intelligence Finds Likelihood Of Military Revolt In Thailand 'Extremely Low'

Atheist Group Sues To Remove All Crosses From U.S. Overseas Military Cemeteries

11 Photos That Bring Back The Terrible Horrors Of War

Gwyneth Paltrow Slams Green Beret: 'Thank You For Your Service'

'Homeland' Producers Celebrate Success Of 'Bowe Bergdahl' Guerilla Marketing Campaign

Bling-Bling! I Got My P.O.W. Medal, Bitches!

Meteorologists Forecast Bowe Bergdahl Shit Storm

Fat, Lazy Fuck Makes Bed

Obama Trades Seoul To North Korea For Return Of USS Pueblo

Army Investigates Soldier Who May Have Defected To North Korea

Insurgent Offensive Bogs Down After Capturing US Humvees

Dick Cheney Negotiates No-Bid Contract To Maintain Insurgent Humvees

Hagel Admits Prostitution Ring Allegedly Run By SHARP Rep Pretty Hilarious

Navy Doctor Cures Cancer With Motrin

Major Thinks He Can Just Walk Into My Intel Shop Without An Escort

Job Fair Teaches Veterans How To Apply Online Like Everyone Else

California Marine Corps Base Holds First Same-Sex Wedding

Companies Demand More Retired First Sergeants With Homeland Security Degrees

Intel Accuracy Increases 272% After Analysts Begin Reading Entrails

Lt. Col. Sinclair's Genie Awaiting Final Wish

Iraq Veteran: This Is Not What We Tortured Detainees For!

After Reaching Baghdad, ISIS Militants Declare 'Mission Accomplished'

White House Bus Badly Damaged After Running Over Defense Secretary

WHITE HOUSE: Not Enough US Citizens In ISIS To Make Air Strikes Worthwhile

Drone Pilots Overwhelmingly Support US Release Of Five High-Value Targets

US Troops Rapidly Prepare For Non-Response To Iraq Security Crisis

Listen Guys, I Have The Perfect Solution To This Iraq Thing

Unorthodox Iraqi General Considers Fighting The Enemy

Army Enters 'Washington Redskins' Debate: Massacres Team, Takes Land

COVER-UP: 23 Questions Marine Corps Times Was Too Afraid To Ask Cpl. Kyle Carpenter

Green Beret Ponders 'Just War' Theory While Shooting Man In Face

Top 10 Reasons The Iraq War Was An Elaborate Hoax

Duffel Blog Names Lt. Col. Jeffrey Sinclair 'Soldier Of The Year'

U.S. Sends 10,000 Green Berets To Iraq

Corps To Issue Afghanistan Campaign Medal To Garrison Marines

Spartan-Worshipping Marine Throws 'Defective' Son Off Cliff

Travel Claim From Missing Malaysia Airliner Still Unpaid

I Don't Know How To Tell You This, But I Sort Of, Um, Lost My Rifle

Spike In Combat Casualties Blamed On Life Insurance Benefits

DHS Reports ‘Nothing To Worry About’ Next Wednesday In Tucson, Especially Around 10

Engineer Keeps Introducing Himself As EOD In Bars

Marine's PTSD Claim Scorned By Leader Who Caused It

Battalion Divided On How To Spend Entire $3.5 Million Budget By Friday

Navy Chief Who's Proud To Be A Chief Wears Chief T-Shirt That Says So

Soldier Waits Until Last 48 Hours In The Army To Begin Civilian Job Search

Blackwater Murders Its Stellar Reputation

Sergeant Major Diverts Surveillance Drone To Check For Uniform Violations

Mattis Named CEO Of 'Soldiers Without Borders' Non-Profit

South Carolina Celebrates Independence Day By Shelling Fort Sumter

I Hate The Troops, So I Can't Wait To Scare The Shit Out Of Them

That's The Nicest Penis I've Seen In All My Years As A Urinalysis NCO

Major Openly Hoping For Separation

Pro Athletes To Ask Troops For Military ID Prior To Giving Up First Class Seats

Marine Band Condemns Anti-Sousa Heretic to Death

Point/Counterpoint: Sergeant Major

ISIS Militants Surrender After Seizing Massive Shipment Of Meals Ready-To-Eat

Former Marine Turns Bass Angler Model

Pentagon Welcomes Afghanistan As Newest F-35 Program Partner

New Private Eager To Join US Army's 'Socialist Paradise'

What Kind Of Underwear Is Sergeant Jackson Wearing Under Her ACUs?

Your Sociopathic NCO Has A Wife and Kids While You’re Still Alone

Sergeant Major Pretty Sure That Captain Was Being Disrespectful

8-Year-Old Begs Air Force Dad For Terrible Military-Style Haircut

US Announces New Plan To Destabilize Middle East In Hopes Of Failure

Point/Counterpoint: Women In The Military

US Says Donovian Militants Responsible For Shooting Down Malaysia Airliner

Veteran Working Dog Has Trouble Marketing Skills To Local Employers

Professional Veteran Takes Pride In New Career

Man Charged With Stolen Valor After Failing To Recall Horrors Of Supply Checkout

Jane Fonda Revealed As Heroic CIA Operative

Senator Blames Halitosis, Russian Mistress On PTSD

Marine Preparing For First Date Undecided Between Tucked-In Polo Or Boot Camp T-Shirt

Army Disbands Logistics Corps After Signing Contract With

Marine Feels Left Out After Redeploying To Faithful, Hot Wife And Full Bank Account

Wolf Blitzer Shot Trying To Infiltrate Gaza Strip In Underground Tunnel

Chesty Puller’s Half-Eaten Sandwich Discovered In Old Refrigerator

Sailors In Berthing Capable Of Showering And Doing Laundry Unsupervised

Staff Major Really Looking Forward To Proofing Your Slides

'We Would Have Won The War If I Was In Charge,' Low-Ranking Afghanistan Veteran Says

Private 'Pretty Sure' His Headache Is Ebola

Point/Counterpoint: WTF Did Sergeant Major Just Say?

Drone Involved In Latest Pakistan Wedding Strike Has Long History Of Violence

Air Force To Adopt Prancercise Physical Fitness Program

Army Chooses New PT Uniform With Help Of No Soldier Feedback

US Prepares Massive Shipment Of Thoughts And Prayers To Kurds

Opinion: There’s No Way I’m Discussing The Ship’s Budget At This Swingers Orgy

Marine Digging Slit Trench Finds Himself In China

Army War College Welcomes Foreign Exchange Class Of Future Brutal Dictators

Epic Open Letter To An American Badass Veteran From ISIS

General Mattis Takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Missouri National Guard Arrives In Ferguson, Begins Police Call

REPORT: Witnesses Say Tragic Parachute Accident 'A Hell Of A Way To Die!'

Man Who Lived Through Cold War Says Terrorist Group 'Imminent Threat' To America

National Guard Ordered Back To Ferguson After Soldier Reports Missing Canteen

NATO Officer Unsure If Briefer Is British Or Just Brain Damaged

The Army’s Greatest Battle Will Be Waged Against Combat Leaders And Tattoos

Marine With ‘Death Before Dishonor’ Tattoo Does Something Dishonorable

Opinion: The Philadelphia Eagles Hate The Troops

Navy: I Can Quit Drinking Anytime I Want

US 'Deeply Concerned' After Chinese Jets Sink Navy Aircraft Carrier

I Am A Reflective Belt Of The United States Of America

ISIS Is A Clear Threat To The West That Must Be Stopped

Russia Claims Ukrainian Border Inexplicably Jumped Over Its Paratroopers

ISIS Credits Recruitment Success To Lax Regs, Tattoo Policy

Sailor Just Litters In Public, Like He Doesn’t Even Care About The Core Values He Represents

Local Veteran Stunned Not To Receive Discount Today

The Top 10 Candidates For The Next Sergeant Major Of The Marine Corps

Conflict Zones Worldwide Declare Cease-Fire After Nude Celebrity Photos Leak Online

You're Getting Out Of The Marine Corps? Are You Insane?

Marine Corps Cancels Helicopter Crash Trainer And Just Crashes Real Helicopters In Gulf Of Aden

NSA Hails Apple's New iPhone 6 And Smartwatch

First Sergeant Relieved For Not Being Enough Of A Dick

Marine Corps Gazette Discontinues Controversial Swimsuit Issue

2014 Unintelligible Staff NCO Of The Year Award Announced

Non-Deployed NCO Already Acts like Non-Deployed SNCO

REPORT: US Failure To Confront ISIS Could Lead To Jews Pulling Off Another 9/11

Muslim EOD Soldier Blows Up Stereotypes

Obama Calls On ISIL To Carry Out 'Moderate, Inclusive' Beheadings

Sick Of Cleaning Toilets And Mopping Floors, Janitor Enlists For Navy Adventure

Middle Eastern Card-Stacking Championship Placed On Hold Again

Creepy Guy In S-2 Thinks You Have Really Nice Skin

National Guard Stands Ready To Defend Constitution, Conduct Vehicle Maintenance

US Navy's 'Talk Like A Pirate Day' Celebrations Go Terribly Wrong

Lieutenant Immediately Regrets Showing Picture Of Girlfriend To New Platoon

Pentagon Deploys 3rd Adviser Division To Iraq

Marine Security Guard Excited To Protect Embassies, Be Taken Hostage

Obama Deploys 3,000 Troops To Catch Ebola

Three Afghan Officers Who Disappeared On Cape Cod Found Squatting On Side Of Road Staring At Cars

We Will Defeat ISIL Just Like We Defeated Al Qaeda

Marine Hopes For 'Boots On The Ground' In Syria To Leave Wife, Serve Country

Toddler Who Ignored Military Protocol Receives Non-Punitive Letter Of Caution

Specialist Spending Deployment Bonus On Massive Van Mural

BIDEN: 'Let's Bomb Those Camel Jockeys Back To The Stone Age' In Iraq And Syria

Missed Connections: Sniper Wants To Connect, And More

Soldier Calls Latrine Wall Phone Number, Does Not Have Good Time

Army Females Demand Return Of Old Grey-White PT Gear 'So We Can See The Goods'

Study: 96% Of Troops Walking On Run Route Are Lazy, Shiftless Malingerers

Navy Sends Rescued Fishermen $37 Million Bill

Seasonal, Pumpkin Spice MREs Set For Release

Sailor Asks Not What His Country Can Do For Him But What He Can Do Half-Assed For His Country

Navy Chaplain Corps Commissions First Death Cultist

Navy Celebrates Lonely 239th Birthday In Bed With Pint Of Ice Cream

US Army Still ‘The Best in History’ After 50-Year 1-1-7 Record

Point/Counterpoint: Workout Routines And Supplements

Local Syrian Man Learns 'No ISIS Here' In English For Potential Work As US Translator

White House Security Replaced By Ugandan Contractors

National Guard Drill Weekend Optional, Command Picnic Mandatory

AMAZON BOOK REVIEW: 'Worthy Fights: A Memoir' By Leon Panetta

Coup D'état: Dennis Rodman Takes Over North Korea In Violent Overthrow

General Dunford Uploads YouTube Video Urinating On Amos' Career

Marine Girlfriend Planning Storybook Divorce

ISIS Terrorist Named 'George Bush' Sick Of Being Teased About Name

That Three Weeks You Actually Gave A Shit About Us? That Was Great

Marines Stunned To Learn Gen. Amos' Record Shows He's An Infantry Officer

Marines Arrive In Liberia To Gather Blankets For Syrian Rebels

Most ISIS Militants Still Have Not Completed Safety Stand Down For Islamic New Year

Veteran-Turned-Waiter Appalled No One Is Thanking Him For His Customer Service

Admin Review Finds Defense Secretary Hagel Actually Still Army Specialist

Base Barber: Do You Want A High And Tight, Or A High And Tight?

Ex-Pentagon Janitor Writes Tell-All Book Roasting Leon Panetta

SPONSORED: The Islamic State, A Global Force For God

CO Drunk During Safety Briefing, Sources Say

Half-Finished War Memorial For Iraq And Afghanistan Announced

Pentagon Adds Smoking Ban To Code Of Conduct

Opinion: We Need To Hit ISIS With Everything We Have, Starting With TOW® And Javelin Missiles

General Dunford's First Official Act As Commandant: Ban 'Ooh-rah'

Army Memo Claims Hand-Washing And Gas Masks Will Prevent Ebola Infection

The Essential Guide To Moving Up The Ranks Of The US Military

Opinion: Stop The Ebola Calm-Mongering

Opinion: Drug Users Are A Disgrace To Navy Values

Soldier Dresses As Marine For Halloween So He Can Finally Get Laid

Spouse Accidentally Wins 'Slutty Sailor' Costume Contest

US Military Cuts Off Support For 'Fallujah: The Musical'

Navy Recruiters Struggle With 'Alarmingly High' Sexual Good Conduct Among Senior Leaders

Army To Charge Ebola Quarantine Time Against Annual Leave

Opinion: I Serve My Country By Staring At Anuses All Day

White House Updates Relationship With Military To 'It's Complicated'

Blue Force Tracker Becomes Self-Aware, Has Existential Crisis

REVEALED: Thank You Letter To Defense Contractor For Saving A Soldier's Life

Captain Receives Navy Cross After Successfully Finishing Entire Deployment

Marine Corps Announces Plan To Develop, Cancel New Amphibious Vehicle

Soldier Escapes Ebola Quarantine, Catches Gonorrhea

‘Hey, Watch This’ Memorial Commemorates Service Members Killed In The Line Of Entertainment

Taliban Charges Bowe Bergdahl With Desertion

'I Killed Osama Bin Laden': A 5.56mm Bullet Tells His Story

Error Leads To Confederate General Accidentally Receiving Medal Of Honor

U.S. Creates World's Largest Marine Preserve In Pacific

Opinion: I'll Tell You Why We Lost Iraq And Afghanistan For Only $14.99

Pentagon Warns Troops To Take Shelter From Internet

Afghan War Veteran Elected To Congress Promises New Mosques, Civil Affairs Projects

Pentagon: Troops Without 'Ebola Awareness Certificate' Will Be Locked Down To Base

Superman Rejected For Military Service Since He's An Illegal Alien

Navy Quietly Scuttles Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Prevention Video

Are You There God? It's Me, 1st Sgt

ISIS Overruns Marines' Mock Iraqi Training Village

Army Welcomes First Openly Transgender Military Working Dogs

Chivalrous Sailor Always Lets Females Go Up Ladderwell First

Department Of The Army Diagnosed With ADHD

Tech Sergeant ‘Loves The Smell Of Toner In The Morning’

Pardoned White House Turkey Defects To ISIS

Survey: Basic Training Now Easier Than When You Were There

Drunk Sailor On Liberty Pretty Sure He Can 'Climb That Fucker’

Marine Band To Be Awarded Presidential Unit Citation

Hagel Scheduling Everything Important Until After Successor Takes Over

This Cutting-Edge Winter Gear Will Soon Be Issued To Soldiers, Banned For Wear

Army Realizes It Left Troops in Kosovo

Gen. H.R. McMaster Injured After Leaping Off Roof Wearing Homemade Wings

REPORT: Ashton Kutcher On Short List For Secretary Of Defense

Afghan Amusement Park Lasts Almost 13 Hours

Opinion: How Many Defense Secretaries Do I Need To Fire To Strengthen Our Military?

Opinion: The CIA Did Not Torture

Navy Restricts Honorary Chief Bill Cosby To Scrubbing Honorary Toilets

Army’s New ‘Quick Reaction To Bullshit Force’ Stands Ready For Pointless Details, Waiting Around

Veteran Who Hated Being Thanked For His Service Now Feels Ignored

Soldier Consumes More Than Two Beers At Unit Holiday Party, Dies

Sailor On First Deployment Shocked Other Countries Have Cars, Electricity

Study: 99% Of Lieutenants In Abusive Relationship With Platoon Sergeants

‘Everyone Poops’ Added To Commandant’s Professional Reading List

Obama Ratifies SOFA By Marrying Afghan President's Daughter

Point/Counterpoint: The Base Defense Siren Just Went Off Mid-Jack

SNOWDEN: 'Elf On A Shelf' Actually Hugely Successful NSA Project

How The Sergeant Major Stole Christmas

Major ISIS Offensive Goes Unnoticed During Army-Navy Game

Army-Navy Game Prepares West Pointers For Similar Battlefield Results

1st. Sgt. Invokes 'Primae Noctis' On Christmas Care Packages

BREAKING: Your Christmas Leave Is Cancelled

BREAKING: San Diego Sailors Make Peace With God As Steady Rain Threatens Life As We Know It

North Korean Hackers Upload Pornography To Sergeant Major's Work Computer

CO Mystified Troops Aren't Enthusiastic About Holiday-Themed Moto Run

Opinion: To Fight North Korea, We Need An Agency With Massive Surveillance Capabilities

Sailor At Command Holiday Party Grimly Realizes He Never Left High School

North Korean Hackers Threaten 9/11-Style Attack On Basic Rules Of English Grammar

Afghanistan: A Look Back On America's Longest War

Marine Spends Weekend Libo On Shitter After Two-Week Field Op

Study Finds Most Infantrymen Want Females In Their Platoons

Santa Mistaken for Passenger Jet, Shot Down Over Ukraine

‘I Weep For Our Nation,’ Remarks Fly On Wall At Navy Basic Training

First Sergeant Not Guilty For Summary Execution Of Shitbag

SPONSORED: Veteran Company Debuts Line Of Pro-3rd Amendment T-Shirts

Major Isn't Sure Where His Security Detail Went

Opinion: The Fucking Mirror Moved Again, Fix It For Me

Pentagon To Euthanize All Troops Not Adopted For Holidays

Navy Worried Sailors Quitting ‘Faster Than They Can Be Fired’

Ranger School Replaced By 9-Week Long Online Game

Psychological Operations Debuts New 'Longest Tab'

Veteran Disappointed By Lack Of Workplace Violence

BREAKING: Right-Wing Terrorists Murder 12 Mother Jones Employees Over Palin Cartoons

State Department Awards Immigration Visas To 1,000 Dead Interpreters

Army Dive School Quietly Changes 'I Can't Breathe' Unit Motto

SPONSORED: Taco Bell Honors War Widows With New Beef Bereavos

Biden: Civilian Drone Deaths Totally Worth It

Opinion: Thanks For All The Vengeance

Military Pushes For Same Broad Rules Of Engagement As Civilian Police Forces

It's Not Easy For Me To Say This, But Look: I'm Not Straight

Negligent Weapon Shoots Watch Stander In The Foot

Private Swarmed By Women Wanting Cut Of That Sweet E-2 Pay

The History Of The Battleship In 15 Awesome Pictures

New Army Program Allows Recruits To Join Delta Force

Soldier Figures Out Where To Put The Tomahawk On His Kit

Outgoing Commander: 'I Still Hate You All'

Marine Informed He Is Dead By Corpsman

BREAKING: The Truck Carrying Your Household Goods Just Drove Off A Cliff

Updated Army Evaluation Now Includes Mandatory 'Facebook Presence' Requirement

Fort Hood Achieves Record-High 1½ Star Yelp Score

Boko Haram Struggles To Find Victims People Give A Shit About

Gamer Who Joined ISIS Has Terrible Kill-To-Death Ratio

AFRICOM General Killed By Wildebeest Stampede

DoD Recognizes Your Wife's Boyfriend As A Dependent

Combat Artist Fired For Drawing Too Much Penis

Alcoholic CO Charges Star Soldier With Drunk on Duty

Colonel Finds Plenty Of Supporting Evidence For Confirmation Bias Report

Veterans Threaten Michael Moore Over Cartoon Depicting Chris Kyle

Brewers To Help Veterans With $100 Million In Beer Commercials

Base-Wide Alert After ISIS Breaks Into Soldier's Car

ZZ Top Sues TSA For Racial Profiling

American-Born ISIS Recruit Beheaded For Calling Cadence

Marine One Crew Wishes President Would Shut the F--- Up Already

Marine Corps Spiritual Reawakening Inadvertently Causes Zombie Apocalypse

Pilot Uses Kickstarter To Adopt Predator Drone After Deployment

Obama Fails To Salute Flag Decal On The Back Of Pickup

Sailor Who Can't Wiz Accurately Into Toilet Still Manning The .50-Cal

GNC To Release Pre-Workout Dip

Punxsutawney Phil Predicts At Least Ten More Years Of War

Okinawa Approves New Marine Air Station On Unstable Volcanic Island

Veteran Rage-O-Meter Pushed To 'Elevated' In Response To Brian Williams​ Scandal

Colonel Who Needlessly Sent 44 Men To Their Deaths 'Dumbfounded' By Super Bowl Play

Corpsman With Stellar Performance Record, Great Tits, Named Sailor Of The Year

New Sergeant Major Of The Army: Prostheses Don’t Meet Standards

The Hottest Sergeants Major of the Army, Ranked

Army Releases List Of Innocuous Phrases It Will No Longer Tweet

Marine Corps Creates New MOS For Recruiting Posters: 4311 Model, Basic Marine

Injured Spouse The Real Victim of Deployment

NBC's Brian Williams Drops Claims To Have Been Personally Beheaded by Al Qaeda

Senator Heroically Saves Obsolete Program, 20,000 Coincidental Jobs In His State

Acme Corp. Exonerated By Military In Rocket Skate Tragedy

Deployment Speed Dating Clears Air, Speeds Rejections

Army Replaces Air Assault Badge with Sexual Assault Badge

Advanced Weapons Tested For Destroyer That Will Never Destroy Anything

'Imminent Threat' Issued After Chaplain's Report Of Religious Extremists

New ISIS Propaganda Video Claims American Colors Do Run

Dress Debate: 27 Beheadings, As Arguments Turn Deadly

Mystery Odor: Somebody Shat Themselves, Or Sgt. Bersekutu's Lunch?

Iranian Missile Test Disrupts Navy Sexual Assault Prevention Class

OPINION: All This Recreational Devil Worship Might Be Affecting My Day Job

Artilleryman Starves to Death Inside Hearing Test Booth

LEAKED: The Training NCO Creed

Sniper Field Manual Excerpt: Shitting In An MRE Bag While Prone

Duffel Blog Reviews The Top 5 Meals Ready-To-Eat

Air Force Launches 'Virtual Work' Mobile App

Scientists Fight To Protect Jellyfish Explosion In US Shower Units

Soldier dies from massive erection after firing .50-Cal for the first time

USMC To Deploy Alabamian Code Talkers

Army Field Tests Emoji-based Operations Order System

Military To End Fat Shaming, Embrace Full-Bodied Warriors

Philosopher NCO Poses Age-Old Logical Paradox: ‘Are You Calling Me A Liar?’

Ballet-Dancer Turned Officer Pirouettes Into TOC

Opinion: Riding In A Humvee Always Gives Me A Boner

Brian Williams Enlists To Prove You Were All Wrong About Him

Suicide Bomber Not Participating In After-Action Review

Putin Spotted In Chicago Driving Ferrari, Dancing On St. Patrick’s Day Parade Float

M*A*S*H Reboot Struggles With Audience

ISIS, Boko Haram Merger Clears Critical US Antitrust Hurdles

OMG! A Navy SEAL’s Tips For Throwing The Perfect Bridal Shower

VA To Deny Disability Claims For Troops Not Wearing PT Belt When Injured

An Open Letter From Iran To Sen. Tom Cotton

ISIS Launches Salsa Night For Morale, Ends With 39 Beheaded

DOD Tax Centers Overwhelmed After Alcohol Declared 'Work Related Expense'

CO Dressed as Easter Bunny Beaten, Robbed at Easter Egg Hunt

Ex-Wife Funds Wedding Weekend With Your SGLI

'Military Working Cat' Project Derailed By Intriguing, Empty Box

BOLO List To Include Every Color And Year Of Corolla

Sailor Really Regrets Putting You Down As A Reference For Top-Secret Clearance

Modern Tips For Noise Discipline In The Field

Opinion: My Worthless Marines Are My Heroes

Study: Mom Jokes Significantly Funnier If Mom Is Dead

Op-Ed: I Sexually Identify As An A-10 Thunderbolt

Bergdahl Found Guilty Of Violating Uniform Policy, Missing Online Training

Controversial ISIS ‘Kill List’ Leaves Off Female Army Captain

The 9 Best Military Pranks For April Fools' Day

ANALYSTS: ISIS 'Kill List' Suspiciously Contains Only Names Of Shitbags

Entire Platoon Will Act As Father For Barracks Queen’s Baby

Opinion: The Best Way To Support Our Veterans Is By Bombing Iran

Navy Fires More Captains than Torpedoes

Indiana National Guardsman Opts Out Of ‘Totally Gay’ Drill Weekend

Soldier Also From Your State Has No Idea What ‘Ironic’ Means

OPINION: America’s Military Needs Softer, More Stealable PTs

Soldiers In Kuwait Awarded Purple Heart For Chlorine Exposure

Despite Switching Urine Samples, Soldier Still Tests Positive For Drugs

Report: PSYOP Neurotoxin 'Patriot Gas' 100% Persuasive

USMC Warfighting Lab Developing Garrison Fitness Test

Army Transfers Chelsea Manning To Marines "So She Can At Least Feel Like A Woman"

Platoon Sergeant Claims 38 Soldiers On His Tax Return

OPINION: It Sure Was Nice Of Sgt. Smith To Let Us Use His Shower

Navy Issues Tablets To Prepare Sailors For Careers Working With 1970s Electronics

New SMA Fired, Army Says It Has Nothing to Do With Tattoo Policy Change

Bi-Racial Female SNCO Sick Of Always Being EO Advisor

Opinion: Why I'm Resigning My Commission, Even Though I'm The Greatest Officer Ever

JOINT CHIEFS: Why We Don't Care That You're Resigning

Platoon Idiot Charged With Larceny In Oxygen Theft

Soldier Hospitalized After Masturbating With CLP

Gen. Dempsey Vows To Unmask The 'Doctrine Man'

Judge Sentences Aaron Hernandez To Serve Time On West Point Football Team

Single Sailor With Nothing Better To Do Really Hoping To Work Late Again

In Desperation, Afghan Women Turn To PETA For Legal Representation

EOD Techs Strike In Protest Of 'No-Alcohol' Policy

Gronk Spikes Nuclear Football

Submarine Captain Relieved For Fraternizing With Mermaids

Mysterious 'Hillary' Turd Surfaces After 15 Years

Following Top Secret Leak, David Petraeus Reinstated As CIA Director, Given Backpay

Army Teams Up With Whole Foods To Offer Non-GMO Soldiers

Sailor Won't Shut The Fuck Up About Being In 'Pearl Harbor' For Three Seconds

VA and BuzzFeed Partner To Clear Disability Claims Backlog

Sir, Somebody Called For You And It’s Urgent You Call Back. No, I Don’t Remember Their Name, Rank, Or Why They Called

Marine Comes Out To Father As POG

Out-of-Regs Staff Sgt. Convinces Marine Privates He's With Delta

Army Recognizes Dedicated Soldier As Meat Gazer Of The Year

Taliban Kicks Off Spring Offensive With Bake Sale

Veterans In VA Waiting Room Accidentally Form Therapy Group

Pfc. With Huge Boobs, Three Bronze Stars, Says They’re Real

Gen. Dempsey Says Iraq 'Not Strategically Significant'

Coast Guard Defends Baltimore's Inner Harbor Hard Rock Cafe

Study: Use Of Military Jargon Validates Pathetic Existence

New Battle Command Network Offers Unprecedented Micromanagement Opportunities

NSA Overturns Court's Overturning Of Surveillance Program Ruling

Militants Unhappy Recruit Got ‘Ariel’ On ‘Which Disney Princess Are You?’ Quiz

Baltimore Unrest Tied To Saudi-Iranian Proxy Wars

ISIS Grudgingly Admits Half Its 71 Soldiers In US Already Married, More Than $50K In Debt

New Navy 'Battle Stations' Simulates PowerPoint, Trash Sorting

Air Force Permits Atheists To Mentally Omit 'God' During Forced Prayers

Females Complain After Administration MOS Opened To Males

Conservatives Invited To A Weekend Of Burning Shit For Just $50k

Odierno Mandates Bigger Name Tape So He Doesn’t Have To Get New Glasses

Army Plans 'Dad Bod' Physical Standards For Males With Dependents

Fat Sailor Claims He’s Overweight Because He Just Eats Too Much

OPINION: I Fight Human Sex Trafficking By Always Giving My Hookers A DVD To Learn Karate

Pro-American Brand Launches 'Tapped Out' Patriotic Casket Line

Controversial Video Shows ISIS Fighters Entering DFAC With Dirty Gear

REPORT: State Department Losing Propaganda War To Group That Recruits Suicide Bombers

OPINION: Oh, I Guess We All Just Enjoy Memorial Day Now, Ha! Ha!

Soldier Disappointed To Learn Jade Helm Not In Fact A Coup

ISIS Hit With Massive Wireless Bill After Sending 'Message To America'

NCO Gives Daily 45 Minute Speech on Importance of Not Wasting Time

Facebook Convinced You Should Be Friends with Your Sgt. Maj.

Army Investigating Claims Battalion Fought War With Deflated Morale

Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Public Affairs

7th Cavalry Regiment Hosts 'Trail of Tears Memorial 5K'

Headquarters Commander Doesn't Command Anything

Congress Repeals Ban On Nudists Serving Openly

Heartwarming! This Man Honors Soldiers Every Day By Putting On The Same Uniform They Do

CO: Oops, I Meant To Say 'Closed Door' Policy

US Sanctions Iran With Aging Nuclear Weapons

Army Cancels Black Light Equipment Inspections

Seabee Can Fix Anything But Broken Heart

Islamic State Pays Tribute To WWII Veterans

School Tells Student He Can't Wear Dad's Necklace Of Severed Enemy Ears

Soldier Looking Forward To Deployment To Catch Up On TV, Video Games

Air Force, Marines Cancel F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

NSA Launches 'Revenge Porn Site'

Chinese Hackers Access Performance Reviews Of 3 Million Shitty Federal Workers

Pentagon To Bypass Iraqi Army And Supply ISIS Directly

SAFETY FIRST: We Let Extremists Torch Three US Flags To See Which Brand Was Most Flame Resistant

Syrian Hackers Took Over The Army's Website In 2009 And This Soldier Just Noticed

Surprise Homecoming Ruined By Camera Malfunction

USS Gabrielle Giffords Christened As Navy's First Gun-Free Warship

Fort Ho Chi Minh Opens, Hosts Reactivated 23rd Americal Division

Chairman Says 'Fuck This Noise' In New National Military Strategy

OPINION: A Jelly Doughnut Responds To Gunny Hartman

CSM Fired After Offensive 'Eskimo Dick' Cadence

Navy SEAL Writes Tell-All Book About Delta Force Raid

Japanese Sailor Embraces US Culture With Traditional American Tattoos

Yankee Candle Company Unveils New Line For Veterans

Inaugural ‘State Of The Caliphate’ Address Met With Blank Stares From Pyramid Of Severed Heads

DD214 Can’t Believe This Douche Is About To Separate With Only Three Ribbons

CO: Soldiers Will Wear Marine Corps Uniforms To Improve Morale

Marine Identifies As Someone Who Did Not Get A DUI This Weekend

Veteran With PTSD Tells Neighborhood Not To Have Any Fun This 4th Of July

SECDEF: This Canada Day, We Are Totally Over War Of 1812

Iraqi Army Running Desperately Short of Deserters

China Announces 'US Intelligence Officer' Job Openings

Drones Added To USAF 'Heritage Flight'

Fort Bragg Cancels July 4th Passes, Implements Mandatory 'Self-Awareness' Training

Female Ranger School Attendees Question Pickle Jar Opening Test

Pentagon To Rename Confederate Bases For Army Values

HOMELESS: Volcano Dragon From 1998 Marine Corps Ad Living In Van On Skid Row

Terrorists Clamor To Apply For US 'Power Vacuum Sweepstakes'

New VFW Study Estimates More Than 15 Billion Enemy Dead Since 1776

National Guard Announces Bold New ‘Third To Fight’ Advertising Campaign

Gallup: Moto Decals Distinguish Heroes From Zeroes, Americans Say

New Father Volunteering To Stand Duty For Everyone

Buck Up, Battle Buddy! This Soldier Misses Afghanistan So Much He’s Been Crying Ever Since He Got Back

Autocorrect Fail Leads To CIA Waterboarding In Semen

Army Print Shop Training Accident Turns Deadly

New F-35 Technology 'Radar' May Detect Objects In Sky

National Guard: We Need Our Apache Helicopters to Defeat Gay Marriage

Charitable Soldier Installs Doors In Afghan Homes, Kicks Them Down

Ariana Grande Joins ISIS

Air Force Asks EU For F-35 Bailout

Marines Issue Policy For Off-Duty Personnel To Cover Heads With Bags

Marine ‘Emotionally Exhausted’ By Having To Plan To Kill Everyone He Meets

Veterans Unsure Whether They Can Make Fun of Medal Of Honor Hero

Troop Cuts Spark New 'Army Of None' Marketing Campaign

USMC Eliminates Safety in Attempt to Cut Numbers

Opinion: Everyone In The Military Is A Coward

West Point Revokes Diplomas Of Confederate Graduates

Intel Officer Uses All These Big Words

Opinion: Let’s Fight Them Here So We Don’t Have To Fight Them There

Staff Officer Weeps After Finding Old Combat Gear In Garage

ISIS Veteran Creates Line of Militant-Themed Apparel

Recruit Skeptical Of Drill Instructor's Claim To Have 'More Games Than Milton Bradley'

General Misses Division Review Racked Out At Sick Call

TALK LOUDER: A Military Guide To Group Work

Pentagon Regrets Taking Out Payday Loan for F-35

Winded Warrior Project Helps Soldiers, Vets Get Fit

ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Orders More 'Family-Friendly' Execution Videos

Award Downgraded By Recommender

Boko Haram Outraged By Murder Of Innocent African

SECNAV Announces Actual Physical Fitness Program

Odierno: Taco Tuesday Only Thing Holding This Damn Country Together

God Strikes Down Ranger School For Allowing Women

I Will Always Remember Where I Was When Cecil The Lion Was Killed

CIA Asks Coast Guard For Its Cocaine Back

Navy Will Charge Sailor So Allen West Won't Look Stupid

Iran Condemns Anniversary of 'Non-Zionist' Country Getting Nuked

Lieutenant Assumes Warrant Officer Must Be At Work If His Hat's Here

ISAF Orders Afghan-Theater-Wide Police Call For Spent Brass

Kentucky Man Al Kader Rejected From Military Recruiting Stations

OPINION: My Wife Will Probably Leave Me Now That She's Been Learning English

Major Realizes His Job Is Completely Irrelevant, Achieves Nirvana

Soldier Commits Suicide By First Sergeant

Marine Thrills Family With Surprise Homecoming From Strip Club

Army Too Busy To Play Navy This College Football Season

Guy Who Got Petraeus' Old Phone Number Sick Of Hearing From Paula Broadwell

Out-Of-Standards NCO: 'Female Rangers Will Be A Disgrace'

Special Forces, 75th Rangers Build 'No Girls Allowed' Club House

REPORT: Female Ranger Grads Going To Crush So Much Fucking Pussy This Weekend

Market Crash Linked To Odierno's Peddling Of High-Risk Financial Instruments

Lockheed Upbeat Despite F-35 Losing Dogfight To Red Baron

Paris Train Gunman ‘Ashamed’ Of Being Stopped By Airman, National Guardsman

Airman, Guardsman Heroically Subdue Media Interest In Female Army Rangers

Fleet Cyber Sailors Train On 'Notional Computers'

Make-A-Wish Helps Dying Vet Get Day Of Attention From VA

Pentagon Angered At Speed Of French Military Awards System

Guantanamo Bay Revealed To Be Elaborate 'Gay Groping' Conspiracy

Gatorade Awarded $1 Billion Piss Bottle Contract

For Sale: AGM-114K Hellfire Missile, Slightly Damaged. Asking $1000 OBO. Location: Fort Drum, NY

Politically Correct Officer Unsure Who Enemy Should Be In Wargame

New Regulation To Prohibit Marines From Inviting Celebrities To Marine Corps Ball

Hillary Clinton Denies Knowledge Of Benghazi Trailer

'SHARP Program Not Really On List Of Priorities,' Says Incoming And Outgoing Chief Of Staff Gen. Milley

E-4 Mafia Frantically Expending Surplus Fucks Before End of Fiscal Year

Army Times Hackers Threaten To Release Names Of Paid Subscribers

Pentagon Requests 500 Gold-Plated F-35s

Ultra-Efficient Personnel Officer Loses Leave Request Forms Faster Than Ever

All-Veteran Paintball Team Can’t Win Without Air Support

John McCain: 'I Always Felt That I Was In High Stakes Real Estate' In North Vietnam Prison Camp

Army Clerk Refuses To Issue DD214s

After Al Qaeda Declares War on ISIS, US Unsure Which Terrorists To Back

World Begs U.S. To Use Military Force in Syria So They Can Bitch About It Later

Major Changes Announced For Army's Expert Infantryman Badge Test

Delta Flight Unable To Takeoff After Pilots Give Up Their Seats For Veterans

Crime Rates Near Air Force Bases Plummet As Vigilante Airmen Seek Promotions

Jade Helm Observers Unsure What To Do With All This Tactical Shit Now

Syrian Teen Builds Clock, Beheaded For Witchcraft

Soldier With Colostomy Is Real Shitbag

Access to Printer 3242678.mcqc//s3 Earned, Never Given

Press Just Now Realizing What All Those 'Man Love Thursday' Jokes Are About

Marine In Japan Regrets Confusing 'Kabuki' With 'Bukakke'

Intelligence Officer Fired For Misuse Of Classified Stapler

Navy Chief Gives Fatherly Nod Of Approval To Junior Sailor, Calls It A Day

Private Sporting ‘Infantry’ T-Shirt Fully Prepared For ‘Miles Of Pussy’

Local Mom Pretty Sure Ribbon On Son's Uniform Is The Medal Of Honor

Navy Cook Perfects Recipe For Burnt Pancakes

Army Unveils Pink Camouflage Uniform For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Despite Retirement And New Job, Dempsey Won't Stop Observing Army Training

Pentagon Downplays Significance Of Taliban Taking Over All Of Afghanistan Last Night

Special Forces To Change 'Free The Oppressed' Motto After Complaints From Afghans Holding Sex Slaves

22 Ways to Be a Modern Military Man

Afghan Soldier from Kunduz Really Dreading Work Tomorrow

Russian Troops 'Optimistic' Deploying To Decades-Long Quagmire

Dempsey Unable To Retire Until CIF Signs Off On Missing Canteen

DOD Announces 'Stop Doing Dumb Shit' Challenge

Ex-JCS Chair Dempsey Replaces Bulls' Point Guard Derrick Rose

Heroic Veteran From Oregon Shooting Just Glad He's Not In VA Hospital

National Guard General Resigns After 'Hurtful' Pranks By Other Joint Chiefs

OPINION: You're On A Five-Mile Company Run, But Your Anus Can't Go On

Air Force Orders Spencer Stone Placed In Secure Bunker For Rest Of Enlistment

Military Hiring Linguists To Translate Military Instructions

Admiral Unable To Understand Tactics Without Cool Rhyme

Sgt. Maj. Ruins Career By Publicizing Female Infantry Study Results Instead of Destroying Them

Deployed Airman Struggles To Balance Work With Education, Relaxation Time

Man Donates Grandfather's Intolerant, Narrow-Minded WWII Letters To Local Museum

Army Agrees to Accept 20,000 Syrian Migrants To Meet Retention Goals

Warrant Officer Accidentally Does Some Work

Coast Guard Calls Off Search For Missing GoPro Camera

Mutant Super-Soldier Can’t Find Job After Service

Jim Webb Promises Not to Kill Again if Elected President

Gate MPs: 'Taliban Fighter' Costumes Popular This Halloween

Coast Guard Swimmer Only Saves People Who Believe In Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ

Commanders Dispensing Awards To Lieutenants Like Candy For Halloween

Obama To Continue Airstrikes On Hospitals In Afghanistan Beyond 2017

New 'Gender Neutral' Latrines Will Require Troops To Sit While They Pee

Pentagon Confirms Delta Force Helmet Cam Footage 'Bad-Ass'

Army To Offer Two-Mile Walmart Scooter Ride For APFT

Third Female Ranger School Grad Still Awaiting Fame

'Why Aren’t You Married' A Popular Game At Mandatory Fun Weekend

Coast Guard Ghost Ship Inspection Finds Two Safety Violations And Expired Haunting Permit

Head Of Cyber Command Worried Robot Maid May Kill Him In His Sleep

Commander Struggles To Find Three 'Sustains' During War-Crime AAR

Drone Pilot Traumatizes Kids At Local Career Day

Candidates Vow To Support Troops With Prepared Statements, Facebook Posts Through Election

Panic, Chaos During Air Force-Wide Facebook Outage

Air Force Academy Cadet's Sacrifices Honored With Free Veterans Day Meal At Chili's

Oprah Winfrey Hosts Veterans Day Giveaway Special

Opinion: Welcome back to work, Airman... I mean, Staff Sergeant Stone.

Marine Demands Marathon Winner’s Birth Certificate

Drones In Syria 'Serving Strictly In An Advisory Role'

Bernie Sanders Promises To End Military Ban On Marijuana

Congressional Resolution Reinstates 'French' Fries, 'French' Toast

Ben Carson Claims He Refused Full Scholarship With Navy SEAL Team 6

Military Mom Of Ungrateful, Whiny Kids Relieved To Be Deployed For The Holidays

Enraged Pope Vows To Enlist In The French Foreign Legion

OBITUARY: Mohammed Emwazi, AKA Jihadi John

2016 GOP Candidates Strengthen Foreign Policy Credentials By Watching 'American Sniper'

US Not Sure Who It's Fighting In Middle East, Bombs Israel 'Just To Be Sure'

Doctors Close To Cure For Butthurt Disease

SMA Dailey Authorizes Festive Holiday Uniform Modifications

Aide Catches USAFE Commander Trying To Sneak Out Again

Army To Lower Divorce Rates By Training Soldiers Not To Marry Strippers

Trump Revealed To Be Vladimir Putin In Hilarious Wig

Emotional Homecoming As Coast Guard Cutter Returns From Ten Long Days At Sea

Syrian Refugees Relieved Not To Be Sent To Detroit

Navy Unveils $14.99 (+ s/h) Strategic Planning Technology

Student Veterans Convert Northeastern University's Veteran Center Into Brothel

White House Cancels Turkey Pardon After Russian Fighter Incident

Americans Unite To Welcome 10,000 Syrian Refugee Dogs

OpEd: Male Troops, Aged 18 – 19, Welcome At My Home For Thanksgiving

DARPA to Weaponize Thoughts and Prayers

ISIS Threatens To Sue Anyone Who Claims Their Justice System Is Different From Saudi Arabia's

Syrian Refugee Vetting Assigned To VA, 10-Year Backlog Announced

OPINION: This Corporal’s Reenlistment Speech Really Life-Changing

Pistol Tattoos Aiming At Vagina A Unique Way To Celebrate M-9 Qual

Pearl Harbor Vet Splashes Low-Flying F/A-18 During Memorial Parade

Japanese Emperor Admits Pearl Harbor 'Kind of a Dick Move'

SOLDIERING ON: Sgt. Refuses Medical Retirement Before 100 Percent

No One Gives A Shit About CO's ‘26.2’ Bumper Sticker

Navy Beats Army in Annual Pillow Fight

Can Of Dip Miraculously Lasts Eight Days In The Field

Thank God This Briefer Is Here To Robotically Read The Slides Word-For-Word

DoD Releases Intercepts of New ISIS ‘Help’ Line

SF Soldier-Turned-CIA Officer Disappointed To Find Out It's Not 'Just Like Splinter Cell'

The ISIS Holiday Shopping Guide

Female Infantry Marine Caught Scribbling Vaginas On Port-A-John Walls

Sergeant Major Disappointed 'The Force Awakens' Not About Reveille, Morning PT

ISIS Shows Mercy Through Indiscriminate Mass Murder

Suicide Bombers Outraged Over Having To Work Christmas Day

'Twas The Duty NCO Before Christmas

West Point Blames Allowing Women On Team For Loss

Citadel's Most Embarrassing Fall Moment Is Not Football For Once

Marine Corps Band NJP'd for Playing 'Baby its Cold Outside'

ISIS Secures Comms By Putting '*Star Wars Spoiler*' Before Every Message

National Guard Receives Coloring Book At Gift Exchange, Told To Sit Quietly In Corner

Records Reveal Commander In Chief Has NEVER Deployed!

Weird Guy On Watch Talking About How He Can Freeze Time Again

A-10 Squadron Intentionally Naughty To Get Coal For Fuel

Martin Shkreli Pays $3 For Only Copy Of Final 'Tops In Blue' Album

Army Bans Whistles To Discourage Future Whistleblowers

Army Replacing Enlistment Bonuses With Welfare Checks

Colonel Without Combat Patch Decides It's Finally Safe to Leave the Pentagon

Coast Guard Inspects Epic Party Boat Over And Over And Over

STUDY: Mobile Porn Sites Work Better On Chapel WiFi

Vets With Similar Combat Experiences Try One-Upping Deployment Masturbation Stories

Federal Agencies Solve Veteran Unemployment Problem By Linking To USAJobs

Terminally Ill Make-a-Wish Child Accused Of Stolen Valor

Army Reserve Raises Terror Threat Level To 'Meh'

Guard Recruiter's 'Netflix And Drill' Not Catching On So Far

BREAKING: Page Actually Unintentionally Left Blank

Bride of ISIS Fighter New Year's Resolutions: 'Please Help Me, I've Made a Terrible Mistake'

Jewish Soldier AWOL After Misinterpreting ‘Christmas Exodus’

DoD Combines All The Nutjobs Into New Super Unit

Pentagon Spends $10 Million On Powerball Tickets With Hopes Of Bolstering F-35 Program

Oregon Militia Bored With Lack Of Shock Or Awe

F-35 Blows New Year's Resolution, Gains $25 Billion

Conspiracy Theorist Warns US Ignoring Incredible Threats

Bin Laden Shooter To Release Sex Tape

Navy Downgraded To 'Regional Force For Good'

First Cavalrywoman Looking Forward To All The Ponies

Homeless Veteran 'Super Happy' People Paid Attention To Him On Facebook For A Week

U.S. Air Force Sells A-10s to ISIS

Coast Guard Unveils FY16 GoFundMe Campaign

Lieutenant Uses Memes To Connect With Soldiers

US Hires George R. R. Martin To Wipe Out ISIS, Kill Off F-35

ISIS Blames Suicide Bomber Life Insurance For Financial Woes

Facebook OPSEC Violation Causes Delayed Redeployment

Officer 'Recently Transitioning' On LinkedIn Since 2011

Sailor Spent Months Learning To Blink Morse Code, 'Kind Of Pissed' He Didn't Get To Use It

DoD: Spouses Selling Snake Oil and Potions at All-Time High

New DOD Regulations Confirm That OPSEC Doesn’t Apply To Everyone

Joe Biden Criticized For Praising Snowden

Brave DC Guardsman Runs Towards the Sound of Snowflakes

VFW Brawl Erupts Between Old Guard, Chosin Vets

Trump Vows To Increase Wounded Warriors By 2,000%

Tomb Guard Wishes Asshole Photographer Would Go Away So He Could Get Out Of This Damn Storm

Lorax Shot In The Thorax

Army To Keep 450,000 Soldiers If It Gets 450,000 ‘Likes’

ISIS Threatens Attack On Puppy Bowl

STUDY: Majority of Army Personnel Report They Are Just ‘Social Drinkers’

Soldier Plans Romantic Dinner For Pregnant Girlfriend Atop Long Staircase

Alcoholic JAG Attorney Fails To Pass Bar

Ashley Madison Hires Jeffrey Sinclair For Super Bowl Commercials

Coast Guard Mostly Saves Very Stupid People, Study Finds

Man Who Found 'ISIS Hunter' Shirt Unable to Find Recruiting Station

Hasbro Announces New, More Realistic G.I. Joe Action Figures

Marine Gives Birth to Record-Breaking 12lb 8oz MRE Food Baby

Units Ban Gym Use After Army Chief Approves Earbud Use In Gyms

DOD To Save Funds By Paying Women 73 Cents On The Dollar

Illicit Relationship Between S3 And S4 Is Logistical Operations Nightmare

New Veteran ID Cards Delayed Until Tracking Devices Fully Functional

VA Outsources Call Centers To North Korea

There Is Nowhere I’d Rather Be On Super Bowl Sunday Than Maintaining An F/A-18 For A Pointless 8-Second Flight

F-35 For Snow Removal? Multirole Fighter Destroys AF Academy With Avalanche

Hacker Named 'Penis' Penetrates Restricted Network, Makes A Mess

Click, click, zoom! Military outfitter releases tactical selfie-stick

Zika Warnings Suspiciously Coincide With DOD Maternity-Leave Expansion

Shock Poll: Over 68% of Terrorists Don't Believe Obama Is Muslim

EOD Detonates Unattended Teen At Airport

F-16 To KC-135: I Thought We Had Something Magical

A Reaper Drone Speaks: 'America Needs A President Who Supports Endless War'

Soldier Leaves 100% Of SGLI To Poncho Liner

Anonymous Health Survey Raises Concerns About Spc. Higgins Of 340 Dover St.

Veteran Excited To Waste GI Bill At For-Profit School

Airman wishes people would stop asking 'Which branch of the Army' he's in

Pentagon Announces Gender Neutral Hair Standards

Lab Grown Testicles Give New Hope To Incoming Platoon Leaders

MTV's ‘Pimp My Smoke Pit’ creates cool new space for Marines

Pentagon Destroyed Islamic State Cash By Investing In F-35

Afghan Hipster Crafts Locally-Sourced Artisan Bombs

Drunk Soldier Supports Women Registering For The Shaft

OP-ED: Please stop building the terrain model next to the slit trench

REVIEW: 'Jarhead 3: Benghazi' Is A Powerful Character Study Of Marine Todd

VA celebrates Brain Injury Awareness Month by forgetting to celebrate Brain Injury Awareness Month

Army worried terrorists may target 'NCO Development Town Hall'

Leadership Manual Becomes Newest Coast Guard Skipper

Retired Sergeant Major urges Peshmerga fighters to remember 'safety is paramount'

New Army 'Performance Triad': Unprotected sex, steroids, and tobacco

Coast Guard enlists phone sex operators to make search and rescue more sensual

Poll: Support for another Crusade at highest level since 14th century

Vulgar Marine Sentenced To Finish Enlistment In Air Force

Lieutenant who wouldn't sign for billion-dollar power armor facing Court Martial

Army Times celebrates 50th cover story about APFT changes

Inventor creates 'Rock Or Something' to lean your MRE on

Veteran bashes Americans for exercising freedom incorrectly

Pentagon Declares Global War On Whistleblowers

Alcohol industry praying for increased National Guard training days

VA Tests 'Service Shark Therapy' With Mixed Results

ISIS surrenders after reading veteran's open letter

Breakthrough military technology enables cutting-edge micromanagement

Coast Guard 'moderately confident' newest cutter won't break in half

Incredible Photos Of Rescue Swimmers Shitting Their Wetsuits After Jumping Out Of Helicopters

Air Force switches to gender-neutral 'unpersonned aerial vehicles'

Air Force begins lobbying for next trillion-dollar flying clusterfuck

Captured Paris attacker sentenced to make mild disagreement at Trump rally

Air Force reveals artist rendering of $5 trillion stealth money pit

Irish Americans accuse Army of ‘cultural appropriation’ over color green

Pentagon worried about strategic nerd shortage on electronic battlefield

Army marksmanship shoots up 15% after online qualification

DOD requires remedial sexting classes for Generals, Admirals

Soldier learns innovative harassment techniques at SHARP training

Bowe Bergdahl praises Star Wars VII as 'runaway hit'

'Black Lives Matter' protesters disrupt ISIS beheading

Marine Commandant changes tattoo policy after drunken night in Vegas

Ikea signs $800 million contract to assemble Iraqi prime minister's cabinet

'Millennials are lazy freeloaders,' says nation whose longest wars fought by Millennials

SHARP, EO Training Necessary for 'Readiness,' Army Leaders Insist

Pentagon 'pretty sure' it can ditch Counterinsurgency Manual this time

Soldiers thrilled by new DoD sperm storage program that allows masturbation on duty

Sergeant Hur Dur seeks to change military by saying 'Hur dur ba dur dur'

Russia releases improved ‘director's cut’ of soldier calling airstrike on self

Coke-Fueled Airmen Aim 'High'

Navy officer sold secrets to China for Dave & Buster’s Power Card, officials say

Food Service POG suggests women are useless in the military

Coast Guard scraps towing contract after horny dolphins leave cutter adrift

Buddy fucker charged with sexual assault

Soldier discovers cheat code to SHARP training video game

Commander punished for using 'Hajji' in plan to wipe out entire village

Gen. Mattis 'no ballsed' into running for president

ROTC Cadet logs 500 hours in flight suit

Navy gym evacuated after Axe Body Spray incident

Congress cuts enlisted pay to fund F-35 stereo system

Study links sound of distant helicopters to veteran disappearances

Ship's XO executed after command climate survey criticizes skipper

Army approves uniform modifications for Furries

Kyle Carpenter stripped of Medal Of Honor for failure to complete online training

Rogue shirt stay kills Marine

Woefully unqualified veteran blames rejection on anti-veteran tech company

Report: Openly gay Secretary of the Army does job

After Prince death, Airborne admits maroon berets actually raspberry

Budget cuts force Defense to downsize Pentagon to a square

Coast Guard K9 returns home to wife sleeping with other dog

Retired sergeant major discovers freedom is free

After pressure from Native American groups, Apache helicopters renamed ‘Haji Killers’

"Whac-A-Mole: Jihadi Edition" A Hit At CENTCOM

OPINION: The UCMJ Ban on Threesomes is Fucking Bullshit

Army Chief of Staff arrested buying $17 million worth of pistols from undercover ATF agent

Captain America promoted to major, moved to staff position

DOD Announces new SitBit Activity Tracker for Staff Officers

Military working dog forced to carry 225-lb bag of shit on leash for entire deployment

Health And Comfort Inspection Overlooks Black Mold, Exposed Wiring

Platoon sergeant likes to think himself as abusive father figure

America’s Navy: Are you going to finish eating that?

Point/Counterpoint: Women In Kombat

Grooming standards relaxed to give balding military members ‘one last go at it’

Suicide bomber can't believe he forgot to send a Mother’s Day card

Ray Mabus admits that he just hates the Navy

The DB interview: White House Press Secretary clarifies U.S. involvement in Iraq

Lockheed-Martin sues 82nd Airborne for C-130 cadence royalties

West Point Cadets expelled for racially motivated salute

Coast Guard vows to move to Canada if Trump is elected

Army forces reporters into SHARP training for constantly mentioning new Secretary's sexual orientation

Marine Corps' new titles remove 'man' from infantryman, other jobs

VA to start providing same childlike joy as Disneyland

Nation anxiously waiting out yet another veteran-oriented holiday

Opinion: I can't believe Bradley Cooper would just lie like that

Submarine develops toxic shock syndrome after forgetting to change commanders

Obama ends Vietnam trip with ceremonial helicopter evacuation from rooftop

Obama apologizes for bombing Hiroshima speech

NEX offers 'Express Lane' for veterans who only purchase booze and cigarettes

Midshipman missing after being consumed by vacuum toilet

Battalion to hold sleep deprivation awareness brief at 0430

Mentorship Corner: You’ll be successful with a goal in mind, and my goal is health insurance

Army celebrates 10 years of porn-free warzones after 100% effective General Order 1B

JFK Special Warfare School preemptively changes name to Trump Yuuge Platinum Warrior Academy

Obama touts legacy of renaming wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, saying he would close Gitmo

Opinion: The Navy should grant me paternity leave whenever a boat mama pops out another of my kids

Prior-service Sergeant horrified by new reserve unit's high morale

Iraqi soldier invents 'Inshallah' watch

Army disastrously tries to copy Navy's 'Fleet Week'

Navy posthumously awards Chris Kyle medals he said he earned

Salon Editors: We Should Have Let The Axis Win

B-52s back on tour and 'playing the classics'

Report: Fucking asshole packing his guitar for upcoming training exercise

Admiral in Japan baffled by 900% spike in drug cases

Obama to apologize to Japan for Pearl Harbor

First Marine Infantrywoman: 'POGs are pussies'

Pentagon kills defense reporter after toddler falls into press enclosure

Opinion: Thank you, veterans, for telling me how to celebrate every holiday

Ever wonder why our flag is folded into a triangle?

Many arrests after substance abuse stand down at San Diego bar

Hardest working soldier in battalion wins 'More Work' award

Soldiers authorized to use slit trench 'with which they identify'

Co-workers diagnosed with PTSD due to veteran's inability to stop talking about PTSD

AFRICOM abandons Djibouti 'because of all the giggling'

VA adds 'and a wake up' to automated phone wait time

Hey, it's me, your recurring nightmares

Expert Marksman killed in first gunfight

Army fails to meet First Lady's 'Move 60' fitness goal

Soldier fails to #EarnHisCake on Army birthday, gets other-than-honorable discharge

Shi'a death squads liberate Fallujah from Sunni death squads

Army replaces benefits with rolled sleeves

Journalist who fired AR-15 bazooka awarded National Defense Service Medal

SemperFuxit: Marine Corps votes to exit Dept. of the Navy

Corpsman ecstatic to discover Skittles in wounded Marine’s first aid kit

Report: Rolled sleeves authorized by every commander except yours

Jody willing to stand in for you this Father's Day

DoD regrets using virtual reality headsets for SHARP training

Navy to issue knee pads to sailors deploying to Persian Gulf

Navy veteran fired after party boat detained in Canadian waters

Naval Academy graduate prefers to masturbate with his class ring

Good Idea Fairy revealed as O-3 in Pentagon basement

Coast Guard 'always ready' for massive roboshark invasion

Here's an article full of classified info, because who even gives a shit anymore?

Joint Base Andrews on lockdown over reports of rockets, explosions in sky

Annoyed parents wish deadbeat son would get off the sofa and join ISIS already

DARPA 'pretty sure' socially progressive missile looks like a giant clitoris

Afghanistan rolls eyes, checks watch, lights cigarette as US takes forever to pull out

Report: Grown men who defend country spend all day looking for Pokémon

China builds artificial island in middle of Pearl Harbor

Same stock photo of attractive female officer used for another article about military women

Private who crashed fuel truck not even playing Pokémon GO this time

ISIS claims responsibility for Nice attack, can't remember attacker's goddamn name

Turkish soldiers pissed they have to work this weekend

Nine dead at Pokemon Gym located in Sergeant Major’s parking spot

CENTCOM Commander can’t believe it’s not his problem for once

Spartan Race canceled over 'cultural appropriation' concerns

Man uses ‘vet card’ to win every argument ever

Drone sent to Equal Opportunity for targeting darker-skinned militants

Coast Guard using seized marijuana at morale events

Military community must condemn radicalized veterans say Trump, Congressional Republicans

COCOM Commanders: Are you satisfied with your current force provider?

Soldier who joined military for access to USO Lounges questioning life choices

Soldier gets reamed out for not saluting officer who 'hates being saluted'

Army psychiatrist grateful to attend suicide prevention training geared towards privates

UAV sick of being told he's not a real pilot

Critics say Admiral lobbying for world's largest warship 'compensating for something'

Puddle depth to blame for Coast Guardsman's concussion during swim call

Debt-free, never-divorced staff sergeant loses security clearance

Celebration as 500,000th sailor graduates NETC with zero knowledge

Hasan, Manning, and Bales to form US Army 'Suicide Skwad'

Navy to build USS Thanks Obama for deployment to every disaster

Duty NCO praised for 'meticulous logbook' following mass shooting

Trump calls for Constitutional ban on Gold Star families talking about him

'Military coup' wins poll of troops in a landslide

Paginated Post: 9 Best Places to Go Camping Around the World

Quiz: Which Global War on Terrorism operation are YOU?

Coast Guard: Our birthday was Thursday, thanks for noticing

Opinion: You don't get the haircut you want, you get the haircut you deserve

ADVICE: Leadership strategies for today's new infantry woman

Soldier submits award packet to Chinese hackers after S1 delays

Recent veteran surprised to learn 'OIF/OEF' ball caps not mandatory

Prepper: Obama to become Antichrist, enact martial law ‘any day now’

College class holds meeting on ways to fuck with student veteran

No one knows what that 58-year old DoD civilian actually does

Commandant brings back 'Old Corps' by placing massive order for papyrus

Zarqawi challenges Trump: 'I founded ISIS'

Soldier really phoning it in now that he’s only 12 years from retirement

Report: Ryan Lochte took sniper fire while boarding aircraft in Rio

Officers caught using fake Facebook accounts to spy on subordinates

Obama releases Guantanamo detainees to make room for Syrian refugees

Coast Guard recruits Michael Phelps as only rescue swimmer

Pentagon bans Sperrys, khaki shorts, and pastel shirts for off-duty troops

Marine Special Operators get a codpiece

FBI warns terrorists may have Dihydrogen Monoxide

Report: NSA leak caused by Microsoft’s 'Clippy'

Marine Corps admits Iwo Jima Marines not actually raising a flag

Potential employer says 'veteran status' is 'sooo 2010'

Coast Guard officer diagnosed with PTSD for seven hour work day

Coast Guardsman who saved drowning man is still kind of an asshole

Point/Counterpoint: It's Pronounced Camp Le-JERN vs. I Have Cancer

Navy planning to replace bad uniforms with even worse ones

Hey! My cousin is in the Coast Guard, you probably know him!

Marine vet terrorizes coworkers by slicing apple with Ka-Bar

Embarrassing dad won't stop talking about soldier's potty-training accidents, grisly combat death

ISIS announces 'Pacific Pivot' to Indonesia, Malaysia

Sick call in crisis after 800% increase in price of Motrin

National Security Agency unveils classified dating app: 'StripR'

PETA protests testing of hair products on SEALs

Arab sailor says recent terror attacks have made it impossible for him to get laid

USS North Carolina attack sub retrofitted with LGBTQ-friendly toilets

US looking forward to day GWOT moves out in 3 years, becomes someone else’s problem

CIA officer was ready to give his life on 9/11 inside job

Re-enlistments spike after ITT Tech shutdown

Twice-deployed Airman demands apology from Colin Kaepernick

'We're just as good as men,' Infantrywoman says from back of ambulance

More than 2000 sailors on the USS Eisenhower request paternity leave

Assad hopeful cease fire lets Syria resume normal peacetime genocide operations

New study finds 80% of Army combatives training conducted on wives, bouncers

Hillary Clinton buys Gulfstream G500 at 35% interest to show solidarity with military

Marine Corps exceeds gender quota by ordering men to identify as female

Guy squeezing into his uniform putting a lot of faith in one critical button

DoD plans update clarifying double standards for military justice

New survey of US troops reveals horrifying actual opinions of service members

ISIS claims responsibility for herpes, First Sergeants, and 2pac

Sailor outraged children's discount more than veterans at local aquarium

Chow Hall brown bag lunches featured in Clean Eating magazine

Breaking Barriers: Marine Corps appoints first white male equal opportunity advisor

Report: Terror attack stopped by heroic activist who established safe space in local mall

REVEALED: Army historians find 'Message To Garcia' hero actually a bumbling moron

Marine officer swears she will quit if she sees one more butthole

Veteran who deployed once, never fired weapon, now expert on police use of force

Opinion: Care packages should only contain booze, tobacco, and porn

Russian pilot has 'Aleppo moment', forgets to bomb terrorists instead of civilians

Military hospitals still struggling with mass casualties from presidential debate drinking game

VA to implement prescription drug grab bag policy

Shammers observed in their natural habitat

Sailor who missed mandatory training becomes drug dealing, sex trafficking spy for Russia

Army kicks out racist military working dog

ISIS cancels 'Men Who Stare At Goats' program after sexual harassment complaints

Crew super freaked out by new cook who didn’t join for the signing bonus

Trump on Medal of Honor heroes: 'I like guys who didn't get killed in combat'

Tricare drug contract awarded to Detroit entrepreneur Greg 'Frog Dog' Wilkins

Sailor too thin to make Chief

Sailors who are not Navy SEALs finally get to shoot shit

DoD stands up SCENTCOM to unify home-based businesses

Coast Guard confirms new icebreaker will be ready just in time for Hell to freeze over

Obama frantically working to confiscate guns, institute Sharia, and turn military against its own citizens

Marine private drops his pack with more than 3 years left on enlistment

83% of troops support direct action in escalating Chip-Swipe conflict

Army private excited to attack Mosul at 0400 with company-strength element

Marine Corps unveils new recruiting slogan: 'No Balls'

Navy shocked that sailors didn't immediately embrace killing a 200-year-old tradition

California National Guard reports puzzling increase in suicides

VA approves pension claim from Civil War veteran

10 things successful veterans do every day

First sergeant berates kids wearing out-of-regs Army costumes

Early voting data shows World War I veterans overwhelmingly support Hillary Clinton

Navy hands down leftover rates to Coast Guard

Heartwarming! This sergeant major cheers up hospitalized soldiers by pointing out uniform infractions

Professional escort says Marines have the nicest balls

Pentagon scraps Osprey program due to rising fuel costs

Marine on Chicago recruiting duty seeks Navy Cross

Election Day early-voting polls show 'Asteroid' leading with military voters

Defense industry looking forward to next president starting World War III

Iraqis seize hundreds of weapons and tanks ISIS seized from Iraqis in 2014

Report: Shitbag still at the exchange

Chipotle modifies Veterans Day promotion to exclude fat soldiers

Military absentee ballots delivered one day late, would have swung election for Clinton

DARPA to reanimate Eisenhower's corpse in time for presidential election

Air Force orders new $546 billion 7th-generation bomber to consume remainder of DoD budget

Doomsday prepper has no idea what to do with all this ammo now

Report: Lieutenant has resting dumb face

DoD urges troops to move past election, advise Afghanistan on democratic government

Syrian child disappointed she won't get to be drone-striked by the first female president

Report: Thousands of US troops trying to transfer to Canadian military

Multiple Marines hospitalized after birthday ball venue loses liquor license

North Carolina law would prohibit F-35B from using fixed-wing runway

Soldier desperately trying to find picture from his 'skinny time' for Veteran’s Day

Controversial new charity teaches veterans how to use GI Bill, go to college, and get a job

Platoon out in field wowed by 2nd Lieutenant’s flashlight shadow puppets

Opinion: Don’t worry America, you can still survive under toxic leadership

Point/Counterpoint: Gunny, I’m not sure I understand vs. Message to Garcia, Devil Dog!

Trump drops threat to investigate Clinton, forces her into 10-year-long cyber awareness training

Trump to repurpose USS Enterprise into floating hotel and casino

Trump vows to deport all illegal aliens from Area 51

Trump appoints David Petraeus as Foreign Affairs adviser

Pentagon recalls Thanksgiving MREs that were contaminated with real turkey

Mabus plans to rename Navy Cross to 'Navy Plus' medal

Trump picks legendary Marine general for next Secretary of Defense: James Amos

Secret Service wary of Mattis having plan to kill everyone he meets at Trump Tower

Mattis looking forward to 12-hour work days, being blamed for everything military does wrong

New website will allow Marines to share homemade porn videos

REPORT: Battalion OOD passes within 20 yards of barracks party, frightened attendees say

Local VFW trying to figure out how to honor, ban racist WWII veteran

Navy Commander relieved for failing to relieve enough commanders

Army hoping to end 14-year losing streak

Military frantically Googling where Defense Secretary is in presidential order of succession

Trump taps Ashley Madison to lead Veterans' Affairs

Intel analysts instructed to limit briefings with Trump to under 140 characters

Retiring pilot still unsure what 'Hogger' callsign means

Defense Secretary nominee Gen. James Mattis vows to make killing great again

Hot dog-eating contest replaces Army/Navy football game

ISIS plans to use brutal Department of Veterans Affairs tactics to combat US military

Pentagon officials fear ISIS militants now armed with reflective belts

Army engineers fail to lay pipe in North Dakota

Mattis nomination forces battlefield evacuation of Marines in Iraq overcome by giant moto-boners

Sailor commemorates Pearl Harbor anniversary by drinking 75 sake bombs

Army to become 'Land Marines' under Mattis, Dunford-led Pentagon reorganization

Pimpatronic 5000 appointed as Navy Vice Admiral of Vice

New documents show Death Star flaws stem from Pentagon mismanagement

Pentagon to build $6.8 billion center to combat fraud, waste, and abuse

Gods finally call John Glenn back to Olympus

Headquarters Marine Corps orders Marines to stop referring to Mattis as 'God'

President-elect Donald Trump congratulates himself on Army victory

Captain Crunch nominated as Secretary of Scrumptiousness

DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: Army Heraldry Meanings

Lieutenant replaced by adorable cockney chimney sweep

Florida VA hospital left IG inspector in shower for 9 hours

Boot camp graduate ready for first car, marriage

#WTF? Army ends program to support 'Generation Z' recruits

CO really regrets bringing teenage daughter to battalion Christmas party

Santa’s naughty and nice list hacked in massive data breach

General Neller packs massive lip during Congressional hearing

Marines disappointed to find no strippers at North Pole

Airman finally gets pussy for Christmas

ISIS protests public nativity scene

Navy SEAL leaks true meaning of Christmas in new tell-all carol

Self-described 'sheep dog' actually more of an asshole than anything else

Local boy joins Marines, returns a boy

Meet the underwear model helping military spouses cope with deployment loneliness

Obituary: Gen. Leia Organa, Veteran of the Rebel Alliance

DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: Minutes from this week's FRG meeting

Coast Guardsman in Bahrain basically a war hero, friends on Facebook report

Veteran misses simpler time fighting unwinnable war against enemy he unknowingly helped create

Former Army sergeant enjoys constantly calling retired Colonel by his first name

First Sergeant declares libo safe space from your bullshit

Veterans Affairs turns away veterans of war on Christmas

Opinion: There's the problem. The fuckin' doohicky ain't in the thingamajig

Vietnam veteran eats at DFAC, complains about acronym

Intelligence community publishes all classified material online to stop leakers

DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: The Platoon Sergeant's guide to dealing with Lieutenants

Scientists trace origin of the Dependapotomus to Galapagos

Obama issues 'farewell' Presidential drone strikes

Troops sour on Mattis nomination after he releases 6,000-book reading list

Empowering! This veteran doesn't let his PTSD get in the way of his alcoholism

Mattis attends confirmation hearing wearing only Spartan helmet and 'Fuck ISIS' boxers

NATO called 'obsolete' by Trump, anyone who saw them fight in Afghanistan

Classified briefing reveals FBI Director James Comey enjoyed Star Wars prequels

Major pokes head out of meeting, predicts 6 more hours of useless slides

DoD to require passwords to be changed every day, use at least 27 different letters


Obama still trying to find good hiding spot for nuclear codes

Sergeant Major unable to choose anything except E-9 on vending machines

Trump’s plan for Syrian civil war stalls after Risk board game runs out of pieces

Millions dead after GOP repeals and replaces Obamacare with VA system

Senate repeatedly loses paperwork of Trump's pick to lead Veterans Affairs

National Guard deploys recruiter-filled Taco trucks to enlist protesters

Trump orders 'every swinging dick' to attend transgender training

Grief-stricken Navy mourns the departure of beloved Secretary Ray Mabus

Platoon treated for whiplash after hot wife in sports bra runs past

ISIS paralyzed after admin Marine mistakenly executes orders to Raqqa

Marine disappointed Keystone Pipeline not full of beer

Trump's executive order forgets to issue travel ban on Islamic State

Opinion: I fully support the use of torture

Trump shuffles National Security Council to defend US from feminazis, cucks

Trump disbands Obama's military 'Transgender Command'

Trump reconsiders immigration 'ban' after learning it could affect his future ex-wife

New England Patriots embroiled in controversy for failing to mention veterans after Super Bowl victory

Air Force to allow average looking, uncool people to become fighter pilots

Hollywood to begin filming new Coast Guard movie that no one will watch

Russia names Edward Snowden new Ambassador to the United States

Local veteran sparks outrage after refusing to start military-themed business

Congressman calls for Army basic training to match Marine Corps policy of killing some recruits

Marine sergeant major takes over as spokesman for Yoo-hoo chocolate drink

Corps-wide safety stand-down called for after Marine drowns in pussy

Marine aviators having issues getting it up

Mattis signs order formally recognizing Jalapeno cheese spread as currency at all DoD facilities

Change-of-command fart leads to change-of-boxers

I vigorously oppose Donald Trump's immigration ban because I love spicy foods wrapped in flat bread

Army Surgeon General recommends consuming at least ten energy drinks daily

Trump orders Pershing’s corpse to conduct another punitive invasion of Mexico

Flynn resigns after Mattis and Kelly repeatedly steal his lunch money

SEAL Team 6 raid on Baghdadi home cancelled due to Calibri font use in PowerPoint

Army veterinarian tired of being thanked for her service

Pentagon leaders suspect Trump's understanding of military mostly based on 1980's action movies

'Day without a veteran' protest cripples t-shirt, social media rant industries

'We're making real progress,' say last 17 commanders in Afghanistan

Riot breaks out at Fort Hood dining facility after menu promises chocolate milf

Champagne bottle cracks littoral combat ship’s hull during christening

Coast Guardsman devastated after receiving 'Dear John' emoji during 5-day deployment

M.C. Master spits knowledge outta N.S.C.

Quiet guy at your unit scheduled to say annual weird sentence today

Disgruntled DoD contractor leaks highly insensitive data

US Army begins testing environmentally-friendly ammunition

Sony announces reboot of 'Black Hawk Down'

Russia vows to hire 10,000 US military veterans

'We're winning this arms race,' Mattis says during workout at Kremlin gym

Marine Commandant says those sharing nude photos have no balls

Coast Guard won't come out of its room after dad doesn't get the budget it wanted

'Marine Corpse' weapons project canceled following tragic mishaps

Hundreds of ISIS fighters investigated for sharing photos of women's uncovered faces

Marine Corps diverts 3% of tattoo policy resources to combat widespread nude photo sharing scandal

Nation shocked to learn top spy agency spies on people

Nude photo scandal spurs Marine captain to destroy every computer and phone he uses in fit of rage

Syria unveils its March Sadness Bracket

Strategist’s drinking policy fails to prevent, shape St. Patty's Day hangover

All-Male panel to investigate Marine Corps' nude photo scandal

'Dysfunctional veteran’ actually just dysfunctional

Neller to female Marines: 'Come on baby, trust me'

Point/Counterpoint: A tasteful wooden rack is best for challenge coins vs. There's a trash can right there

Army struggling to come up with more offensive cadences

Veterans increasingly filing disability claims due to MRE exposure

ISIS threatens to 'release the Kraken' in new video

High-value target disappointed to be raided by Rangers instead of Navy SEALs

Veteran who scorns 'welfare queens' pads VA disability claim

Civilian who 'loves our troops' has never actually met a troops

Sharing of memes criticizing presidents without military service has decreased by 87%, study finds

H.R. McMaster only authorized to stay in three-star hotels for government travel

Marine with healthy relationships, enormous penis reveals hatred for women is key to success

Leave request from 'Norfolk 4' sailors finally approved after nearly 20 years

Coast Guard involuntarily takes part in 'Month without a Coastie' protest

Opinion: How is it possible that you lost my medical record AGAIN?

Report: Sun to be in your eyes during change-of-command ceremony

Marine Corps study finds men have biological need to share nudes

General with no Facebook account to teach Marines social media etiquette

Citizen soldier shams at both

Trump orders cruise missile strike against one of 3,297 factions fighting in Syria

Michael Flynn fired from local KFC after trying to steal secret ingredients

Signals intelligence analyst under investigation for being normal

Officer's staff college essay completely changes world's understanding of warfare

Captain America counseled for accumulating more than 2,000 days of unused leave

Coast Guard under fire for saving too many straight white males

Navy unable to locate clitoral combat ship

Marine recruit backs out of contract after recruiter can't guarantee he would get laid

Paratrooper with fear of jumping finds help through Airborne Anonymous

Platoon really enjoyed three-hour op order, says lieutenant

Veteran upset by inability to work military service into first date conversation

Wife unsure why Marine husband keeps calling her 'Chesty’ during sex

Local veteran can't believe 'fuck' not considered an acceptable filler word

National Guardsman feared dead returns to life after three days

BREAKING: Your Morale

Syria issues travel ban on U.S. missiles

Veteran on Facebook notes that Aaron Hernandez is not among 22 veterans a day who kill themselves

Pentagon awards contract to United Airlines to forcibly remove Assad

Marine Corps' first female tank officer will also serve as EO, UVA, SAPR

American public learns we're still fighting in Afghanistan after Pentagon drops huge bomb there

Lieutenant, GS-6 battle for vacant office

New check out service allows Marines to sleep through last 3 months of contract

U.S. confirms USS Carl Vinson actually off the coast of Hawaii in 1941

HUGE ESCALATION: Leaked contract shows Pentagon planning big shipment of Port-a-Johns to bases in Syria

Pentagon axes GI Bill to offset student debt forgiveness plan

Bill Murray to star in 'Groundhog Day II: Afghanistan'

ISIS commander tells suicide bombers: 'Remember, you're an Ambassador for our nation'

'I'd never let some drill sergeant order me around,' says civilian friend working at Applebee's

Pentagon creates new Meme Warfare Center to counter online propaganda

Top secret background check reveals service member has no friends

Recruit starts EAS countdown to be more like a real Marine

DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: Ernest Hemingway gives your weekend safety brief

North Korea agrees to trade away nuclear weapons for Krispy Kreme franchise

Desperate to retain officers, Air Force appoints Jerry Seinfeld head of personnel center

Navy considers giving up the ship

Trump tells worried nation we have nothing to fear except nuclear holocaust with North Korea

Pentagon to send 460,000 additional US Army advisors to Afghanistan

DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: Lewis Carroll gives your weekend safety brief

Trump appoints French immigrant Vladimierre Poutin as new FBI Director

ISIS fighter learns innovative torture techniques at Marine Drill Instructor School

US Air Force criticized after removing 64 soldiers from flight

Opinion: I hope you consider reenlisting

45 dead after oxygen sucked out of room during Pentagon planning session

'You going to goddamned black powder' — Trump rails against the Army's search for a new rifle

DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: Dr. Seuss gives your weekend safety brief

First all-female infantry platoon sets record for misconduct charges

Trump proposes cutting housing allowance for troops with unattractive spouses

Combat veteran unsure whether to stand up and clap for this pogue being honored at ball game

DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: Cormac McCarthy gives your weekend safety brief

Defense Secretary Mattis running out of things in office to throw after latest Trump leaks

Trump vows to learn identity of unknown soldier during Memorial Day speech

Coast Guard Academy cadets enlist to avoid Trump graduation speech

Chelsea Manning blows excess pay on Dodge Challenger and new USB drives just hours after release from prison

Trump cancels 'Afghan War' series due to poor TV ratings

Marine guarding Heaven's Gates looks forward to growing beard after apocalypse

Tom Cruise confirms he'll play pilot of cargo plane hauling rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong in 'Top Gun 2'

Sean Spicer begs Navy Reserve for multi-year deployment to anywhere remote

Mattis forgets to send card to his mother of all bombs

Neighbors confirm Mattis keeps them awake at night

'We lost a lot of good rakes out there' — Army declares victory in Operation Clean Sweep

'Dereliction of Duty' author urges escalation of unwinnable, never-ending war

ISIS condemns Kathy Griffin for cultural appropriation

Battalion commander's list of number one priorities hits 50

Military spouse starts new business selling rank earrings

Pentagon begins arming 'Taliban' militia group to fight ISIS in Afghanistan

Navy to save money by abandoning man overboard rescues

Meet the POG who is going to be your boss in the civilian world

North Korea executes, trains new rocket scientists

DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: Maurice Sendak gives your weekend safety brief

DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: Kurt Vonnegut gives your weekend safety brief

Pentagon rebrands DTS as 'Don’t Travel System'

Hobbit Brigade poised for 'mini troop surge' to Afghanistan

Heroic CIF employee refuses to accept triple amputee's bloody plate carrier

Mattis changes title from Secretary of Defense to First Lord of Destruction

Mosul hosts 15th annual IED Hide and Seek Games

DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: Hunter S. Thompson gives your weekend safety brief

ISIS fighter marks himself safe on Facebook after firefight with US Special Forces team

Signings, trades shift balance of power across the NHL

DoD forced to release Guantanamo detainee who came out as transgender

Army Major disappointed wife didn't want to celebrate D-Day

Reality Winner actually delusional loser

John McCain angered over loss of Hanoi Hilton Honors Points

Sailor jumps overboard to avoid being punished for hiding on ship for a week

Army unveils 700-part op-order process for fighting new wars Americans won't care about

ISIS takes credit for blowing up CO's bathroom

Retiring general starts mail-order Anthrax delivery service

New staff officer chow hall serves nothingburgers, self-licking ice cream cones

DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: Walt Whitman gives your weekend safety brief

Arizona State ROTC wins Best Rager Competition

Adjutant drops shit on XO’s desk

DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: Eazy-E gives your weekend safety brief

VA operator still waiting on hold with Comcast

Mattis clears head during evening stroll, 8 killed

'Sorry aboot that, eh' — Canadian sniper apologizes after record-breaking kill shot

Coast Guard intercepts millennial migrant vessel trying to flee to Cuba

VA to shorten hold times by hanging up on callers automatically

Troops 'asking for a friend' to be charged with conspiracy, Pentagon says

Air Force says F-35 pilots may be too reliant on oxygen while flying

Joint Force diagnosed with Arthritis

US Army considering longer dwell time for soldiers stationed at Fort Afghanistan

Professional veteran celebrates Independence Day by making holiday all about himself

Veterans who say they 'miss the war' remind neighbors to not use fireworks

DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: Jack London gives your weekend safety brief

Grass bent slightly to the left, Soldier in prone reports

Base Long Term Parking office secures deployed troops' SSN, other info with locked door

We got drunk with Jim Mattis. Here’s what he told us.

Army promotion boards for Majors to consider 'face punchability'

Marine Task Force to offer free breast exams to female service members

DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: Beyoncé gives your weekend safety brief

National Guardsman to get DA Photo taken when he loses 10 pounds, finds jacket

Marine 1st Sergeant admits to walking on the grass when no one is looking

EMPOWERED: Meet the female suicide bomber who shattered a glass ceiling in Mosul

General walks length of headquarters hallway without once being asked a question

Wounded military working dog given service human

Veteran with three confirmed kills still gets ass kicked in bar fight

After declaring victory over ISIS, Iraq returns to being an idyllic paradise

DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: Jane Austen gives your weekend safety brief

Air Force officer survives seven years of brutal online SERE training

New Chinese Base in Africa sets stage for wacky pranks, horrific global war

Terrorist leaders surrender after Trump bans transgender troops from serving in the military

DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: The Beastie Boys give your weekend safety brief

Kelly vows to lead White House through squad push-up

Man with 70% VA disability rating 100% vocal about it

F-35 can't believe how much the military spends on transgender troops

New hookup app notifies Jody when you're deployed

Air Force drone pilots test latest technology for intense chair-to-chair combat

DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: George R.R. Martin gives your weekend safety brief

Afghanistan becomes pregnant with new trillion-dollar baby after US refuses to pull out

Base Gym only one passive aggressive sign away from good order and discipline

Army renames JRTC to Center for Live Action Roleplaying Army Preparation

Coast Guard in Mar-a-Lago performs daring rescue of 100 golf balls

Outraged veteran outraged by outraged student activists

General Nicholson claims dog ate his Afghan War strategy

DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: An American Bald Eagle gives your weekend safety brief

US threatens to pull this war over if everyone doesn't stop asking for an Afghan strategy break

Army Command & General Staff College grads celebrate perfect record of losing wars

Political correctness gone too far? High school refuses to let ISIS recruit wear suicide vest at graduation

Kanye West ousted from National Security Council

Congress sends Coast Guard a couple of twenties after forgetting birthday

Trump taps decorated Army General for White House communications post

Thousands of Majors sign petition demanding gold rank for Brigadier Generals

Coast Guard Cutter completely lost in the middle of the ocean

SCANDAL: Q-Tips company bribed armorers to refuse clean rifles

Coast Guard Commandant supplements service budget as Lyft driver

DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: Rick and Morty give your weekend safety brief

Pentagon deploys Mattis to Korean DMZ in massive show of force

Doctors told this wounded soldier he'd never walk again, and boy were they right


DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: Elsa gives your weekend safety brief

Trump refuses to rule out 'start a military apparel company' option

ISIS suicide bomber actually hoping for 72 experienced sluts

HOT! Complete your Cyber-Awareness Training with this one weird trick

Army planners solve Korea tensions with proposal to move Seoul 300 miles south

Army gets approval to change names of bases that honor Confederates to Fort Trump

UNDERGROUND NAZI BASE?! 90% of neo-Nazis live in secretive 'mom's basement'

Trump asks Marine guarding White House door what he should do in Afghanistan

Texas National Guard halts hurricane recovery efforts to catch up on diversity training

Trump plans to force Taliban to negotiating table by January 2025

Erik Prince: Contractors committing war crimes, not US troops, will save Afghanistan

Mattis tells sailors: 'You're not pu--ies sitting on the sidelines, you're pu--ies sitting on a boat'

Coast Guardsman with 'Always Ready' tattoo is never ready

Entire US Military to wear diapers after lieutenant shits pants

Navy destroyer collides with building in downtown Houston

Army needs more young, fit, tender soldiers, Zombie General says

DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: Stephen King gives your weekend safety brief

Marine who hasn't slept in 32 hours is lazy and undisciplined, platoon sergeant reports

Afghan who excitedly greeted US Special Forces as child now excitedly shoots at them as adult

Marine Scout Sniper sets record for most confirmed divorces

Veteran excited to live off the 'Forever GI Bill'

9/11 anniversary marked by confusion, questions from junior military members

Soldier avenges 9/11 by giving 100-dollar bills to corrupt Afghan contractor

America Studios' new sequel 'Afghanistan 17' panned by critics

MOTIVATING! The 10 best songs from the Global War on Terror, ranked

Southern Poverty Law Center classifies VFW and American Legion as hate groups

Newsletter in the barracks: ‘Veterans totally slaying ass on university campuses'

DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: gives your weekend safety brief

Afghanistan says it has endured enough freedom

AWKWARD! This All-American Patriot has ILLEGAL ALIENS fighting for his freedom

Marine with '9/11 Never Forget' bumper sticker too drunk to remember anything

1st Sergeant defies Trump transgender ban by using gender-neutral pronouns

OUTRAGEOUS: Whiny Sen. Rand Paul tries ending the war in Afghanistan after only 16 years

Level 1 Combatives-certified mechanic confident he would dominate Mayweather in a fight

Weirdo waits until after watch to masturbate

'So it begins,' conspiracy theorist says for 1,260th time since 9/11

Atheist, CrossFitting Navy SEAL hasn't told anyone he vapes

DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: Rudyard Kipling gives your weekend safety brief

Air Force announces 100% promotion rate to major, except for you, asshole

Infantry units with female troops smell better, study finds

Median age of MEPS doctors falls to 97, study finds

Navy heeds Sen. McCain's advice to end 100-hour work week, increases to 168

US Air Force turns 70; looks forward to retirement in spring

Trump orders US military to build giant wall in Afghanistan to keep terrorists out

Female Marine officer poised to graduate Infantry Officer Course recycled after losing canteen cup

Trump and Kim to face off in epic dance battle

Angry Staff God demands PowerPoint sacrifice at 1900

WWII vets gather for solemn reminder to check their privilege

Meet the soldier who holds the world record for 'gay chicken'

Kim Jong-un lashes out at Trump for getting Elton John's 'Rocket Man' stuck in his head

Troops fly happy socks at half mast to honor memory of Hugh Hefner

Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps placed on Body Composition Program

War in Afghanistan turns 16, earns driver's license

'Quiet professional' is neither

Trump: As I watch this soldier's casket being lowered, I can't help but notice his wife is now single

Point/Counterpoint: We should talk about gun control vs. I'm going to shoot your liberal face

Soldier who failed rifle qualification explains how he would've taken out the Vegas shooter

Trump strikes back at San Juan Mayor, deports Puerto Rican troops back to Mexico

86% of active-duty Marines watching porn right now, study finds

DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: Mother Goose gives your weekend safety brief

Marine Lance Corporal arrested for lancing corporal at renaissance fair

Dan Bilzerian to meet Dakota Meyer at the monkey bars after school

Bowe Bergdahl to open Escape Room franchise outside Fort Bragg

Pentagon forms 'Symmetric Warfare Group' in case of massive conventional war

New Madden NFL 19 game allows players to realistically kneel during the National Anthem

Army to bring back WWII-era uniforms in lieu of WWII-era victory

DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: Jason Vorhees gives your Friday the 13th safety brief

Army to give politicians adequate time to exploit fallen soldiers during casualty notification process

Man starts viral video campaign to raise awareness that veterans exist

Trump on Gold Star families: 'Did they ever think of calling me first?'

Bowe Bergdahl wanders off during court-martial

ISIS fighter beheaded after taking a knee during prayer

US cripples ISIS with savage airdrop of PowerPoint presentations

General hopes #MeToo post scores points with hot lieutenant near his office

Meet the Taliban commander moonlighting as a member of the Afghan Parliament

Army to rename slave cables to freedom cables

DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: Vanilla Ice gives your weekend safety brief

15,000 Troops perish after Ohio woman fails to share Facebook prayer

Jacksonville tattoo parlor celebrates 1000th backwards EGA

Trump designates DragonForce Greatest Hits album as new National Security Strategy

Marine off duty has no friends

New MRE literally just bag of shit

Soldier with 33 ASVAB apparently smart enough to be a suicide-watch battle buddy

Mattis vows to kill next person who calls him 'Mad Dog'

Marine calls Coast Guard to save him from drowning in debt

Salad bar at base dining facility now only consists of single hard-boiled egg

Deployed soldier suspicious after receiving ‘Surviving An Affair’ book in mail

Sergeant Major invites Taylor Swift to Marine Corps Birthday Ball

The 5 best porn videos we found on Bin Laden's hard drive and later masturbated to

Top military officers confused by Harvey Weinstein suffering consequences amid harassment allegations

Top US Commander in Afghanistan keeps getting beaten by 'xxTAliBan_br0_69' in Call of Duty

Puerto Rico reaches out to Taliban for tips on getting US aid

Veteran stuns military community with viral rant filmed OUTSIDE of truck

Meet the Angry Internet Veteran putting the finishing touches on an 'epic' Veterans Day rant

Woman with sheepdog allergies in critical condition following night with SEAL

First Sergeant invites you to duty for Marine Corps Ball via YouTube

Drowning Navy officer miraculously saved by his inflated ego

New Semper Gumby fitness program stretches limits of Marine Corps PT

Meet the veteran-turned-male prostitute that everyone is thanking for his service

Army to re-design soldiers' uniforms on annual basis

Opinion: You don't have to go to the Marine Corps Ball this year

Point/Counterpoint: Do not reply to this email vs. Please remove me from this distro list

I Came, I Saw, I Stayed: A tourist's guide to Afghanistan

Saudi Arabia beheads first female robot citizen

Opinion: Hey, can you stop comparing me to American soldiers?

Pentagon claims 'no issues' after F-35 float explodes at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

ISIS threatens to behead Bugs Bunny if demands not met

Navy's new recruiting ad promises aviators adventure, ability to draw dicks in the sky

Meet the groundbreaking female Navy pilot who's been drawing sky vulvas for years

Coast Guard begins arresting kite surfers for being annoying pieces of shit

Turkey pardoned by Trump had multiple contacts with Russian officials

Report: Another asshole just tagged you in Facebook post about Veteran's Day

Report: Trump canceled visit to DMZ after learning it wasn't TMZ

Fox News viewer in crisis after white policeman shoots unarmed black soldier

Paralyzed veteran literally can't even right now

Women stranded at sea tell Coast Guard they are fine, just fine, okay? It’s nothing

Heartbreaking! This Airman missed all five of his kids’ conceptions!

Pentagon study: Firefights 96.3% more likely after ear-pro is removed

12 Air Force analysts accuse F-35 of assault on Pentagon budget

Soldier shocked after learning what's in Constitution he swore to defend

Trump announces Afghan troop surge, new Kabul hotel project

Trump taps hand over mouth while saying 'wah wah wah' to honor Navajo Code Talkers

The top 5 ways to enjoy life in the military while being banned from consuming alcohol

ISIS platoon still waiting for IED team after 7 hours

Realistic new 'Counterinsurgency' video game lets you watch troops fuck up until you're fired

Top US Commander in Afghanistan says we 'have turned the corner' in circular reasoning fight

Report: Oh fuck, here comes the Chaplain

Flynn hoping to woo FBI with Williams Sonoma holiday gift basket

Junior enlisted trapped In Okinawa barracks begin eating each other

Afghan policeman promoted after multiple sexual assault allegations

Syrian Christian thankful Trump has made it okay to say 'Merry Christmas' before he is executed

Michael Flynn opens Center for Spies who Can't Tradecraft Good

Veteran gets job helping veterans find jobs helping veterans find jobs

Gunny Claus court-martialed, reduced to Private Claus

ISIS holds caliphate-wide safety stand-down after botched NYC terror attack

Chesty The Bulldog charged with sexual harassment after humping numerous legs

New Army plan to print more PowerPoint slides would boost economies of at least 4 nations

Opinion: My PT score is just, like, your opinion, man

Army officer still married to first spouse gets passed over for promotion

Holiday half-day schedule canceled due to low morale

Army radiologist awarded for spotting softball-size tumor

Point/Counterpoint: 1stSgt, guess what happened? vs. I murdered the last clown who made me play guessing games

Army tape test 'incredibly accurate,' says toad-necked sergeant major

SPECIAL REPORT: The gate guard at your base is dating your mom

Soldiers accidentally summon Cthulhu after commander forgets to give weekend safety brief

Army tells Marine Corps Mattis isn't real

Military movies are more enjoyable after being vet-splained, family reports

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Bitcoin to jalapeño cheese exchange rate unstable, soldiers say

General still believes in Santa, counterinsurgency

Sergeant Major bans snivel gear at unit Christmas party

Commander screams out first sergeant's name during sex

Everything you wanted to know about GIFTS but were afraid to ask!

Navy Secretary finally updates 'days without incident' board

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Best advice to find the right gift

Meet the Union Army private who bought a mustang at 46% interest

UAV with only one deployment still droning on about it

War in Afghanistan sues Marvel for copyright infringement over 'Infinity War' film

Progress: Transgender Marine murders straight Filipina prostitute

Air Force attaches parking boots to pilots to stop them from leaving service

'Best galley in the Navy' innovates with small plates, tasting menus

ISIS recruit dines with new Blackwater employee during layover

Green popup targets totally inside Lieutenant's OODA Loop

Meet the Skilcraft pen with 38 career kills

Army’s new 'Holistic Medics' treat gunshot wounds with crystals, essential oils

Navy gets around personnel shortage by making each Sailor 30% larger

Chelsea Manning hopes to become Senate's first openly transgender disgrace

Mattis puts Amazon 'Doritos Dash Button' button on Trump's desk and tells him it's for launching nukes

Littoral Combat Ship actually Figurative Combat Ship

Afghan leaders assure US: 'Our government has been shut down for 16 years and we're fine’

Gunny solves unit morale problems with innovative THROATPUNCH System

Top sergeant major plans to personally strangle, beat Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi with E-tool

Corps’ top leaders warn Marines to stop eating Tide Pods

Lonely CIF clerk holding out for soul mate in perfect condition

University of Phoenix takes over management of Army's Command and General Staff College

Army to replace 85% of personnel with Velociraptors by 2025

Navy replaces command photos with command mugshots

Ken Burns runs out of hard drive space for Afghan War documentary

F-35 revealed to be horror movie M. Night Shyamalan has been working on for years

New Pentagon plan advises Americans to stop thanking veterans for their service

Turkey retreats after US launches Operation Overwhelming Concern to protect Kurds

Point/Counterpoint: Good morning sir! vs. I am not a dude, moron

Nation reluctantly admits most service-members are not heroes

Coast Guardsman gets pumped after Super Bowl announcer thanks 'all four military services'

Sailor who knocked up Filipina girlfriend suddenly anti-immigration

SHAMEFUL: Homeowner Association orders combat vet to remove flag from his lawn

Mattis is considering a Pentagon cell phone ban after someone screen-shotted his racy Snaps

Soldier realizes identity has been stolen after his credit score improves

Entire military disappointed no one thought to run dick-shaped route in Syria

Lance Corporal-in-Chief delivers triumphant state of the underground address

Operator does 5-mile run in place for OPSEC

Deep State agent amused and annoyed by your conspiracy theories

US unexpectedly replaces entire Olympic Skating Team with Marine lance corporals

Trump orders Pentagon to conduct military parade and make North Korea pay for it

INSPIRING! When this man couldn't join the Army, he started his own Army!

'I would be Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z,' claims Army intelligence analyst

Point/Counterpoint: You’re late for formation! vs. new phone who dis?

Troops save Pentagon over $900 trillion each year, according to performance reports

Pentagon offers new Xbox bundle over Blended Retirement System

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Navy cook afraid he may have left ship's oven on

North Korean athletes unite around Olympic flame to stay warm

‘I’ll keep my remarks short,’ CO says before hour-long speech

Spirit Airlines forces Army veteran to flush service dog down the toilet

North Korea wins Olympic Gold Medal for ‘Crossing Red Lines’

Marine totally could have made US Olympic team in like 6 sports

Opinion: I support the troops 100% as long as they agree 100% with my political views

'Deploy or get out' policy results in closure of Pentagon

Oh, Christ: The soldier who saved your life in Afghanistan believes in 'crisis actors'

Trump awards self Medal of Honor for hypothetically saving everyone during school shooting

Mattis and girlfriend make plans to go out on Valentine's Day, kill everyone they meet

Flat Earther saves Coast Guard Cutter from falling off edge of the world

Seagull worried someone might notice he snuck onto base without ID

Delta bars veteran from carrying on emotional support flamethrower

Obese lance corporal ‘totally going to sign up' for base gym's new HIIT classes

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High school acquaintance 'would have totally been Special Forces' had he enlisted

Report: Psychopaths in gym locker room not wearing any shower shoes

The 10 best jobs for veterans during a zombie apocalypse

Opinion: Dear veteran community, it's not you, it's me

Video of warrant officer actually working goes viral

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Uncle Mattis gives Jared Kushner 'Super Duper Secret Clearance' to stop him from crying

Critics say World War III won't be as good as first two

Opinion: As a veteran, my opinion counts more than yours

Soldier legitimately just wants to go sightseeing in Thailand

Air Force upset nobody wants to steal its valor

Navy SEAL thrown off airplane, demoted to Navy SEL

Army standardizes 'thinking outside the box' procedures

150,000 shooting deaths in Middle East direct result of violent video games, study finds

Millennials flock to join military's new 'Safe Space' force

Talent show on Coast Guard cutter down to that one asshole with a ukulele

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VA Secretary forgets to fire himself after promising to rid agency of corruption

HERO: US Marine rescues cougar trapped in local bar

SHOCK REPORT: General under investigation for misconduct suspends himself and plans to cooperate

Top 10 power vacuums of the 2000s (#7 will surprise you!)

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Russian Generals optimistic for free and open US elections

Army officer reprimanded after being identified as the I-10 Strangler

DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: Top 10 phrases used by subordinates, and what they really mean

Army standardizes military intelligence excuses

Soldier with Bob Marley poster really just doesn't need to pee

Pentagon partners with Uber for on-demand helicopter extraction

AAFES celebrates 10 millionth disappointed customer with surprise party

Trump replaces brilliant military strategist with some dude wearing creepy mustache

Sailor late to work faces harsher punishment than officers indicted in Fat Leonard scandal

Army calls for 200,000-man detail to fill sandbags on US-Mexico border

Afghanistan starts asking awkward questions about where small wars come from

ISIS institutes 'blow up or get out' promotion policy

Putin 'deeply troubled' after CIA doesn't interfere in Russian election

Point/Counterpoint: Noise discipline must never be compromised vs. A fart is always funny and should be celebrated

Trump deploys National Guard on US-Mexico border to masturbate, eat MREs

Army Specialist earns recognition at company demotion ceremony

Officials Note Progress in Afghanistan, Difficulty for Taliban

Veterans group calls on VA to provide 'thank you for your service' dogs

Army North commander who once failed a land navigation course reports for duty at Army South

'Eternal Flaming Wheelbarrow Full of Cash' picked as Global War On Terror Memorial

Report: Unlicensed Private in driver's seat 'pretty sure' he's got this

Private comes out of the box at NTC with necklace of Donovian ears

National Guardsman refuses to guard nation

CIA receives authorization to spy on MySpace, AOL

John Bolton wakes from terrifying nightmare of world at peace

Obituary: R. Lee Ermey, Marine, Actor, POG

Vincent D'Onofrio gets first full night of sleep in 31 years

Trump rails against US Cyber Command after cyberattack on Russia deletes half his Twitter followers

Lieutenant tells inbound air support he just needs one more minute to figure out where he is

BREAKING: You need to report for a 'random' urinalysis

Pentagon warns female service members not to wear dinosaur hand puppets while being sexually assaulted

Congressional leaders baffled by Mattis asking their permission to strike Syria

Colonel who gave reenlistment oath to dinosaur puppet forced to retire at same rank as Jeffrey Sinclair

REVEALED: Tennessee general angered over reenlistment video was abused by dinosaur puppet as a child

This female private is the worst soldier ever, says sergeant who recently asked her out

First annual JodyCon goes out with a bang

Army officer reports stolen valor, found later in duffel bag

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Troops you just prayed for are currently binge drinking, having pre-marital sex

This hometown hero ties your wife down with yellow ribbons when you deploy

Policeman very impressed by drunk driver's 'I Served' bumper sticker

Veterans praise Trump's nomination of dinosaur puppet to lead VA

Navy launches massive show of force with song-and-dance routine in South China Sea

Meet the teenager born after 9/11 who will one day command all forces in Afghanistan

Report: Coast Guard will save thousands of people this year, but not your worthless ass

Ronny Jackson vows to give up drinking next Monday

Marine Corps Base 29 Palms renamed Nine Palms after frigid spring

Admiral Ackbar indicted in 'Fat Jabba' scandal

Kim Jong-un defects to South Korea

Report: 100% of first sergeants think you're a piece of garbage

Pentagon says military aviation 'not a crisis' after presidential helicopter crashes into White House

Africa Command investigates itself, finds no problems

Honorary Chief Bill Cosby forced to resign with O-5 pension and benefits

Pentagon to lift ban on Democrats serving in the military

True Courage: After hitting an iceberg, this Navy Captain went down on his entire ship

National Infantry Museum to host gallery of porta-potty artwork

Pentagon warns Taliban to surrender 80% of Afghanistan it controls or 'face consequences'

Redneck soldier plans to carry on family tradition by marrying war bride

Navy to christen USS Tig Ol Bitties after service allows people to vote online for ship's name

Local man claims he could be US Navy SEAL after Fortnite victories

‘I’m tired of living paycheck to paycheck,’ says Sailor who just bought $2,000 Chewbacca suit

White House mints challenge coin to commemorate upcoming failed US-North Korea peace summit

Marine Corps adds 'file to trash bin' to Command Climate Survey procedures

Minot Air Force Base launches search for missing Minuteman nuclear missile

Neller wishes Mattis would hurry up and approve his Memorial Day leave request

Pentagon to station troops at schools for ultra-realistic combat training

NSA updates privacy policy

The 12 best Memorial Day weekend deals

Mattis says Trump asked the difference between Navy SEALs and seals

Trump replaces Kim with Trump on redesigned peace talks challenge coin

Great Leader Kim Jong-un sheds honored tears of joy over robust economy

Dead veterans agree with President Trump, are happy and proud of low unemployment numbers

Trump says he could have negotiated better deal for those who paid the ultimate price

Cyber Command launches new 'Safe Space' social media platform

USS Arizona Memorial closes until all memorials get their visitation up

Army to issue updated chemical protective suits for toxic command climates

Trump Tower opens in Pyongyang

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French Navy christens new Mimesweeper

DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: 15 questions for your new interpreter

Tricare to extend benefits to that girl you hooked up with two years ago

Trump, Kim agree to historic summit as long as McDonald's brings back McRib sandwich

Officer struggles to apply lessons learned from Army Gwar College

Point/Counterpoint: We don't need the Coast Guard vs "OH GOD I'M SINKING! MAYDAY MAYDAY!"

Female Marine transfers to Air Force to get laid

Midrats not f--king around tonight

'Right to try' bill to allow dying veterans to see a physician

INSPIRING! This man left the Air Force as an E-6 and joined the Marines as an E-2

Sailor transfers to Space Force, finally makes weight

Communist West Pointer receives lateral commission into Russian Ground Forces

Apple, Facebook, Google issue joint statement condemning NSA data mining

Virginia Guard's 276th Engineer Battalion recognized for outstanding vehicle maintenance program

Pentagon to outsource all strategy to Booz Allen Hamilton

Soldier stationed in South Korea relieved Trump is canceling exercise

Lost Space Force lieutenant wanders into wormhole

Soldier bragging about 'piling bodies' on last deployment actually piled sandbags

Union Army observation balloon grounded due to lightning within five miles

ISIS Recruit stuffs goat into amnesty box

Cavalry Horse Association votes neigh on military working dog memorial

Col. Sanders, Capt. Crunch decry lack of Air Force rep for Joint Chiefs of Snack

Space Force doctors daunted to learn rocket surgery

Kampai! Pentagon releases sushi MRE

Recently-discharged soldier gains veteran 214

Grammar Nazi keeps correcting your typos in classified chatroom

Report: New Space Force recruits not as tough as the Old Space Force

Space cadet finally commissioned to space officer

Army reveals the only way to become a Chief Warrant Officer 5 is to kill a Chief Warrant Officer 5

Local Firework displays 'No Douchey Veteran' sign on lawn for July 4th celebration

Pentagon wins National Book Award for fictional account of Afghan War

Retiring Staff Sergeant thanks God for blessing him with the strength to be a shitty NCO

New guy in the platoon always reading books, like some kind of nerd

Congress passes new changes to US Flag Code

Sergeant Major gets DUI while celebrating month without DUI

Dog, Veteran fight over places to hide during fireworks

Report: Man in sinking boat shooting flare on 4th of July pretty sure he's gonna die

VA Study: Getting shot in head may lead to brain injury in some troops

DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: 10 military skills that will get you fired in the civilian world

Coast Guard nervous over upcoming disabled veterans sailing race

SpaceiLeaks releases correspondence standards for US Space Force

General unsure why every workplace he visits is suspiciously tidy

American Flag wears hat with a veteran patch on it

Army to add classes on embezzlement, insurance fraud to Captain's Career Course

Opinion: 'The Greatest Generation' — What have they done for us lately?

West Point grad who can't change own tire feels called to politics

Navy totally going to turn this ship around if Marines don't stop poking each other

Mattis assures Air Force it will still be loved after Space Force is born

National Guard Soldier keeps saying she's in the Army

Trump gives Putin full control of US military

Private in formation unaware enormous dick drawn on his face

Trump warns rival nations of 'frighteningly random' reaction to any aggression

Delta Force operation routed around rare butterfly habitat

Iranian President responds to Trump with middle-finger emoji

Trump denies Russia hacking while Putin types furiously on laptop during press conference

Navy approves man-buns for sailors

New Coast Guard recruiting commercial: 'We don't do PT!'

US Olympic table tennis team deploys to Kuwait to train with 'best of the best'

ISIS soldier uploads YouTube rant about 'stolen martyrdom' from cab of VBIED

Pentagon spends $50 million on Fraud and Waste Prevention Summit

Air Force Combat Controller shares the best method for clearing a room filled with insurgents

Military slogan contest down to 500 variations of 'tip of the spear'

Taliban shadow government recognized by United Nations for anti-corruption drive

Marine Corps releases 2018 Commandant's Professional Binge-Watching List

Opinion: It’s not ready-to-eat. You have to open, mix, and heat it

Private who snorted three MRE coffee packets during land-nav wanders onto the moon

Pentagon official smokes out Congress during counter-drug testimony

Chow hall coffee to contain caffeine starting in 2019, officials say

Revolutionary new bomb can destroy $3 million of taxpayer money in a single strike

Military’s dumpster fire-fighting plane unveiled by Public Affairs Office

Navy clarifies the difference between RUMINT, scuttlebutt and gouge

Coast Guard unveils 'Maritime Darwinism' policy after getting $2.28 billion budget cut on its birthday

Female private files sexual harassment complaint with Space Force IG

Trump signs executive order putting Chik-fil-A on every military base

Pentagon bans physical activity for deployed troops

UN plan to invade America postponed for 26th year in a row

Pentagon says Taliban can just have Ghazni, we didn't want it anyway

National Guardsmen report 'emotional scars' after deployment to air-conditioned tent on US-Mexico border

Archaeologists discover Roman soldier died waiting for Caesar to sign missing gear statement

Army announces double deep-fried jalapeño cheese ravioli burrito MRE

Navy plans to swell recruitment and retention through increased use of phallic imagery

Point/Counterpoint: I struggle everyday as an amputee vs. My son's Legos will never stop me

Opinion: Is there someone with a little more experience who could draw my blood?

Retro Gem! We found the lost episode where Lassie stops Timmy from over-designing the F-35

Marines’ balls bigger than ever this year

Battle buddies for life? These veterans get together every 5 years to fight the same war

Afghan Army opens Corruption Center of Excellence

Army 'Undercover Boss' filming delayed after Major suffers hazing-induced heart attack

Dishonor Flight brings veterans back to the bar tabs they never settled

John McCain swiftly kicked out of Heaven's Officer Club

Outgoing Specialist holds change of co-sham ceremony

Navy plans to reduce suicide by monitoring sailors at all times

DARPA announces it will no longer do work for Google

Generals conduct change-of-command in Afghanistan for roughly 32,435th time

Opinion: Are we dead or just in Kuwait?

Nike apologizes for forgetting military monopoly on sacrifice

Marine dies waiting for pair-of-socks transplant donor

Google unveils new search tool to help infantrymen find jobs as security guards

Drunk hurricane calls Coast Guard at 2 A.M. asking for place to crash

Air Force dad home from deployment surprises family by pretending to be dead in a coffin

Former PT stud now lives in barn

Deeply-broken Major looks forward to mentoring high-functioning Captains

Wow! This man was born on 9/11 and gets to fight in the same war it inspired

The best Girl Scout Cookie pairings for every deployment moment

'War (What is it good for)' singer admits war actually quite good for boosting economy, creating jobs

Opinion: I am very tired

Air Force drone pilot ejects

Coast Guard suspends hurricane relief operations for racial sensitivity training after circle gesture airs on national TV

Marines mop parking lot in preparation for VIP hurricane

Report: Camp Lejeune Marines sandbagged during their sandbagging mission

Army hopeful new combat fitness test will turn the tide of war in Afghanistan

Mattis says he's 'absolutely not' leaving Pentagon while carrying cardboard box out to his car

Pentagon celebrates first successful F-35 crash in South Carolina

Pentagon bans female service-members from jogging amid safety concerns

Retiring Sergeant Major convinced he was medieval Japanese Samurai in previous life

Cleveland Browns relieve 1st SFAB in Afghanistan

Army sergeant's steampunk top hat springs class III leak in formation

Opinion: Marines on steroids are all the rage right now. Seriously. Please send help

Captain Jack Sparrow named new Coast Guard commandant

Veteran keeps self esteem up by comparing himself to partially down-and-out veteran friend

Space Force seeking applications for transfer to mobile infantry

STDs get tested for sailors

The untold story behind the name of the US Army Special Operations Command

Pentagon worries that plunging morale might affect morale

SEAL ostracized by teams after passing drug test

Air Force drops pumpkin spice JDAM on Taliban position

First MRE eaten in war in Afghanistan finally pooped out

Jody Moth makes sure soldier's lamp is okay

US says it will stay in Syria until it spends $1 trillion defeating ISIS

Senator proudly cites DNA test to prove he’s nearly 1 percent veteran

Mattis thankful envelopes contained ricin instead of MRE Charms

Now 17, Afghan War still pissed it never had quinceañera

'I still like beer' says soldier at 2nd DUI hearing

Taliban declare ceasefire until Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson get back together

Drinking eight Rip Its a day could help you live longer, study by specialist with no teeth says

Afghan bodyguard seems like real straight-shooter


Coast Guard saves lovable Navy SEAL tangled in net

Navy SEALs no longer allowed to wear blackface

NCO who cares about soldiers screened for traumatic brain injury

US forces did stuff in Afghanistan or something

Retiring E-9 shocked to discover private sector has no seats at table for abrasive, stupid people who stay around for long enough

Alarming study shows average officers indulge in merely five rosewater scones per day

Retired smart bomb takes laser-guided tour of Europe

Air Force removes baptism from basic training graduation requirements

'Top Gun: Maverick' filming halted after entire fleet of CGI F-35s grounded

West Point cadet hoping to sort into Slytherin

New ALARACT authorizes military police to ticket Army regulation violators

Marine who says combat is a drug hasn’t tried either

Army creates cyborg that can become homeless alcoholic 200 times faster than human counterparts

Air Force suffering from massive sky penis envy

Rubber rifle finally gets confirmed kill

Grim Reaper to dress as Secretary Mattis for Halloween

Trump deploys National Guard to New York border to block Pete Davidson jokes

Contractor Who Never Served Showing All The Trappings Of A True Vet Bro

VA executives announce initiative to fill 45,000 vacant jobs: hire friends and relatives

God forgets to capitalize 'Marine'

Duffel Blog Presents: 26 mythological creatures the troops have heard of but never seen

ISIS thanks Air Force for bombing North Carolina with Humvee

Opinion: I secretly want you to pet my service dog

Report: every warrant officer in the Army is still worthless

Marine recycled in Coast Guard sniper school for the fourth time

Cyber Command's first offensive operation: bombing China with dick pics

The ten most mind-blowing lines from Lieutenant Smith’s latest operations order

Dan Crenshaw stabs Pete Davidson in the eye, or whatever

Report: Jody opening your wife's border while you protect ours

Troops deploy to Alamo for dramatic last stand against migrant caravan

General breaks jaw while talking out of both sides of mouth

Veteran with PTSD can’t believe he never thought to murder innocent people before

Thanksgiving declares unconditional surrender in War on Christmas

Air Force can’t figure out why sailor would spend $1,280 on tattoo

Trump Cancels Afghanistan War Due to Weather

Pentagon fails first audit and still gets promoted to Hexagon

Green Beans Coffee lands $3 billion contract to open 2,000 locations along border

Air Force decreases deployments to Afghanistan to a 3-hour tour

Border Wall to be constructed out of unfinished Coast Guard cutters

Level 63 Paladin granted religious exemption to grow neckbeard

Retired Marine General John Kelly relieves White House Chief of Staff John Kelly of duty

'Lazy' federal employee not likely to retire anytime soon

Smart bomb finally destroys something that costs more than a smart bomb

Space Force now soliciting uniform concepts from industry

Army sniper unable to hit toilet bowl

ALL THE WAY! This Airborne Ranger refused to accept a blood transfusion from a leg!

Zip-tied Somali pirates bet on how many SEAL memoirs they'll be in

Duffel Blog Presents: Holiday gift ideas for your favorite vetbro

Pokemon’s Lieutenant Surge hopelessly lost in Viridian Forest

Navy pranks Army with 17 years of sustained land-based combat just before Army-Navy game

Last American president to actually win a war has passed on

North Pole warns of pilot shortage as reindeer leave for commercial sleighlines

Whale gives Coast Guard cutter 'the fin' after being cut off

Meet the woman who got a kidney transplant from an infantryman and woke up craving Monster and Skoal

Pentagon buys F-35 with unpaid GI Bill benefits

Charles 'Wide Neck' McDowell leads USO Tour request voting

Caravan of strippers stopped at Mexican border by soldiers with engagement rings

Navy announces newest occupational specialty: ‘meat gazer’

Navy SEAL: The best way to tell people you're a Navy SEAL is to tell them

Troops on border continue winning hearts and spades

Afghans request US take action on growing feral drone problem

Major military teleconference disrupted by unmuted phone

Touching! This charity helps dying retirees make one last visit to the commissary

California National Guard declassifies “Bro-Code Talkers”

Opinion: General standing in front of us with hands on hips isn’t really making an impression

US quietly builds helipad on roof of embassy in Afghanistan

Duffel Blog Presents: The Twelve Days of Leave

OUTRAGE! This Green Beret may get in trouble just for MURDERING someone!

Mattis looking forward to 'peaceful retirement' spent firing Minigun out door of Huey

Mattis appointed Ghost of Past, Present and Future Wars

Opinion: We were winning when we left

Another round of high-ranking elves implicated in Fat Blitzen scandal

Government shutdown furloughs all 700 non-essential employees

Meet the 'servant leader' who's serving Christmas dinner at the chow hall to avoid his in-laws

Marines with no combat experience haze Marines with equal amount of combat experience

Troops ask to live with Mattis after divorce is finalized

First Sergeant won't let troops leave Syria until they fill out their leave chits

Navy warns sailors who can’t deploy that they will be reviewed for promotion

Syria totally pregnant after late US pull out

Coast Guard begins reselling seized cocaine amid government shutdown

Space Force reservists already volunteering for temporary duty on moon to escape wives

Coast Guard helicopter totally forgot why it came out here in the first place

Army Fortnite Lieutenant Goes Missing During Navigation Exercise

Marine Corps to reduce infantryman's load by recruiting fewer wussies

Lieutenant sets land navigation course record during Bird Box challenge

B-52 crew relieved for drawing self portraits

ISIS unfollows STRATCOM on Twitter after offensive New Year’s tweet

Coast Guard tells families to “sell your organs, start hooking” to help cope with government shutdown

Trump asks new secretary of defense to get Don Jr. job as an “Army guy"

Supreme Court torches appeal in giant, toxic burn pit on front steps

Amazing! Afghanistan's '10-year challenge' picture looks exactly the same

Payday lenders still kicking ass since shutdown doesn’t affect military

Captain Li Shang relieved of command for toxic masculinity

Entire military granted shaving profile following Gillette commercial

Woman who sent 65,000 text messages after one date tapped for recruiting duty

Unit’s position given away by first sergeant's knees

Absence of assassin from future confuses ambitious company commander

Troops in Afghanistan heartbroken after Speaker Pelosi’s visit cancelled

7 habits of highly effective suicide bombers

Skills training program teaches transitioning veterans to stop drawing penises on everything

Point/Counterpoint: If Colin Powell were alive today, he’d be 82 years old! vs. I’m Colin Powell, and I’m not dead

Leaked: Fortnite revealed to be Ender’s Game

Command climate survey filled out in bile

Are millennials killing the aimless, protracted war industry?

E-4 accidentally joins actual mafia in mix-up

DTRA major wears his uniform for the first time in five years

Afraid of talking on radio, Millennials Snapchat for fire

Obese veteran agrees with Supreme Court on transgender troop ban

Nation's spies enroll in Trump Intel University after president says they should go back to school

Navy and Disney partner to offer ‘the most magical deployments on earth’

Typo causes Coast Guard to spend millions of dollars guarding nation's coats

Optimistic private sees burn pit as half full

Taliban assure negotiators they’ll totally stop fighting after the US leaves

Nation’s cryptologists emerge from SCIF, predict another month-long government shutdown

Lieutenant goes missing after chewing out command sergeant major

Army leadership calls for “disruptive thinkers” to step forward so they can be more easily liquidated

Soldier avoids UCMJ by living inside amnesty box

Camp Lejeune residents invoiced for any superpowers developed after water poisoning

ISIS leader has volunteers for suicide bombings but no one will read his screenplay

After North Pole moves, NORAD assures Eric Trump it can still track Santa

Sailor ready to defend nation after mandatory training

Duffel Blog Presents: 5 tips for a killer beach body

Fossils of prehistoric staff officer found frozen in Afghan Conex box

Pentagon announces war lineup through 2030

Army adds "basically 6 feet" height option to Apache flight physical

Bowser withdraws airships from World 7 despite plumber victories

Advice: Ask an NCO's Signature Block

Judge won't hear case on faulty combat earplugs

Battalion commander eliminates all liberty incidents by telling Marines to ‘do the right thing’

Black Mold replaces Black Knights as official Army mascot

American wife of ISIS militant uses power of attorney to empty husband's bank account while he is deployed

Pentagon swear jar funds entire border wall after one week

Opinion: Jerkin' it at sea is a lot like jerkin' it while not at sea

Vandal unable to find statue of Confederate warrant officer to deface

Duffel Blog Presents: 6 signs that your spouse is a Dudependa

Army opens Klobuchar Center of Excellence

Jailed Coast Guard LT claims “plotting domestic terrorism” is how he describes taking a dump

Coast Guard icebreaker draws first sea penis

Army to name new attack helicopter after Elizabeth Warren

Trump enjoyed Vietnam trip, unsure why McCain complained so much

VA tells veterans to use self-aid, buddy-aid before asking for appointment with doctor

Pentagon reinstates 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy for troops on keto diet

Duffel Blog guide to safe for work porn sites

Major forced to go to morning PT spontaneously combusts

Green Beret fights off cougar at local bar

Badge hunter to become latest Army badge

ISIS bride launches bath bomb business on Etsy

The new intel analyst is weirder than the chaplain’s assistant

Rip It teases plan for GWOT 20-year-anniversary can

Carrier forced into early retirement after being exposed as maritime supremacist

134 percent of Marines arrested in nationwide ASVAB cheating scam

Trump to host “Who Wants To Be A Cabinet Secretary?” to find next secretary of defense

Russians training pudgy, tattooed honeypots to target enlisted

Parents bribe service academies to not accept their children’s applications

Opinion: Hey wait, no one ever thanked me for John McCain’s service either

Veteran didn't risk his life at Bagram Pizza Hut just to see U.S. and Taliban sign peace deal

Hippie Taliban defector gets so stoned

NCIS sting: Marines bribe officials for acceptance into University of Phoenix, Strayer University

Trump affirms support for troops so long as they don’t get captured, tortured, elected senator, killed by brain cancer

Space Force already restricted to Earth liberty

Teen becoming officer so he can tell his enlisted stepfather what to do

Inclusivity FTW! After this man was fired from every job he ever had, the Army gave him power over life and death

Service chiefs really tired of this Congressional committee’s crap

Army leaders channel wrong Clausewitz in Pentagon seance

“Don’t worry, this chapter of my book will be awesome” SEAL tells dying teammate

Recruiters hate him! Marine finishes four-year contract in eight months with one simple trick

Boot camp adds fifth phase to re-instill discipline after fourth phase

Marine officer says Marine units should use LSD to gain edge over enemy

Navy eyeing discounted Boeing 737s

Command and General Staff College ranked among nation’s top 500 community colleges

Pentagon press corps establishes fund to locate missing government spokesmen

Forward observer's bracket 'totally screwed' after first round

Air Force warns border wall could distract from golf course construction

Saruman the White selected to oversee implementation of Army-Palantir contract

Congress sets voting, gun ownership, drinking and enlistment age at sixteen

Newly promoted Colonel Dole immediately flagged as non-deployable

“The VA is doing a great job” finds joint study by prescription drug, alcohol industries

Army targets horny teens with Pornhub recruiting ads

Retired General Quixote warns of threat posed by windmills of mass destruction

Fans excited for final season of Afghanistan

Wait training added to Marine PFT

Veteran insecure about not having USAA card at group lunch

Captain goes missing after disappearing up VIP guest lecturer’s butt

Marine Corps predicts future drinking incidents will be caused by near-peer pressure

Crop-dusting ensign set for flight school

JLTVs deadlined due to faulty cassette deck

VA releases new "Sleep Sounds" app to fight veteran insomnia

Trump declares fire stories 'fake news' after 82nd Airborne descends onto University of Notre Dame

Chelsea Manning comes out as cisgender, asks Trump for clemency

Sergeant major of the Army approves new background for official photos

How to avoid urinalysis until you can get a wax

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Coast Guard breaks silence on Row v. Wade

PsyOp drone swarm terrorizes enemies with Nickelback

J.R. Majewski recalls moment he killed Bin Laden

Russia grants Snowden citizenship, sends him to Ukraine

Space Force anthem ensures aliens will never contact Earth

New Russian Army fitness test to include ‘drop, scream, & run’

Former Abu Ghraib guard assumes responsibility for basic training battalion

Russia quietly applies to join NATO

Russia drafts Brittney Griner to fight in Ukraine

Nation’s field grades begin annual fiscal year migration away from food

Supreme Court strikes down 2nd Amendment, citing National Guard marksmanship

Make-A-Wish kid gets 'Day 1 recycled' at Ranger school

Air Force approves new 'Place Saver Medal' until next war

Saudi King marks 9/11 anniversary: 'We lost many good pilots'

On Labor Day, remember brave troops on working parties

Former Soviet leader dies from rare case of old age

West Point halts cross burnings indefinitely

Army scientists develop app to help soldiers navigate DUIs

Biden considers forgiving troops' unpaid Ford Raptor loans

AI will be smarter than humans in 10 years, smarter than Marines in 5: Study

FBI raids China for improperly-obtained classified documents

Army to stop using mold to construct barracks

Family arrested over West Point cheating incident

Russia taps Strategic Has-Been Reserve for war in Ukraine

Afghanistan Commission identifies exact PowerPoint slide that lost War

Marriages triple in Marine Corps after debut of 'Purple Hearts' on Netflix

Trump blasts FBI ‘overreach’ after agents seize ballistic missile

AFGJOBS posts new position for 'Leader of Al Qaeda'

Retired drone reunites with long lost pilot

Top Navy dolphin implicated in ‘favors-for-fish’ scandal

China vows to act like angry toddler for at least another week

Enduring Ukraine resistance linked to US HIMARS, reflective belts

Senile old man in Kabul killed by senile old man in Washington

We're taking a little break

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U.K. holds 245th annual July 4 hearings

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Oh no, Chaplain just asked if you’ve 'seen the news lately'

Supreme Court overturns Army tattoo policy

Lockheed, Raytheon to develop fetal body armor

Cyber Commander stands up task force on how to open this PDF

McDonald’s debuts McPTSD® on new veteran menu

This soldier ACTUALLY knows your cousin/friend/old dry-cleaner

Soldier gets best MRE in box without cheating

Coast Guard commissions new cutter 'Ashton Kutcher'

Cops mistake Army patrol base for homeless camp

Navy relieves itself of command

Space Force sends recruiters to Buzz Lightyear premiere

Staff ride ends in tears after promised stop for ice cream canceled

Troops suffer thoughts and prayers shortage in wake of mass shootings

Russian veteran-owned vodka company expects record profits this year

Pentagon drops yards, adopts NATO standard 1000-meter stare

Latrine artist hits creative block

Commandant awards personal-pan pizza to each Marine who reads a book

USMC soldier wins Congressional Metal of Honor

Raytheon wins $500 million contract to provide Naval Academy with bigger, greasier pole

Texas Roadhouse offers free Memorial Day meal for veterans who are dead inside

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Finland granted VIP access to Club NATO

Opinion: I call you ‘sir’ but that doesn’t mean I respect you, sir

Finland begs Sweden to join NATO for refer-a-friend discount

Moscow: If Ukraine kills 1 more Russian general, next will be free

Duffel Blog obtains top secret Russian military files

New, quiet lieutenant in unit 'definitely' CID: Report

Ukrainian farmer makes off with entire Russian Victory Day Parade

US Army officers wonder why Ukrainians don't just change status from amber to green

Top Marine enlisted leader tells grunts in foxhole at least they're 'not in the Navy'

Traffic cone promoted to 1st Sgt

General wakes up in middle of the night wondering if he left troops in Afghanistan

Nation’s best intelligence analysts assess this coronavirus thing may get bad

Eddie Gallagher’s Top 5 defense tips for Russians accused of war crimes

Joint Chiefs clean out Pentagon offices in anticipation of first female service chief

Elon Musk offers to buy Russian Army for $100, half-empty bottle of Stoli

Ken Burns documentary reveals the truth about Wagner

War in Ukraine, by the numbers

Congress launches joint select committee to gut-check virility of US military

Russian warship honors Ukrainian request to go fuck itself

Russian navy invades bottom of Black Sea

Army physical therapist prescribes simple 6-hour stretching regimen, four times a day

Army to amputate soldiers' hands to prevent use of pockets

USS Your Mother’s A Whore joins list of controversial Navy ships

Veteran grandfather only mildly excited grandson decided to join Coast Guard

'Til Valhalla' may not apply to Marine who died masturbating in porta-potty

Russian soldier excited to lose war in disgrace like his father did

15,000 dead after longest Russian drill weekend ever

Aww Snap! JAG thinks of perfect defense right after client convicted

April Fools! Russia admits it may have gone too far in ‘friendly prank’ on Ukraine

Putin says Russia has 'turned a corner' in Ukraine

Ukrainian drone dreams of growing up to be US drone

Russian military denied 'need-to-know' on Russian war

Military upset real war is distracting from possible war

Lockheed Martin introduces hastily designed stealth tractor

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Pentagon urges Ukrainians to hold the line until bigger FY23 defense budget is approved

Putin sends mercenaries into Ukraine to 'get moose and squirrel'

US to supply Russians with gross MREs

US service members forbidden from playing Russian Roulette

Biden asks grandkids what cyber-measures would work best against Russia

Mike Flynn named National Security Advisor for Donetsk People’s Republic

Guy who totally would’ve joined is just about to go fight in Ukraine too

Putin invites Zelenskyy to discuss ceasefire over nice cup of tea

Director of Naval Intelligence asking if anyone else has heard about this Ukraine thing

Elon Musk, DARPA design military-grade jockstrap for Ukrainian president’s balls

A decade of Duffel Blog

Obama called out of retirement to drone strike some bitches

Russia suffers mass desertion of 2nd lieutenants after Ukrainians remove all road signs

Russian country star Toby Keithovitch releases single “Courtesy of the White, Blue, and Red”

Archdukes across Europe hiring extra security details

Colonel on verge of war with Russia worried about his soldiers’ haircuts

Ranger School to offer remote learning option

Guy who'll 'never make it on the outside' also struggling to make it while in

Critics pan Space Force, claiming the depiction of clueless general is unrealistic

Russia deploys 10,000 red-cockaded woodpeckers to Ukrainian border

Strippers mobilize in support of US troop deployment to Europe

Guy who bit head off wild snake and drank its blood afraid of vaccine produced in sterile lab environment

Bored US Navy considering starting some shit with dolphins

Army admits warrant officers aren’t real

Space Force cook swears his hard-boiled eggs did not put that alien growing inside you

NATO puts defense of Europe on hold until ACFT rolled out

Veterans around country running to become next douchebag congressman

Pentagon admits mixing up ‘No-Strike List’ with ‘No, Strike List’

Air Force band Max Impact pulls music from Spotify

Private uses Biden’s open door policy

Clint Lorance and Eddie Gallagher team up to launch ‘Alleged War Crimes Coffee’ brand

Barracks lawyer passes barracks bar exam on ninth tequila

Amid Omicron surge, National Guard called up to man entire DoD

British Navy uses giant bowl of rice to repair F-35 that crashed into Mediterranean

Green Beans Coffee deploys recon teams to Ukraine to scout locations

Argument over critical race theory ruins 5K base fun run

Navy submarines to be equipped with reflective belts to avoid future collisions

Army announces development of ‘Mother of all Vaccines’

Military to begin sending thoughts and prayers after drone strikes

GS-15 quotes himself in his own signature block

Taliban sergeant major yells at new recruits for walking on his sand

SECDEF exaggerating symptoms to keep staying at home

Montana militia discharges 24 soldiers for being vaccinated

CIA analyst accidentally shoots Russian sub captain, XO

Stuart Scheller to regain credibility with appearance on Tucker Carlson